51 Year Old Needs a Bbl - Colombia

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Just had my consultation with Dr Campbell with...

just had my consultation with Dr Campbell. very excited talking with him was reassuring!!! can't wait to get rid of my extra fat...I had to gain 10 lbs. to get it done...unbelievable to me--it was hard to do...can't wait...I am a physical person and at 120# lost my ass and still didn't get that hourglass waist...after gaining 10lbs for this he has assured me that I am a excellent candidate for a bbl


blood work sent and I am okayed for surgery, plane tickets bought!!!
we are going down a few days early so we can enjoy the romantic city of Cartagena Columbia...so excited!!!!

everything on track

we finally have all plans finalized. we are going down 3 days early and staying in the walled city at a boutique guest house. have housesitters set. husband had his knee surgery done last Friday and he's walking well. I feel so ready now to get this done and be on the healing side!

snow today...

beautiful snow today....started packing my bags. don't need near as much with dr campbells recovery center taking care of most of my needs...spending 3 days in the walled city before we check into recovery center...can't wait to get this done!!

on my way


big day

Well today is the big day!! Excited and scared, already dont like faja!! What we go thru for beauty!! See you all later

time is here

surgery done

Wow does it hurt...pain meds on board and trying to get comfy...Dr's said all went perfect...had enough fat to harvest which he was worried about...also had my arms and a bit of work done under chin...all care was excellent but did have a 90 min delay from previous surgery...more tomorow

day 2

Slept pretty well with pain meds...switched sleeping from side to back to side...going pee has not been a problem....they provided an all nite nurse named maria which worked great especially for those that come by themselves

day 2

Pain is managed and getting around...had breakfast that lisa made and brought to my bed...nurse Maria
spent the nite and took care of me...will be able to get shower in afternoon...they prevented any nausea from happening..which I was fearful of...Dr Campbell is going to ck in on me later

day 2

Dr campbell came to see me...chin will get nice lift and added 600 cc to each side...got a shower and my first peek...wow

day 3

Had my first massage today...was afraid of the pain but she was very gentle... our package included 5 massages...it felt real good...swelling went down a little...feeling even better...made a trip to the infinity pool was beautiful...didn't sleep much last nite due to a/c problems...but fixed today

day 5

Still quite swollen but is steadily going in down...back hurts quite a bit but is manageable


Flew in to ft lauderdale and stayed nite with friends thankfully..2.5 hours flying is plenty....lack of movement causes more pain, as does sleeping overnight in the morning at first out of bed is painful...had a crying spell tonight because of trip and couldn't get comfortable in living room...felt like I was going to be stuck in bedroom in order to relax and watch tv...but my husband is the man...on way home we stopped at Walmart and he went in and bought me a bean bag chair...he propped it up against arm of chair pillow at head, Lil pillow for lower back and using boppy/nursing pillow for butt...working great so far..tired more later

bbl chair

my trip home

I had lots of help leaving cartegena airport...went to the front of all lines...there were no hassles through security...not as much help in ft lauderdale but still managed fine

trip home

super bowl party

Went to a wonderful superbowl party with friends...everyone that new couldn't stop asking me all about my procedure...only thing that fit that was bronco color....today Monday we tightened up my extra large faja..going to have to shorten it and take in legs. .no compression on my lower thighs...skinny legs lol

new measurements 10 days post

I have lost since pre surgery...waist 3.5cm...belly button 5cm...thighs 1.5cm...arms 1.5cm....and a gain of 3cm in hips


Well we tightened another notch and just made me feel like a tomato about to burst today so we washed and I layer down and we loosened the faja again..awaiting more liposuction foam, going to wrap it all around, I think it will feel better and I know it will make my skin look better because where I have it on my tummy skin is smooth.

someone else likes my chair

Everytime I leave my wonderful Walmart chair this guy Forrest takes over...lol


my skinny legs had me wearing a garment to long, so today I cut it off and re-sewed the hem, like the lace, but its xl and I hope to not be in it much longer....we r waiting for more lipo foam, I have one piece of lipo foam on my stomach, but I'm going to wrap my back and stomach, hope to resolve my itching because where the actual garment is leaves seam lines that definitely itches...let u know more tomorrow, I think we'll take some new photos too.


I still get facebook messages from guardian angel/ angela checking up on me..what a great thing that they are still checking on me, tomorrow marks 2 weeks

2 week post op

A few pics...doesn't due justice to the difference...went down a garment, but I feel tight...still swollen and sore


Still swollen...tightest notch on large faja, but uncomfortable and don't see getting into my medium anytime soon...back and sides are so swollen, sides are especially painful!!!

smaller and smaller

I am at almost 9 weeks, still have swelling in lower back and sides. I started with a xl faja on loosest, then large, medium, and tomorrow I should be getting a small. Dr wants me to wear for 3 months since I still have swelling. I have a love/hate relationship with the fajas..lol
We bought all but the small in Colombia, make sure to get them down there, less than $50, had to give $104 here.
Anyway I thought I'd put a couple pics of me in clothes.


the faja we ordered from california looks exactly like the ones i bought in colombia, i am already in the medium tightest setting, so i thought i'd be ready for a small for the next 3 weeks, but was not even close to getting it on...hubby and i fought to get it on but no way! we are ordering a new style is braless waist cincher with no bottom...i'll let u know how it works out. i did order lateral protectors which are great, they are thin memory foam that fits on your sides so as not to get garment burns. they work great. Lateral Protectors with Use of Post Op Compression Garments on amazon for $16.99 a pair. i wish i'd known about these when i first had it done, it makes your sides so smooth and feels much better!

bbl 6 month, and scheduling implant revision with lift

bbl six months after with pics of me before (but i had already gained my 13lbs) and after....the before i gained the weight are even worse looking....happy

before weight gain


Having fun with my bum

More fun in canads

Colombia Plastic Surgeon

I had my consultation and am very happy with our choice of dr Campbell and his wife..been wanting this for a while. I am excited that I have 2 doctors, husband and wife)..everything is great...they pic u up and you have an ocean view at their recovery house and take care of your needs. more to come later!!

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