BBL Lipo Breast Lift Mommy Makeover in Colombia

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I have another post about the decision process but...

I have another post about the decision process but I want to really focus on Dr Campbell and his wife and why Ive decided to go have surgery out of the US.

First, I have had 4 consultations here in the US with varies doctors. Ive been preparing financially for about 3 years so honestly money was not a huge factor although it is a nice perk that its about half the price in Colombia as opposed to South Florida where I live! For me it comes down to shape. I have not seen any of the US doctors that give the same S curve shape and low incision for the tummy tuck that I am looking for.
Also in case you guys were unaware, FL has restrictions on how many liters can be removed in one surgery. Being that I am 5'9' and very broad I could easily pass that threshold with minimal results. (this was explained to me by a dr here in the US) So I would need to have two maybe three seperate surgeries to achieve my desired results. NO THANKS In order to avoid that Id have to travel anyways, so I started looking outside of FL, then outside the US

Just like everyone else on this site I stumbled on to Dr Duran in the Dominican and was like YES to all the wonderful bodies she was turning out. I even received a quote from her but a few things really had me on edge. I was not impressed with the facilities in the DR. I felt that the doctors there were taking on too many patients in one day and many girls were having difficult recoveries. I could not find a RH that I felt comfortable with and I kept getting the image of a factory line of girls coming and going. I will be traveling alone as my husband needs to watch our babies and this really had me worried. And honestly the biggest concern was traveling out of the country alone and some what incapacitated with 6 grand in cash on me. I mean, I feel like thats asking for trouble. I know plenty of girls have done this without any issue and I am by no means coming down on it but it just made me personally feel uneasy. Im all about reducing the stress of this procedure and Im the kind of scaredy cat that would stress about it way too much.

SO I started looking into other countries and Colombia was intriguing to me! They have much higher surgical standards than the DR, the flight for me was not that bad (3 hrs) and the recovery centers were much more up to date and private. I looked into Cali Colombia with Dr Jimenez and Plazas and then stumbled onto Dr Campbell at Premium Care.

I have done more research on this Dr than the FBI yall! See my sister is a RN and so is my best friend and one I showed them his resume they shut up about me going abroad lol. There are other Drs in Colombia that a lot of girls go to but once I started digging I found most of them are not board certified in CO let alone in the US like Dr Campbell. So Ive had my quote from his office come back and it looks great, I feel comfortable with all the options for recovery but best of all I can use my debit card for everything!!!! Just the relief of that is huge.

So Ive got my conference call with him scheduled for Friday Ill keep everyone updated!

Oh Im having a mini TT, BBL, lipo to midsection arms and inner thighs as well as chin.

Made the mistake of telling a friend what I'm doing...

I made the mistake of telling a few of my closest friends that I would be leaving in 3 weeks for Colombia. I understand their concern comes from a place of love but come on! I'm not an idiot. It's not like I just woke up one day and decided to do this. This has been years of research at this point I've had EIGHT consultations. I'm kind of insulted that people think they know more about this than I do. Is it jealousy?? Why are people so uppity! Not to mention everyone who has something to say has fake boobs, fake lips, faces full of Botox ect. So it's ok when you do it but you've got something to say about me!? Ughhhh rant over

Two weeks out!!

Holy crap I'm two weeks out!!! I am so nervous and excited! So I'm going to start taking the pre op vitamins from VitaMedica... I'm bringing like 5 maxi dresses and a few house coats with the pockets in the front. I plan on buying most of my supplies there so I'm not traveling with a bunch of stuff. I'll get maxi pads, gauze and stuff after I land. I have 3 days before my surgery to get ready.

I also cannot stop looking at before and afters on the Internet ???????????? I feel like maybe I should be more rushed and scared but I really feel at ease with my choice of Dr and procedures so now I just can't wait to get there!

Oh and for ladies who need to get blood work done is awesome. You pay them and then take your script to any labcorp and pay about 1/2 the cost. All my labs together we're only 50 bucks.

Better before pics

So my hubby saw my befores and said I needed to update them. I took those before I started my workout journey and I've been too lazy to take more recent ones. So here's my pics from this morning!

Wish pics!!

Looking at the booties! I like that tear drop shape not super outrageous but def curvy!

Help me lord!

I hope Dr Campbells middle name is Jesus cause Im gonna need a miracle to look like my wish pic LOLOLOLOL

No more tummy tuck! Hello breast lift!

I sent the Dr my updated pics and he agrees that a tummy tuck isn't nessecary!!! I'm really glad because that scar was not something I was looking forward to. I'm sure that my stomach would be 100% flat if I got one but I'm 31 mother of two I'm not wearing any crop tops or starring in any music videos in the near future lol! It did free up some cash though so I can get my breast lift! Any other ladies have recovery tips for boobies??

I'm leaving in the morning!

So I'm all packed and ready to go!! Here's some of the stuff I brought with me, I'll follow up and go through everything tomorrow during my layover. Goodnight loves!

Hello from Cartagena!!

I made it here safe and sound although I had a two hour delay in Ft Lauderdale so if you're planning on traveling with Spirit buy the insurance! Premium Care had a driver waiting for us and took us right to the hotel. Hotel Oz is really nice. We walked two blocks down and went to the grocery store and got some water and snacks for the room. Today we are going to Kamairi Beach club for an all day spa day! Oh and the coffee here is muy bien!!!

