26/5'5/Weight loss in progress/ Breast augmentation - Brazilian Butt Lift - Lipo ( Stomach/Flanks/Back/Inner thighs) Colombia

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Hello Dolls, So just an update (long update, bare...

Hello Dolls,

So just an update (long update, bare with me)... After consulting with a fews Plastic Surgeons (literally from everywhere around the globe lol), I've finally made my decision to either go through those procedures (BBL+ BA w/implants and Lipo of my stomach, flanks, waist & back) with Dr Dra Tania Medina from Dominican Republic or Dr Alex Campbell from Colombia.

I've made up my decision based on reviews (both dont have any negatives one, if they do I couldnt find them). I love their work, I saw a lot of before/after pictures of their patients and they can def deliver me the look I'd like to achieve. I also really like the fact that its easy to communicate with them, that put my mind at ease and they both reply to you in a very respectable timely manners.

I def rate him a 5* on that. I sent an email and called their US number to make sure they received it and Dr Campbell called me back the same day (yes himself, not his secretary). We spoke together about half an hour and He went through every singles details of the procedures that I wanted done and the way He will perform them which I liked (I was def trying to avoid the breast lift part and He knows a way to give me great results without it). He also Took the time the reply to all my questions and address my concerns. He has a great sense of humor too lol. He is American and practice in Colombia with his wife Dr Restrepo. He seems like an expert at what He does. Very sympathic man, professional and knowledgeable.
Now I'm just waiting for the quote that hopefully I'll get today since I had my consultation 2 days ago :)

She communicates through emails. I sent her a couple of pictures, answered her questions and based on that she gave me a quote (the process only took 24hours). She's also very quick to reply.

I also look at all her reviews on realself and she also seems like an expert at what she does, plus her quote is excellent and very affordable.

She quoted me 5000$ US for BBL+BA w/implants and Lipo of my stomach, flanks, waist & back. (Recovery stay recommended 14 days)
- RECOVERY HOUSE: US 75$/night
- MASSAGES: 10 for 300$ US
consultation): 100$ US
- Post MEDS: 250$ US
That's about 6850$ US
(Obviously I need to include Plane ticket & my 2nd garment, but its still very affordable)

So thank for reading. I will give you a shortest update next time on my final decision and surgery date :)


Choice of Surgeon made!

Hello dolls!
So I promised that I'd write a shortest update. So here we go!
I made up my mind and decided to go with Dr Alex Campbell (PREMIUM PLASTIC SURGERY) from Cartagena, Colombia for the reasons mentionned in my previous post!
Plus I felt so much more comfortable about the fact that it's so easy to communicate with his clinic in comparison to the others I've contacted. Every single Time I called I got my questions answered and I've been treated very nicely by the ladie on the phone, the surgeon himself and Laura the patient coordinator. Their website is also very elaborate, they have lots of before/after to browse through....

Sooo I sent my US 500$ deposit today and im sooo excited and nervous at the same time. So Here is the breakdown of my quote (7 050$)

- Breast Augmentation
- Lipo (stomach, love handles,
back) : 6500$
- 10 Drainage Massages: 250$
- Post-Op Meds: about 100$
- Fajas (4) : about 200$

They offer me to stay at The OZ Hotel it's about 546$ for 7 nights, but I will be staying 2 weeks.

So thats about it for this week, I will keep you posted :)

ok bye


Hello dolls,
So today I bought my plane ticket. I'm so thrilled about this. Now in a few weeks I will have to go get some blood tests done:
Complete Blood Count (CBC)
Prothrombin Time (PT)
Partial Thromboplastin Time (PTT)

I know its a long shot but Anybody going to Cartagena ( Aug 30 to Sept 14). My hubby was suppose to come but because of work he wont be able to make it, so I'd def love to have a surgery sister

2 Months before the Big Day <3

Just Uploading my wish boobs.
Pictures taken on premium care plastic surgery website.
Procedures that I'll get done :
- Breast Augmentation with
cohesive gel implants
- Lipposuccion of My Stomach,
love handles and also my back

Age: 26 yrs , No kids.
Height: 5'5
Current weight: 150 pounds
Schedule for Sept 2 2015

Expectations VS Reality

More Pre-Op pictures

Time to Quit Smoking >_<

So I've been a Smoker for the past 8 years (10 to 20 cig/day) and today I've decided to quit.
My PS advised me to quit smoking a month prior and after the surgery, I still had 2 more weeks to go but hey why Do it Tomorrow when I can get that done today.
And Omg it's just been 8-9 hours and its sooooo hard :(
But I must think about the long run.
So anyhow, I got an e-cig ( I know, its not any better!!) but it's just to help my transitioning from tobaco to nothing, just for a few days I'll use it when the cravings are really bad.

