41 Year Old, 5ft 6 Inch at 185 Lbs, Mother to Four Kids, 19,18,11,10. - Cartagena, Columbia

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I delved into this transformation after falling...

I delved into this transformation after falling short on several diets & exercises, I just couldnt commit to them with the discipline and fervor they required; life or me, got in the way. Over the last ten years I have witnessed the loss of me and seen myself go. With it I lost the drive and motivation to keep up for myself. It started with an innocent reliance on food as a source for instant gratification and sweet support but caught up as the best bad friend and took control . Furthermore, age, neglect and a reckless attitude have left their mark, my boobs have found their extension & home on my tummy, my tummy on my privates and the rest is a dismal image. My shoulders feel like a quarterbacks, lets just say i have not needed clothes with shoulder pads for a long time. I have a second face pushing its way through my chin & jaw and I dont understand when and how that came about, i just woke up with it one day. Sufficient to say I hate to look into a mirror or wear & enjoy what I buy because nothing makes me look & feel good. Im tired of my low self esteem, worthlessness, guilt, shame and living a life totally disconnected & disappointed with who I am or could be & faking it. I want to do great, I didnt see this for me in my future and wont stand for it. I want to control my outcome for what its worth. I can do better for myself and kids. I want to feel alive, in control & aware and i want my reflection in the mirror and attitude to reflect it. Im done with not participating and living my life being extinct.
Hence, I took charge, started looking at North America for plastic surgeons and procedures, (couldnt afford it) then looked into other options like medical tourism abroad. The goal was, Quality, Safety, Service and Great results; a comprehensive deal within my budget. Bang for my buck.
I sifted through three companies and picked Premium Care Surgery in Cartagena Columbia Caribbean. I wanted an all inclusive package of medical costs, hotel stay & post op care with insurance, warranted and committed to results. The most assuring aspect was that Premium Care was owned by an American; practicing and aware of American quality, standards and procedures mixed with Columbian concept of beauty brought on by his wife. I have had 4 consultations over the phone and consistent communications through emails with him and his staff.
Ive had my share of doubts, been very skeptical but instead of dwelling on fear of the unknown or that kinda energy, I decided to get organized & get structured. I made a list of questions from time to time as they came to me, on topics that would affect this process from the get go, to the end and have had them answered appropriately.
I started with the list of procedures, prices, which parts would they affect & transform, how to achieve comprehensive results, I didnt want to compromise one part for the other or neglect any. After the first consultation, I recognized the effortless & concise American attitude in Dr. Alex, he proceeded with much ease and matched my pace and catered to my concerns. He introduced himself and got down to the job at hand. He asked me my concerns, goals and intentions. I was ready with my infamous list, from issues of Security in Columbia, Safety procedural practices, Costs and customizing packages, I had it all covered and he answered everything. Being that it may, Im not the gullible kind and I dont just take it at face value any more, no matter how good it sounds. I had my concerns and was upfront with him and his team the entire time. I left nothing to chance, miscommunication or for later. Ive informed them of what works for me to feel comfortable and they have reciprocated so far.
After the first introduction about him, his practice, Columbia and MONEY conversions. he reviewed my pictures and on the second phone call, we discussed the right package, price and procedures for me, so here it goes. for USD $7850.00 I get:
Chin-jawline liposuction,
Arm lipo,
Breast lift with tissue removal,
Complete Abdominoplasty,
Hips lipo and
Ten 45-60 minutes post op therapies
For USD $1001.00 they confirmed my 15 nights stay at a decent hotel, breakfast included & a view with lots of light, on my request.
There are no taxes on surgery costs or hotel stays but there is a 3% processing surcharge for credit card charges from them and 2.5% from my credit card company. Thus, I paid 5.5% towards my total charge, plus the Canadian to USD conversion killed me at 0.90. So what was USD$7850 + USD$1001 + Cad$airfair + conversion + processing fees surcharges= Cad $11,500.00.
I havent purchased the compression garments yet, have kept aside realistic budged for there. I did buy pre and post op vitamins. and bought stuff from the list of must haves from wonderful girls on this site.
With 3 days before I embark on this magnificent, self indulgent transformation, I am excited, anxious, eager and almost happy to look forward to this transformation and resurrection. I do have bouts of doubts & anxiety attacks, mostly about my recovery and considering my age and endurance. Im not young and dont feel invincible, things affect me more with age. I just hope it turns out fine.
Predictability and familiarity is key to any successful transition or transformation, so Ive prepared schedules for my kids, their activities, stuffed my house with appropriate groceries, delegated responsibilities among-st all kids and communicated with them to step up and multitask.
Ive been on Vitamin C 1000mg & Arnica montana & Traumeel to help with recovery.
Attached are my pictures, a validation of my extinction. Hope this helps everyone.

