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My story is the same as many other women on this...

My story is the same as many other women on this site for this procedure. I started to grow breast pretty early and have always been a large size. I am currently a 40H. I experience daily pain in my back, neck and shoulders. I am always trying to do things to hide my size but of course it doesn't work. Starting in my teenage years (I'm now 38), I was always extremely self-conscious of how I look - never liked have large breast. So it definitely has an impact on you mentally. Shopping for clothes and bras is usually an aggravating experience. Bras cost too much and I always have to pay to get my clothes altered. My doctor suggested a breast reduction about two years ago and I finally gave it some serious thought. My doctor referred me to a great surgeon and my consultation went very well. I have been gathering several documents so the surgeon's office can submit to my insurance. As soon as I receive a letter from my doctor, everything will be ready to submit to insurance. I'm so excited and nervous at the same time. I'm hoping to have my surgery approved and scheduled very soon. I'm grateful for everyone who have provided their own reviews. The feedback has been wonderful.


I was hoping to add some good news today but my insurance company denied me. So disappointed!! If anyone has been denied but got an acceptance later, please offer some advice.


I'm so happy to say that my insurance finally approved my surgery!! I'm so glad that I didn't give up. I presented new information and got an approval this time. Later this week I will find out my surgery date. This seems so unreal!! I'm so happy to finally be on the path to get rid of these heavy breasts!! I won't have to deal with this pain anymore!!!!!

Ready to say goodbye!!

It's official - I have my surgery date!!!

I was so excited this morning to receive my surgery date - September 27th!!! The countdown begins! Please feel free to offer any suggestions about the surgery and recovery.

Compression Sports Bra

My surgeon's office told me to get a compression sports bra to wear after surgery. They told me to get the size that fits me now. I don't understand why I would get my current size since I will be smaller after surgery.

I'm back

I had my procedure approved by insurance last year but had to cancel due to financial reasons. So of course I was so upset by that! But things are better now and I'm going for this again. I have my consultation on May 16th. So I'm hoping and praying for another approval from my insurance.


I mentioned in my last update that I had to cancel my surgery last year, so I'm trying again this year. I had my consultation today. So now is the wait to hear from insurance. Hopefully they will approve it again.


I received awesome news today - my insurance company approved my procedure!!! It only took 2 days. I'm so excited! Next week I will know my surgery date. This is a great way to start my weekend.

Surgery Date!!!

I finally have my surgery date - August 8th!!! I'm so excited and of course a little nervous. Feel free to provide and suggestions.
Raleigh Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Donald P Hanna (Cary Plastic Surgery - Cary, NC) will be my surgeon. So far, I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience. He is very knowledgable and takes his time to answer all questions. He explained everything clearly and gave me options to consider.

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