So thats all I wanted to share for today,
I still have to get my blood work done ( Ironic that im HATE Blood tests but yet Im ready to go through plastic surgery).

I also need to find out about the "must-have" that I have to buy for my BA and lipo.
I saw a few lists but I really dont want to buy unecessary stuffs so I will keep looking just to be sure.

Anyhow thank for reading, I will keep you updated on my progress!

Smoking cessation

Hello dolls,
Sooo my Cold turkey attempt to quit was an Epic fail, So I've decided to go on a treatment called champix (Varenicline). This treatment does not contain Nicotine which is great. I read about some possible Side effects:
- constipation
- diarrhea
- difficulty concentrating
- dizziness
- flatulence (passing gas)
- headache
- nausea
- sleep disturbance (difficulty sleeping or abnormal dreams)
unusual tiredness or weakness
Still better than a lung cancer!
I confirmed with Dr Campbell that it was okay to take this treatment prior to my procedure and He believes its totally fine. Yaaay :-)

So other than that I have an appointment for my blood tests.
I will keep you updated about the results.

Ohh and Also my weight is down to 148 pounds. My family and friends noticed the weight loss, thats so encouraging.
I go to the gym about twice a week and I do 40min Cardio and also 20 min of weights training.
I also just started taking a zumba class each monday, and a kizomba dance lesson on tuesday.
But must importantly I watch what I eat! I've been Cutting sugar, pasta, bread, rice, potatoes for about 6 weeks and it makes a Huge difference. I only drink homemade natural fruits juice along with lots of water.

So thats it for today ! Thank for reading.

Blood Test Results Are In!!

Hello Dolls,

So I got my blood test results (CBC, PT & PTT) and everything seems fine.
Premium Care Plastic Surgery received my results and they said I'm Ok for surgery but did not really go into details.
My Hemoglobin level is at 13.9 which is pretty good I believe considering the fact that I dont even take vitamins or Irons but I saw a lot of women reviews saying they did before their procedures so I might start taking them but avoid those that contain Vitamine E and Omega. (Request of Dr Alex Campbell)

I do have a few concerns though in regards of my Monocytes and lymphocytes/Neutrophils that are quoted as "abnormal" in my tests results, I guess it doesn't affect my procedures since they said Im fit for surgery. It's probably nothing dramatic but I might go see a General Practicien to have more details about that.

I'm Still on my champix, so far so good. I have to say that I experienced some of the side effets (nauseous, diarrhea and vivid dreams) but it's temporary and worthy if it makes me quit smoking FOREVER!

Hmm other than that I bought some Arnica Montana pellets. I start taking them today. They actually taste pretty sweet.

Thats it for today,
Au revoir!

Nothing to worry about!

Hello dolls,
So Like I stated in my previous post I was a bit scared about my Monocytes and Lymphocytes/Neutrophils results. But My Plastic Surgeon confirmed that everything was fine so did My doctor He said that I had nothing to worry about.
So thats great, I guess I'll keep doing what I'm doing :-) !

Little Update on my body transformation

So I started my weight loss journey at 163 pounds.
I've lost 16 pounds so far, I'm currently at 146 lbs and I see the little changes (clothing), and my stomach and love handles are a bit smaller.


Hello dolls,
So If there is anyone of you reading or following my journey here it goes.

I'm having my surgery done in exactly 3 weeks from now.

First I want to let you know that I've been 22 days smoke-free!!!
I had to stop the champix after day 14 because the nausea was really bad but Im totally fine now with cold turkey . I'm not going to lie I think about smoking sometimes but I dont have the bad cravings, thank god.