one more day before I leave home

Ive decided to stay home today. Comprehend the developments and gain some perspective .
Im peaceful and Ok , nerves do kick in from time to time but im prepared. Tomorrow I have some last minute errands on my to do list. Have to go to Costco. My Costco!!! So far so good. Im curious the post op pics I see are they the result of diet and exercise or just the swelling coming off. Do let me know what works for you.

Leaving tonight

I'm so scared about what is to come, Ive never been alone and my older two kids have been my crutches during my younger twos C sections, Im absolutely lost with out them. Theyve seen and loved me through my worst. I dont know how Im going to stand and walk the first two days without support. Anyways, Ive completed everything my family might need and some more, in my absence. Hopefully they will be fine and so will I. I really wonder why I put us into this, wearing the padded suit for ten years made me feel ugly but also let me be. What if i turn into this hottie, then what will I do lol......Goodluck girls ,wish me luck and speedy recovery

The day is here

Ive staggered to the winning line and realized thats not it, theres a lot more to it, a lot more. So like a true athelete , Im going for it all the way and with a winning attitude. I wont let myself spoil what could become of this and wont self distruct. Inspite of all odds, getting in shape and controlling my outcome by the horns feels bloody good. Ive brooded, whined and now im going to appreciate the process. Emotionally im between highs and lows , relying on every cell for self motivation and it seems to be working. But then i havent yet been through the knife.
So the detail......... I was picked up by the company from the airport and dropped off at my hotel. i was greeted by a coordinator who came to my room to give me my schedule and inform me of the procedures before the procedure. After a nice shower I went to meet Dr Campbell and we went headlong into details , expectations etc, my final words to him was make it worth everybit. He took my pics, measurements and explained stuff. I was given prescriptions, lab test, met with the anesthesiologist the same standard procedures everywhere, the same old info about potential risks , personal info and that kinda wonderful stuff. I was given a pill in two parts, one for tonight the other for the morning.
Told no food after 8 p.m no water after 12 a.m .Dont worry i didnt eat much, got a bowl of tiny shrimps paid for by an arm and a leg. I guess i should get good results the expenses are draining the life out of me. I miss my home , my kids oooh my babies!! I have to take a shower, in the morning, Im taking fleet enemas one tonight before bed the other in the morning. Ive purchased prescriptions, the compression garments (standard price everywhere) and juices, cereal, biscuits, yogurts, for the second day when I come to my room, will take the grocery part from there. i know what im wearing and doing. just exhausted to move. spoke with my kids, writing to you all and am going to lay down for a bit till finally calling it a night. One thought on my mind ! I MISS HOME!


2nd day post op

Greatest achievements so far, managing first night on my own in the hotel, taking meds on time, making it through, getting in and out of bed, peeing in the toilet and having chicken soup, fruit & juice. Biggest of all, took a shower with least amount of help and enjoyed it, walked by two buildings to get to Doctors appointment ,got a massage, got bandages off, walked back to hotel and buttoned my compression garment half way through myself.
I must say, Columbian hospitality is awesome and Premium Surgery care is a diamond in the Caribbean, they have exceeded in efficiency, diligence, commitment, quality and care. I'm impressed Dr Alex and his team are all committed to one goal that is quality service and have made this process so manageable for me.
Im sore, weak & exhausted but am coming around, feel more accomplished as I overcome every challenge, but couldn't have done it without the team. Im told once the swelling goes, I will be a lot slimmer, but proper diet is crucial cant go crazy with food. Im glad I did this.

