Premium Care Plastic Surgery is the Place for Me! Mommy Makeover Here I Come!!! - Colombia, CO

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Adore Dr. Alex Campbell & his staff already! I...

Adore Dr. Alex Campbell & his staff already! I received a detailed quote from the doctor & when I phoned to ask a general question he picked up the phone to speak with me personally! Then to add icing on top he offered to give me my phone consult right then as long as I had time to meet with him! Well of course I said yes! He went over every procedure in detail, discussed what my body concerns were, and answered all of my questions. Such a kind person and gave me the comfort I needed to make this life changing decision to go out of the states to have this mommy makeover. I hope he doesn't mind but sharing my quote here so you all will know what you might expect to see as you do your research. I know my research has been focused on quality medical care with excellent results for an affordable price! ***Please note that this quote is specific to my needs.

Prodedure (s)
Breast Lift
Tummy Tuck
Liposuction to back, waist and thighs
Mini arm lift with liposuction
Brazilian Butt Lift
Surgical Fee
Initial Consultation
Pre-surgery evaluations
Surgical procedure
24 hour nurse availability
24 hour surgeon availability
Post-surgery clinical visits
Operating Rooms Fees
Operating Rooms in Medihelp Clinic
Surgical Equipment
Anesthesia fees
Total Surgical Package

14 nights at our Recovery Suites - Single accommodation, breakfast included

Postoperative Therapy - 5 sessions

Surgery Date Scheduled - Dec. 12th, 2015

Deposit made & trip booked for surgery! Surgery scheduled for Dec. 12th with Dr. Alex Campbell - so excited! Anyone traveling to Bocagrande, Cartagena - Columbia for surgery around this time please reach out to me! I am traveling alone & would love to have a companion to share this experience with!
Posting some not so flattering before pics but we all have to start somewhere! I am now down 10 lbs since my pre-op consultation photo's... Going to start eating clean tomorrow in hopes to lose an additional 10 lbs prior to surgery. I hear it assist in faster healing & better results of course!
Never been so excited & nervous at the same time but I know I will be in excellent hands!

Ready, Set, Operate!

Final face to face consult with Dr. Campbell & is adoring staff yesterday! I am all set for surgery tomorrow morning! Today I will take in the hot beach air in my old body but this time next year I will visit in a bikini!!!

Post Op Pics! Everything went perfectly!

I am so pleased with my results! No pain at all associated with incision sites. Added thigh lift at last consult with doc! Facilities are clean & beautiful! Staff feels like family!

4 week update! Premium Care Plastic Surgery

Feeling excellent with the exception of a small complication with my left arm lift. Week 3 / New Years Eve started developing massive amount of fluid in forearm. Then slowly began to harden over the next few days. Feared seroma which is a hard mass that can develop after lipo. Saught help from local plastic surgeon whom told me to continue massages & watch it closely for next 3 weeks! Swelling has subsided but lyphatic fluid continues to develop & move toward armpit! I now have a boil which has burst - leaking clear / odorless fliuds. I guess it's better out than in. I will keep you posted.

Aside from this loving results daily! Enjoy the updated pics!
Colombia Plastic Surgeon

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