My weight loss process slowed down at some point which is normal at this stage. My goal weight after surgery is 125-130 lbs with 20% body fat.
Im currently at 142lbs with 30% Body fat.
Here are my measurements:

I've also started a GNC products designed for women to boost my metabolism it's called
"Ripped VitaPak" and also some Carnitine. Its def working great so far. My weight had plateau for about 2 weeks after I quit smoking, but then I started using the products and The numbers on the scale started moving again and now im able to do more high intense workout (cardio intervalle/Sprint/Weight lifting).
This thing gives you more energy, no lie!!

After finally convincing hubby I've decided to do a Brazilian But lift along with my Lipo and Breast augmentation.

I will be posting my BBL wish pics and my body transformation.

Au revoir!


Hello Dolls!!
I had some time today to go buy my supplies. Since I'm traveling from Canada to Colombia, I really did not feel like carrying a bunch of extra stuffs that I wouldn't be using there....so anyways....
I tried to buy the essential. (Based on others RS sisters list)..
PS: I will be buying my Pain medication, antibiotics , Fajas, breast Garment Compression, Epifoam (if needed) in Colombia.

Here is the detailed list of what I got:
- Vitamine C
- Arnica Tablets
- Polysporin
- Gloves
- Maxi Pads
- Antibacterial Wipes for body
- 2 pairs of Compression Socks
- Female Urinal
- Disposable underpads (chux)
- Doughnut pillow
- Gauze pads, medical tape
- Alcohol pads
- Stool softner
- Ice pack
- 5 Tanks Tops
- 2 Sports Bra with zippers
- 2 set of post-op clothes
- 1 Maxi dress

Thats about it... I still need to buy an antibacterial soap and Some Protein Bars.... other than that, I dont know. Please dont hesitate to make recommandations if you have any!!

I won't be bringing to much clothing ( 2-3 pairs of leggings and shirts, 3 maxi dresses, Lots of panties loll and probably 3 pairs of shoes (1 Flat close-toe, my birkenstocks and a pair of running shoes).
I will be staying 10 days so Hopefully I will find affordable cleaning services.

Sooo that's about it. I Will give you guys an update when Im closer to my departure date.

Ok Aurevoir!


Hello Dolls,
So After I've posted an update about my supplies I ordered online on makemeheal.com few more stuff.

- The Multivitamine package(Does not contain vitamine E) is complete pre- and post-operative healing system designed specifically for patients undergoing plastic surgery that contains all the nutrients needed to help a patient heal more quickly, minimize swelling, reduce bruising, speed wound healing, improve patient safety, prevent infection, and support the immune system.
I read excellent reviews so I went ahead and order from them. To have the ingredients you can go on their web page.
You have to start using the Recovery kit 1 or 2 weeks before surgery until 1 month post.

- Arnica Tablets & Gel

- Bromelain with Quercetin

Off to Cartagena today

Hey Dolls , so Im on my way to Cartagena, already flew one leg. Im in Panama right now and Waiting for my connection to Cartagena. The flight was awful, I was so bloaaated wth.
Anyhooow Im getting there kinda late though (10:30 pm). So I will be staying at the Oz Hotel, Im happy because its very close from the clinic.

The patient coordinator sent me an email yesterday to confirm that they sent a car to pick me up once I arrive. She also offered me to look at some tours since I dont have anything booked on sept 1st. Thats very thoughtful of them...

So I received my patient itinerary, I will be meeting my surgeon on Monday Aug 31st at 10 AM, then the anesthiologist in the afternoon. They suggested me to buy mes Meds and Faja on that day.

So I'll have the entire day before surgery to go out and do some sightseeing I guess. I havent booked any tour yet, but the one I'm interested in required min 2 people damn it, that makes me feel even more lonely lolll.

I will keep you guyz posted on my arrival in Cartagena and how my appointments went.
Au revoir!

Cartagena Day 1

Hello Dolls!

So today I will be doing a review on everything I've experienced so far since my arrival in Cartagena. I will put them into chapters so that will give you the chance to skip the parts you're not interested in.

Premium Care sent someone to pick me up. As Soon as I got outside I saw a man holding my name. If I recall he's name was Alex. Very friendly, Was pointing me out all the places I should visit and how the areas were called. We cracked some jokes about how he would teach me spanish in exchange for english lessons when in fact im french lolll.