5 days post op

The weather here in Caratagena Columbia is adorable. Went for a walk around the block and on the sand to the sea, drank a delicious chicken soup at a local restaurant and headed to the hotel. In the morning showered by myself and went for docs appointment by myself two buildings from my hotel. I met other patients at the doc and it was good to have someone to speak to who was going through the same thing. Emotionally, I get sick of this and want to go back home and hide behind my fat suit in a fetal position. This is a lot of procedures and healing to go through for a 14 day trip. Im walking and eating right to keep the circulation going, draining good fluids, but just cant wait to get rid of the tubes, fatigue, exhaustion and bothersome body positions. still haven't slept well .Had some stitches dripping fluid, and some sort of infection in the navel that has been cured. I shower everyday so get my bandages changed everyday too. Doc says healing is coming along just fine, but I feel like sh*t, am tired.

6 days post op

did some light groceries today , walked around the block.
Massage appointment, lunched at local restaurant. Cartagena is damn expensive, thinking about options for my daughter procedures for
Toronto. But will keep options open, am trying to budget and keep healthy. lets see what the final cost would be. Am terribly home sick, but also am concerned of all the responsibility I have there. will take my time and heal though. Nervous about the journey back home. At this point cant see myself push luggage, walk through and sit for 7 and a half hours in flight. I will need help. just pray all is well for me and my family.

a mess

Im so sad and disappointed with the way my left nipple looks. I've waited so long and did all I could for this makeover but am so d issappointed by this. I wanted to feel and look great not look great by being deformed. I hav no doc here for help and nobody to make it right. Everyday I nurse my wounds , adding expense on expense and my sadness has no limit. I regret going abroad for surgery.

Almost 5 weeks post op

Still dealing with my open wound on the left nipple. Its destroyed and still has yellow sluff preventing recovery. My surgeon in Columbia coordinated with wound care in Canada and ive been nursed by them for the past two weeks. My Surgeons team assured me that they would see me through right through the end , what ever that means. I just want my health, nipple and self back. I go everyday to eound care and watch as my wounds heal. Ive had three areas heal and two more to go. These two are the worst. I question my surgeon and blood work , did he miss anything or overlooked or ignored stuff that would have indicated such poor healing? I have had wound openings on 70% of my sutures. With the horrible nipple. I have no issues with their service but do question their experience and understanding of patient care or what a patient would need after so many procedures. I had to repeatedly ask for affiliated wound care and get their attention on my oozing wounds after fever and chill s on the 4-5th days post op. Whats done is done now moving forward, I just have to be as goal oriented and see this thing through. I have yet to lose 10 inches off my waist hips and 6off my b oobs. So im half way there. Its been frustrating trying uncomfortable and overwhelming but am proud of the way ive managed and conducted myself. So im hoing to keep going .

11 months post opp

Hi So its been a while ,
some of it i was busy some of it i didnt care. I just took to zumba and functional training. But i realise at my age i do needhelp with lipo cos life does get in the way . So here's the deal im going for my daughters major surgery and my liposuction to another surgeon. Shes getting multiple surgeries done . Id rather she get them done now verses when it matters verses after breeding and suffering body image issues. Im going for liposuction. My previous surgeon have asked me to mention that they kept following up with personal touch and asking how I was doing whivh they have . So if your big on personal sweet interaction over the phone please remove all prejudices and try them. As far as my nipple its gone quozimoto and looks terrible , my surgeon did mention tattoo painting a fake fill up around it
Ive decided against . I didnt undrstand i thought i was insured and that would help with rectifying . But i just cant trust myself given my particular situation under his knife once again . Though please dont take my case as a general consensus, you can check him out as he does have successes minus a few that turned out like me. As for me I want to move on and leave this behind me .
Oooh!!! Im getting lipo on my abdomen , bra rolls, back and shoulders . I will ask the new surgeon if he can rectify the botched up nipple.
Colombia Plastic Surgeon

My experience will decipher and separate facts from my personal hopes, expectations, assumptions, their presentations and results. So far, the doctors and his team have been concise and catered to every aspect Ive touched upon and have aided me with tools and info to satiate my thirst for a smooth process. Hopefully when I get there, its everything and more. I will keep those who are interested and supportive posted with the developments. Just wish me well and I wish all my sisters well and victory in their process of rediscovery and achieving their best selves.

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