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Hello to all my realself sistas. I have been so...

Hello to all my realself sistas. I have been so addicted to this site, it's like a drug lol. Well let me start off by saying I'm 37 years old with 2 children ages 9 and 18, I know big gap but hey things happen. I am looking to find a Surgeon to allieviate me from the cinnamon rolls on my back and to flatten this stomach. I've been told that skin accumulation on the back aka "fat rolls" comes with age or from loosing a large amount of weight. That's not the case with me. I'm only 37 and I have never lost any significant amount of weight so I contribute these cinnamon rolls to genetics "Thanks mom" lol! Anyway I have a appointment set up with Dr. Stockel in Cary at the end of this month. I will post pictures when I have my consultation. I'm scared, nervous and excited at the same damn time but, looking forward to a change in this body. Please share any experiences you have had with Dr. Stockel or any other surgeon who has done the bra-line back lift. This surgery seems to not be that popular around here or people just don't share their experiences about the bra-line lift idk... Thoughts!

Apt with PCP

So I had a appointment with my Primary care Dr. Who is a size double 0 and she says I need to loose weight. I weighed 183 on her scales but 188 on mine "zoinks" in my shaggy voice lol. So I'm now depressed because I feel like I need to be down to atlas 160 before I have any surgery. I just hope I don't need approval from her because I will need to be a size two "ain't happening". Anyway I have MS and as long as my neurologist says it's OK I'm good. Counting down the days to my consult appointment yay!


Well I had my consult on July the 29th and met with Dr. Stoeckel. He is great. He was very professional and went over everything with me concerning my braline backlift and drainless tummy tuck. I wanted to have both done at the same time but he wanted to do them separately which would cost me more money and time, not to mention that I am terrified of being put to sleep twice. So I realize drainless tummy tucks are his thing and he has tons of experience with them
, but not so much on braline lifts. He was honest and said he has only did a couple but showed me one. He did a great job on her but her back looked nothing like my cinnamon rolls. I think if I would have had more pics yeah. I was a little scared not having much to go on therefore I'm doing a follow up with Dr. KORTESIS AT THE HUNSTEAD AND Kortesis center. As you may know Dr. Hunstead created the braline lift so hopefully Kortesis has been well trained. I consulted with him last year but I thought it was a bit pricey but you get what you pay for I guess. My appointment with him went well. Hedidnt take before pics and I felt I wasn't prepared with all my questions. I showed him my rolls and he said he could get rid of all that and that's all I needed to hear. Our visit was short but he was personable. Soooo last week I EMAILED Kortesis and ask if I could consult at a prep cause
I'M OVER 3 HOURS AWAY AND HE SAID OF COURSE BUT I made an appointment any way since I didn't discuss the tummy tuck with him initially. So I will go to see him next Thursday and keep you guys posted on my final decision. Oh he also said he could both at the same time whewhoo!!!!

Bra-line back lift

Well it has been a while since my last post so I wanted to update everyone because there is not a lot of information on bra-line back lifts. I decided to go with Kortesis on my back lift because I felt this was his thing. My surgery is scheduled December 28th and I am excited. I am also graduating on the 12 so this is my gift to myself. I will post pictures of my before and after so stay tuned. I gotta get up the nerve to do that lol.

38 Year Old Wanting Her Sexy Back Through S Abdominalplasty with Muscle Repair!!!

Well......let me start off by stating that this is something that I have been wanting for years and I am going to finally do it. I am scared shitless after reading some of the reviews however, it seems that the end result brings about victory (yeah that part)......So my pre-op is scheduled for this week and I will post pictures then. I have one daughter who is 10 so she will be helping me out some but I'm not expecting too much from her. My sister will be here the first couple of days and she will be a big help because she is a nurse. Oh yeah, I am 38 years old and I don't weigh so I want know my weight until Thursday and no I didn't try to loose weight either because I always loose it and gain it back. My happy weight is around 165 but I'm sure I'm in the 180s now. I graduated from college this past December and put on weight while attending those three years. It sucks and is not easy to loose the weight so I'm not setting myself up for failure. I still look good I just need to rid myself of this god awful belly. I will be recieving a drainless tummy tuck with muscle repair and liposuction. My plastic surgeon is Jeremy Pyle in Raleigh. He's a pretty cool guy and was very thorough at our consultation. I seen some of his before and afters on here and they look ok hood so we shall see. I will keep you posted.

Drainless Tummy Tuck

So I am scheduled to have a drainless tummy tuck with Dr. Pyle on tomorrow. I am excited and nervous all together. If I feel up to it I will update you on tomorrow.

Drainless abdominalplastsy with liposuction.

Made it to the Flat Side. Thank God. Will post picks later.

1 day post op

So I had my surgery yesterday and the last thing I hear we are about to go nite nite and I woke up on the flat side. Oh yeah and I started throwing up (eeerw).I got a hotel room so I could be close by just in case something happens . So far so good I don't have too much report other than being extremely sore. Happy healing. Will try to post pics tomorrow.


2 days post op

Hi guys just wanted to update you. I'm not in alot of pain as of yet but the most discomfort has been from the liposuction of the hip and flank areas. My back also hurts from being hunched over. Otherwise I got the kiddo off to school and made me breakfast and lounged the rest of the day and I have crapped at least 100 times today so no constipation here lol. I get a chance to shower tomorrow so maybe I can post pictures.

1 week post op

Hi guys been meaning to update sooner but unfortunately we have been involved in Hurricane Matthew and have been without power since Saturday and we just got it back on today. So for the most part we are ok. As you may know my surgery was last Wednesday it went well and recovery has actually been easier than I anticipated. I did develope a seroma on the right side and had it drained. It was about 200ml of fluid or more removed but it was a relief. My doctor put me on lasix to help remove the extra fluid otherwise things look great and if I had to do all over again I would. Looking better everyday. Happy healing guys!

Day 9

Nothing much to report but I can't get in a comfortable position at night and that drives me insane. I am a side and stomach sleeper so go figure lol.... Everyday there is an improvement tbh I haven't had any pain other than tightness and soreness from the liposuction, otherwise I'm good to go. Swelling is so much better and the lasix helps with that. Any whoot here are a couple of pics from one of my potty breaks.

2 weeks post op, frustrated

Well......... I am almost 3 weeks post op and I took two steps forward and 3 back. Let's just say drainless is not for everybody and I'm that 1% that needs drains. So as the story goes at my one week post op I accumulated fluid in which I had drained and yes it was a lot. Well at my second post op I had accumulated more fluid and therefore he didn't place a drain but it opened my incision and I have been stuffing gauze in the and allowing it to drain. I started this on last Tuesday 1 day away from being 2 weeks post op. My next appointment is this coming Tuesday so I am hoping and praying all this draining will be over. I'm trying to be positive but it's hard at times especially when every review I read about drainless tummy tuck goes well and mine sucked. So on Wednesday I will be 3 weeks post op and at least I made it this far Thank the Almighty Father cause it could always worst.

4 weeks post op on Wednesday

Well since my last update I have since been back to my surgeon on last Tuesday and had to get a drain on my left side. The right side is still open and draining very little. The tube on the left side has been in a week on this Monday and I have an appointment on this Tuesday and hopefully the drain will be removed I'm averaging about 20ml per day. Dr. Pyle has been absolutely wonderful and yes I am that 1% that drainless didn't work. My results are amazing and everyday gets better. I am still very swollen but even swollen the results are amazing. I will keep you guys posted on how my appointment goes Tuesday.
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