So Im not sure If I had mentionned it but Im staying at the OZ Hotel in Bocagrande. It's Economic but offer good quality thats a way to put it.
It's literally next to Premium Care facility which is great because There is also a pharmacy and a supermarket. The beach is like a few blocks away, there is tons of restaurants. I dinned at the hotel And the food taste deliciouuus! bref, I love the neighboorhood.
The rooms are modern and super dupa clean which was a very important factor for me. Housekeeping does a good job.
The internet is free! And the Wifi is excellent, I mean very fast THANK LORD, CAN I GET A AMEN!!
- Negative: Room very small like.. Europe small lmao, no view outside, bad lighting.
But honestly that wont even matter in a few days.

One word. FABULOUS.
From surgeons to patients coordinator or receptionists.
Everybody is super nice. When you get to the office the atmosphere is very warm, Lots of laughter.
But #1 and a special shoutout to Angela, she goes over and beyond her duties.
She's like an angel sent from heaven. Funny on top of that.
She spent the entire day with me, took me to all my appointments (surgeon, anesthesiologist, nurse), pharmacy, faja store, supermarket, tourism shop so I could book a tour. She even came back at the hotel after office hours to say bye and introduce me to another girl who undergone BBL and was also staying at the hotel but leaving tomorrow.

I finally met Dr Alex Campbell and his wife Dra Carolina Restrepo. Im even more confident that I made the right choice coming to Colombia for my procedures. Like I probably mentionned before he is very knowledgeable, patient, never felt rushed. Happy about the way he will be performing my BA and he was able to give me a rough idea of what could be done.
He listens to you, and def make sure to answers your questions and adress your concerns.
I Havent gone through the biggest part but so far Im happy with everything. He took my breast measurements, body picture, I tried sizers and I will be doing 300 cc.
I have a narrow chest but lot of breast tissue and since I want to
have more of a natural looking breast The surgeon was actually even suggesting to go lower 285cc Natrelle gummy bear.

Soo cheap! Its good quality and inexpensive, I paid about $US 120 for my 2 fajas + 2 garments compressions. Angela helped me to get the right size and put it on.

So I did not get the chance to visit but I booked an Island tour and I will be going tomorrow morning, it last the entire day. Excited to go sightseeing before going under. I might end up snorkeling as well and go to The old town (Centro historico) at night.

Thats about it. Au revoir

Hotel pictures


The day I was leaving for Colombia

DAY 2 In Cartagena

On the Island
Hello dolls!
So today I did not have any appointments at all. Spent the entire day out. Got picked up at 8:30 and I came back at 4 pm.
They basicly take you to an island (almost an hour by speed boat) , then you get to pick of activity (snorkling, scuba diving, aquarium but you have to pay extra) or just lay by the beach...they have a local buffet, then after they take you back to Cartagena around 3:15 pm.
inconveniences: Language barrier. The tour guide were speaking in spanish so I couldnt understand anything :(

Funny Rant: A group of tourists asked if they could take my picture.
Probably because Im black....YEA IM PLAYING THE BLACK CARD hahahaha #IdontCarethough #ImsoUseToItWhenITravel

Prep up for my surgery by removing nail polish, washing my body with the antibacterial soap Angela picked for me at the pharmacy (Isodine) and also took half of a pill called Dormicum 7,5 mg. Its to help me relax before surgery and I will take the other half tomorrow morning.
So said that I would have to stop eating food at 10pm the latest but I took my last meal around 5pm. As for liquide I have until midnight but I will be asleep by then.

So I guess this will be my last post before I go in lolll. Angela is picking me up at 7 AM and its going down at 8AM. Dr Campbell it should probably take 3hrs. so By Noon I guess I should wake up.. I hope.
Thank for all the support dolls. I will give you an update once I wake up from the other side!!

Say Hello to My new friends!!

