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Did my initial consultation with Dr. Campbell and...

Did my initial consultation with Dr. Campbell and he answers all questions. I have never had major surgery before so I am very nervous and anxious at the same time. I am having lipo of my arms, inner thighs, back and abdomen. I will be staying for 7 days at the new Premium Care Recovery House. Excited because I will be one of the first few patients to stay there. The pictures are wonderful and a better value than the Oz hotel. Laura, the Patient Coordinator is always accessible and responds to you within 24 hours via email and even faster when you call her directly. It really became a reality when I sent in the deposit so I guess there's no turning back now.

Surgery 2 days earlier now!

After my consultation (2nd one) this morning, there is a vacancy that I am jumping on. So now I am even closer than I had expected. Now I get two full weekends in Colombia to help with recovery. I will be arriving the day after Thanksgiving while others are out shopping, I will be enjoying the Cartagena weather and getting my mind prepared for surgery.

*New* Premium Care Recovery House

This is the small piece of paradise I will be recovering in soon.

Green Light

Well, all blood work is finalized and approved. Received my surgery itinerary from Premium Care this morning and now the anxiety has begun. Will do some before pics on arrival Friday and some immediately after the procedure, if the drugs have worn off!

Thanks to Lotus26 for the good advice and patience to respond to my many emails.


Made it back home yesterday!

I slept in my bed for the first night and it was good to be back home. The Premium Care team did a spectacular job and the after care was indescribable. Home cooked breakfast every morning, clean rooms and housekeeping. I didn't have to lift a finger to do anything. My travel buddy ran out of her meds and they sent the pharmacist with a credit card machine right to the recover suite so she could stay well while helping me to recover.

I will get some pics posted this week from my office consultation to about 10 days post op. There is a lot of swelling and bruising so it could be deceiving.

Oh and they really coach you on eating well and exercising to improve the results of the procedure. Angela, the Nurse Manager, acts also like a nutritionist to keep you encouraged to stay on the right path when you get back to your home.

Quick photos

Just something I took while elevating my legs in the recliner. These other pics are from my consultation in the office 2 days prior to surgery.

1 Quickie - 10 days post op

Visible difference with tons of swelling still. Same bra and panties but my bra is fitting much better. Incisions still covered and less volume in the top of the thighs. Will post in about another week just to have less swelling so the progress will be even more visible.


After my second massage here at home, I was able to use the last row of hooks on my faja. Just Sunday, I was in the first row and my swelling was up and down due to the Cartagena heat. Now that I am back in slightly cooler weather, my swelling has steadily reduced. Sunday will be 2 weeks since my surgery and with the help of my massage therapist, I am progressing along well.

I begin my walking tomorrow to improve my results. Looking forward to getting out in some fresh air and maximizing the surgery results.

Bra is too big

Good Morning All-
My GF's were in town for the weekend to check on me. One was helping me put on my faja and then we put on my bra. She said, "the smallest row of hooks is too big, do you have another bra". I smiled and said, "no, they just fit two weeks ago I guess the swelling in my back in decreasing". So now I have to go get a few 36C's and retire my 38C's. My cup size is the same but the width of my back has decreased significantly.

Ahhhhhhh, good to be on the other side. I've lost about 7lbs as of this morning. Been doing sensible portions and have started walking for one hour a day. Ladies, the surgery is a tool so be sure to do your part. I am also in my last row of hooks and will have to go to the smaller faja this week but right now its "that time of the month" so my stomach is bloated.

-------> No food tastes as good as being smaller feels

Updated Pics

I am wearing my faja which is gotten too big. I am taking to a seamstress here who specializes in altering fajas, she even sells a few. Happy with the progress. I have been walking an hour a day since Saturday and practicing portion control. I've lost 6 lbs. since my return from Colombia and I am still having twice weekly massages.

21 days post op

In a smaller faja. Having alterations done on the larger ones. Massages have helped eliminate the bruising and increased my mobility.

4 Week Post-Op Measurements

Will post pics soon:
Upper Abdomen Pre-op 38" - Post-op 35.5"
Lower Abdomen Pre-op 42" - Post-op 38"
Thighs Pre-op 29" - Post-op 27.5"

Week 5 Pics

Still have some swelling in my lower abs and back (looks like small rolls). Gotta go down to a smaller faja (again) to help compress the last of the swelling. Bruising gone and am walking 3-4 days a week, about 5 miles.

Week 5 Measurements

Upper Abdomen Pre-op 38" - 4 week Post-op 35.5", 5 week Post-op 34"
Lower Abdomen Pre-op 42" - 4 week Post-op 38", 5 week Post-op 37"
Thighs Pre-op 29" - 4 week Post-op 27.5", 5 week Post-op 27.5"

Week 6 Measurements

Still having my weekly massages. Some minimal swelling remains in the lower abdomen and lower back.