Kamairi Beach Club is a MUST!

Wow what an amazing day. As a working mom of two kids I can tell you it's been 5 yrs since I've had two consecutive days of time alone. I had no idea I needed it so bad. I miss my babies and my husband so much, but this has been a wake up call for me. Here's some pics of my amazing beach day

Today is THE day!!!!

Well guys, today's the day. I can't eat but I can drink before 6am so I woke up and had some calming tea and Skyped with my babies this morning. The nerves have kicked in big time. I got a little weepy talking to my family but I'll be ok! Just feeling like I wish they could all be here with me. So! Gotta go get my last minute supplies and then the wait to go in begins. I have no idea when I'll be able to update but keep a look out for my post op pics!
Here's some pics of old town last night

I made it to the flat side!

Well guys I'm here and I made it through day one. Boy am I glad that is over. Just bein real day one is the worst. But every hour that goes by I feel better and better. I have a before and after back pic and a chin pic. But like I said it's been less than 24 hrs so I am swollen and my skin is still very loose. I hope to do an update everyday so stay tuned!

Day 2...

The swelling continues! But I got up and got dressed this morning and went to breakfast. I might have over done it a tad so I'm back in the room laying down relaxing. I talked to dr Campbell and he said they took about 5.2 liters out, around 100 cc out of my breast, injected 660 ccs into the butt and did 1.5 in my top lip and 1 in my bottom just in case anyone wants to know!

Lips before and after

Here's some lips before and after. I covered the bruising so I could go out without scaring people lol

Boobs before and after (day 4)

Just doing some early healing comparing!

Progress day 4

Today I am probably the most swollen I've been so far. But, my skin is starting to firm up around the abdomen area which makes moving around less painful. I've been using the cotton ball in the belly button trick and its kept my belly button a nice round shape. I am using the epifoam on the front which you can see the lines from, and a board on the back that helps form the butt area and I wear my faja religiously.

Day 6 aka swell hell lol

I finally felt good enough to sight see yesterday and while I had a blast I did not sit enough and my legs look like tree trunks today! I have to say at first I was really worried about my butt. But it's starting to round out and I think it looks just big enough to be sexy but not so big I look silly. I still cannot see any different in my arms or legs but I'm assuming because the faja is so tight that the swelling is staying in the extremities. Boobs are great and I went out to dinner without a bra on for the first time in my life! Overall pain is very low but swelling makes me feel like I can't see any major results yet ????

Ok week one is done.

Here's some week one pics. From here on out I'm gonna try to update by week. I'm still on the fence with my butt, it's lumpy but I'm pretty sure that's normal so I'll hold final judgement until 3 months

2 weeks update

Here are some two week pics. So far I haven't really seen much improvement from day 1- day 14. I'm living in this damn faja! I do see a great overall shape change especially from the back. I am still very concerned about the asymmetry in my breasts, it's pretty noticeable. I'm def not feeling the bbl. I will say though that the bbl filled out my hip projection where I had the inverted butt, but the projection on my butt when faced sideways is meh. I didn't see a lot of improvement there. Again, I am with holding all crazy judgements until week 8. Literally no change in my arms or legs from pre surgery to post yet. My chin looks great, it's still swollen it I see great results there, and my lips are completely healed and look and feel very natural. A+ for that!


Hey guys. Today I am one month post op! I have been through quite the journey and learned that I am def a sweller! I had basically no change in my body until about 5-6 days ago. FINALLY the swelling has started to go down. My butt looks fantastic, and my stomach is evening out nicely. My breast have totally healed and Im waiting on my silicon strips to come in the mail. My scaring was very minimum. I do have some asymmetry in my breasts. SO Im kinda sad about that but its not like life destroying or anything, its not apparent to anyone but me! So far the worst has been my inner thighs which are still very swollen and lumpy. However my massage lady is awesome and I dont think it will be much longer until that swelling dissapears.

One month post side by side

Okay I'm one month out and I'm starting to finally see some changes. I'll be honest, my changes were not as dramatic as I had hoped for. Sometimes I see a huge difference and sometimes I can't tell I had surgery. My legs had absolutely zero change. None. I can't see any difference, my husband can't see any difference I really wish I would have saved myself the pain and just skipped them. My butt is basically the same. I can tell I'm still really swollen in the top of my butt so I'm still holding judgement until it goes down a bit more. But, the place is see the biggest improvement is the love handles and the great curve I have now from the back. I'm beyond thrilled with how I look from behind!

I'm still really swollen in my front abdomen area, so that's another place I'll probably wait until the 8 week mark to evaluate. Right now you can def see the overall size of it has been reduced but still not sure how the shape and contour will turn out.

My boobs are good. They aren't spectacular but they def are not bad. My scaring is still really thick so it's distorting my right boob a little. As time has gone on though it's getting softer and they look more symmetrical this week than last week. My nipples however are not the same size so that's a bummer. I'll probably have that corrected the next time I get a lift.

Arms and face are great! My lips lost a lot of volume so I kinda wish I would have gone a big bigger but thats on me as I was really worried about looking fake so I was conservative on the amount.

Overall at this point I'm def satisfied but I'm not overly ecstatic. I didn't even drop a dress size so that was really disappointing. I'm hoping these next few weeks will slim down a bit.

Oh and I've been in the gym 3-5 days a week and working out with the fajas (which helps!)
Colombia Plastic Surgeon

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