48 MR/360LIPO/TT/BL (w/o implants)

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I have chosen doctors Campbell and Restrepo at...

I have chosen doctors Campbell and Restrepo. The estimate and email contact is always timely and informative. The extra step taken with the iBook adds another layer of information and comfort. The bottom line pricing is ideal for me, includes transportation and stay.

8wks to go

I am so excited! Only 8 more weeks until surgery day.

Wish list

17 days and counting

I have been taking my iron supplements. I am only 17 days away from my surgery. I am nervous about waking up after surgery, because that's an important part????.. I am also nervous about the initial results. None of these concerns of the unknown are enough to make me change my mind. My choice to have my surgery done at Premium Plastic Surgery Center, is a reflection of my hope not my fear. I will be sending my itinerary on the 26th of April. I will take the first available flight from Fort Lauderdale to CTG on Spirit on that day. Continue having a wonderful week.


Perky breast and

Changing my saggy breast and getting rid of the flap. I really want to have my stomach reduced. Concave, between ribs and hip bone



10 days

Feeling apprehension concerning long term (6-8month) recovery. I'm expecting the scars and possible necrosis of tissue, dog ears, immense swelling. It's the results after all is said and done...will the surgeon actually be able to give the results to me that I want? Will I have to settle with "this is the best that I could do" and be less satisfied with the way I already look? Will it be worth it or should I put 9k on an Audi A5? In 8 months I don't want to just look "ok" as I have seen in most of these posts. I want to look MAGNIFICENT! That may sound very suggestive so. 36-24-36. Full upper breast with 45 degree pole. Concave stomach between rib cage and hip bone, low incision and flat UPA. smoothed back/flank area.

On my way...

I'm on my flight to Cartagena and completely excited taking off now...weeeeeeee


I was picked up from the airport and brought to the recovery center. I am sharing an apartment with 2 other ladies I have my own room and in suite bathroom. It's so very nice. Mall and grocery store downstairs and security. I wish I had exchanged more money before leaving Newark. You will need some cash for taxis and any necessities I was taken to purchase a couple of Fajates. I feel as though they are too big they offer no support, unless I am going to be 2 sizes bigger with swelling. I met with an anesthesiologist today. He only preformed the exam. He will not be my doctor. I may go out tonight for drinks...

Day 2

Took the party bus around the town last night. Drank ate local foods laughed danced its so beautiful here.


Had a very realistic consult with Dr. Campbell. I'm reminded that we are "hitting a reset button" and that I should look for improvements not perfection. On another note, if you are paying for your out of country SX with a debit or credit card remember to exchange rate...????

Morning of day one

The night went VERY WELL. My nurse stayed in the room with me all night. Anytime I coughed or whimpered she was right there giving me what I need. I speak as much Spanish as she speaks English and let me just say laughing, smiling, eye contact, sign language goes soooo far when the parties are willing. She is really taking excellent care of me, even washing my garments. It's 0737 and I have walked around a bit. The lipo hurts a littile. The swelling is uncomfortable and where my muscles were tiighten is 2 grades below unbearable and my boobs don't hurt at all.

Day 2

Dr. Campbell came by the recovery suite for a visit....dare I say house call ;)! All is well. Pain meds are working , view is breath taking. Tomorrow I will walk around the mall.

April 28

Day of my surgery was my birthday. When I got back to the recovery suite. I had cake and party favors

Day 3

Feeling better everyday. Can't tell much of a difference in my torso...my boobs look amazing though


Love my dent. So excited to get the swelling down.

Day 4

THIS FUQING SWELLING!!!! Do not downplay the fact that your body has had a severe trauma induced. I have never had surgery and thought...oh ok be swollen. It is the most uncomfortable feeling for me. I have had BMs and I am getting out of the suite only becoause I am to uncomfortable to just sit....although that's all I want to do is SIT.

So worth it.

It only gets better from here. I feel so much better tonight than I did last night. Changed dressings everything I look exactly the way I expected after 5days.

Day 7

Body is still healing....so is the mind. Being mentally healthy and prepared for the quick yet very slow changes my body is going thru is EXTREMELY important. I prepared myself for this part of my journey by reading and studying all that I could about my doctor what to expect recovery time. Nothing can prepare the mind for what the body has to do to repair itself.....

Feeling good today

Day 10 PO

Well it's the morning of day 10 and I just had another ice massage. I'm getting a bit restless after 10 days of downtime. My drains come out today and my swelling is down about 25%. I can really see my figure taking shape...

Day 15 PO

Decided to fly to see my Mother. Feeling a little sore after the flight. I seem to swell in the air. Other than that...my body is healing and I am more thankful to Dr. Campbell everyday for even more confidence.

Day 17 PO

The swelling is MOST uncomfortable!! Lack of extended mobility is awful! My mother reminds me that I had major surgery, and not to rush it. Lower left quadrant of stomach is still numb along with back bra area and belly button area.
Vanity, thy name is woman.

Day 19 PO

22 days PO

Feeling pretty good today. Heading to the mall. Still swollen. Drinking a gallon of water a day.

25 days po

Still 50% swollen, and looking fine as hell. Thank you, Dr. Campbell.

Happier by the day.

Reset button.

Drink a gallon of water a day combt swelling

4 weeks Post Op

36 days PO

Loving my figure. Time to jog. Can't wait to be rid of the fajate.

36 days PO

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