Upper Abdomen Pre-op 38" - 4 week Post-op 35.5", 5 week Post-op 34", 6 week Post-op 33.5"
Lower Abdomen Pre-op 42" - 4 week Post-op 38", 5 week Post-op 37", 6 week Post-op 36.5"
Thighs Pre-op 29" - 4 week Post-op 27.5", 5 week Post-op 27.5", 6 week Post-op 27.25"

No Faja on, 8 weeks post op

Took my faja off for a few hours today for the first time. Went to lunch but ran home and put it back on. It felt weird without it but it can't hurt to wear it a few weeks longer. I'm now down 17lbs. since my surgery.

Week 9 Measurements

Down 19lbs. since day of surgery. Massage therapist has been using combination heat and cold therapy as I have just a tiny bit of swelling in my lower back. Dr. Campbell said it can take up to 3 months for all the swelling to leave . I wasn't able to start on my back massages until about week 5 because it was too uncomfortable to lie on my stomach. My therapist feels that 3 more massages should get that last little bit out. Dr. Campbell advised to remain in my faja until all the swelling is gone. Still excited about the progress and loving my results.

Upper Abdomen Pre-op 38" - 4 week Post-op 35.5", 5 week Post-op 34", 6 week Post-op 33.5", 9 week Post-op 32"
Lower Abdomen Pre-op 42" - 4 week Post-op 38", 5 week Post-op 37", 6 week Post-op 36.5", 9 week Post-op 35.5"
Thighs Pre-op 29" - 4 week Post-op 27.5", 5 week Post-op 27.5", 6 week Post-op 27.25", 9 week Post-op 27.25

10 Weeks Post Op

What do you think? Still having massages and wearing my faja.

10 Week Comparison

Lost about 20 lbs since surgery. Premium Care Plastic Surgery was my best investment and motivation to begin my journey towards a better me!

Post-Op Product Suggestions for Skin Retraction

At about the 4 week recovery mark and still in my faja, I began using the Vitamin E serum because I had 6.5 liters of fat removed. I read different posts by other surgeon's patients that after large volume lipo, they experienced sagging and wrinkling skin. I remembered that my grandma ALWAYS rubbed Vitamin E on her face at night and she still looks great at 87 years old. I decided to incorporate some Vitamin E into my routine to assist with the skin retraction.

On my stomach and lower back, I used the Vitamin E Serum and for my inner thighs (where the skin is the thinnest) I used the firming cream every morning after my shower. I then waited about 10 minutes and slipped back into my faja. I know it says its for use at night but hey, the faja doesn't know the difference. It was just easier to incorporate into my morning bathroom ritual.

Be sure to buy them on Buy 3 Get 3 or the Buy 2 get 1 (or other promotion) because they can get expensive. A little goes a long way and I am on my second bottle of both products.

Again, no expert just offering advice. Don't use anything near your incisions until they have completely healed!!

First Bandage Dress EVER - Less than 4 months Post-Op

For my birthday, I wore my first ever Bandage Dress. I followed the protocols that Premium Care laid out and am pleased with EVERYTHING. I ate healthy, have lost 24 lbs. since my surgery and am motivated to continue my lifestyle change. I even went from 3-4 happy hours a week to about 1-2 happy hours per month. Cooking more at home and eating out less. I exercise 3-4 days a week and the reward has been buying new clothes that are smaller and more fitted.

Still on the journey but thankful for the great jump start.

Red Dress Comparison

The gown was 3 weeks before surgery and the red dress was 3 months after surgery.

6 months post-op

Upper Abdomen Pre-op 38" - 4 week Post-op 35.5", 5 week Post-op 34", 6 week Post-op 33.5", 9 week Post-op 32", 6 months 32" Lower Abdomen Pre-op 42" - 4 week Post-op 38", 5 week Post-op 37", 6 week Post-op 36.5", 9 week Post-op 35.5", 6 months 34" Thighs Pre-op 29" - 4 week Post-op 27.5", 5 week Post-op 27.5", 6 week Post-op 27.25", 9 week Post-op 27.25, 6 months 26"

Who Knew??!! SNATCHED

Randomly sitting in my home office and rarely take selfies. But this is what I look like sitting down now, 6 months post op. I just had to pinch myself to make sure I wasn't dreaming. My abdomen is smaller and now my boobs look bigger but they shrank too. What's a girl to do?

11 Month Update - Stay Focused...Its a Challenge

Can't believe it has almost been a year. Time has flown by and I still have no regrets. It can be challenging to maintain a healthy eating lifestyle but I give myself a small curve to splurge then I am right back on my game. Still only having alcohol a few times a month rather than a few times a week and doing mild cardio. I gauge my maintenance on INCHES rather than POUNDS now because the surgery was to achieve spot reduction rather than overall weight loss.

I did notice that I hit a weight loss plateau around month 6 but I give myself a +/- 5 lbs. cushion but NEVER any more than that.

Good Luck Dolls and Cuties.
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