Hello dolls!!!! So As I promised I will keep you updated on my surgery. So I had it done at 9Aam this morning, and woke up at 12 ishh pm this aftertoon.
Like Dr Campbell said it last about 3hours. I got so much to say Geez dont event know where to start.
When I got there I had to sign a few papers, Got some general testing done, remove clothes to put the gown, Dr Campbell came to mark me , he was glad to see that I was in a good mood and making jokes. Im telling you , the bitch was mentally and physically ready.
The gave me the IV (God I hate needles, probably mentionnes how dumb I sound when I say Im more scare of Needles than the surgery itself).
I pop the other half of my dormicum pill, said by to angela, they took me to the surgery room. I met all the staff that would be working with the surgeon, all very nice and joking about How my spanish isnt so bad : (All I know is Hola, quetal, muy bien, gracias, me llamo and lo siento hahaha and off course Dolor!!!!!)
so after that Dr campbell applied the antiseptic solution all over my body (mucho fria!!!)

then jumped on the bed, and boom asleep. When I woke up I was shaking so much but angela warn me about that , it was cold in the room so my body was adjusting back to the temperature by trembling, they put a fancy machine that was warming me up for 30-40mins then I was fine)

So today I had Breast augmentation with implants (310 cc, cohesive gel) I got a Dul plane because my breast was saggy a little and I did not want a Breast lift.
The incision was under only, Im so happy because it wont be visible.
I got Lipo done to my stomach, my back, love handles and inner thighs.
I got a brazilian butt lift on top of that.

When I woke up I feel extraaaa sore, like as if a truck ran over my chest. But once they injected the morphine it felt a bit better.
Im fine , really though I shouldnt but I can lift my arms, tighten my breast garment by myself even if it requires a bit of strenght. Im sincerly fine. I was expecting much worse. But since I was mentally and physically ready that surely helped.
And the Coolest part is that I was expecting drains but I had none! THANK LORD ALLELUIA.
The lipo isnt painfull as I thought, geez I swear I could be dancing right now to demonstrate How fine im doing. Maybe its because the painkillers are very strong but im fine.
As for The BBL I didnt see the results yet, I cant wait to see myself.
I have lot of discomfort when I lay on by butt.
Fyi with dr campbell there is no sitting restrictions. but Sitting is really shitty, I can feel the pressure, its craaaazy.

So Im relieved everything went well and I dont feel like dying after everything I got done hahaha. Just swollen but other than that im FINE.

I did not shed any tears ) except when I saw the flowers hubby sent me. I got so emotional hahaha (Im a very emotional person)

So So far so good, no dizziness, no nausea, everything was fine except that I was freaking hungry.
I ate 2 packs of crackers and a soup. loll Angela made fun of me. So here are some pictures . I will be posting my vlog in a few.

Thank y'all for supporting me and sending positive energy, I will post tomorrow with my BBL pics.

BOOBS: 310 cc

Au revoir!!



One last post before I go to bed

cant say how much premium care are an extraordinary, I mean I still have to recover, but their dedications to their patients and the service is excellent. they made sure to contact my husband while I was in there, to reassure him. Dr campbell also came an hour ago with flowers too! Im a spoiled lady today, I feel like I got a lot of support from the staff, from my friends, Im telling you, part of recovery is also psychologic and Im just so gratefull to have all these people behind me, im blessed. ok thats it. Bedtime nows.
love u guyz xoxo



Full Body Pics Post Op

Hey dolls, so today was a very rough one for me, but they gave me another pain medicine and it def helped.

I was able to go down to the restaurant for breakfast and lunch, Also took my shower with the help of Angela.

She took picture for me. I love my results so far. Im swollen like a balloon but once its gone, its going to be perfect is I can maintain the same figure.

Cartagena Day 4// 1 Day Post up

Hello again guys
So Still on my day 1 Post Up. So today I experienced my first Drainage Massage, the lady was extremely delicate so It wasnt as painful as I thought It would be.

Im still very sore and the faja is extremely tight, but gotta suck it up If I want a flawless final result. You dont go through all of that and f it up during recovery process.

I still have problems sitting down and getting up. But Im happy I did not lose my appetite, I didnt experience any nausea or dizziness. Like I mentionned before Im surprise Im up and walking since Im a big chicken. I cry when I have my periods so that gives you an idea.

So far my emotions are okay. Still walking with a smile on my face. And my friends are surprise to see me in a great shape like this after everything I got done.

Here are my little vlog! Enjoy and thank for following my journey. Im so blessed and its very appreciated to get messages from all of you sending me positive energy and wishful thoughts!

DAY 2 Post Op

VLOG 1- day 2 Post Op
Vlog 2 Day 2 Post op

DAY 3 Post Op- Early morning review

Good Morning Everyone!
It's 5 AM and Im Happy because I slept 5 hours straight without waking up, yaaay victory :).
I was on the phone for at least 2 hours prior to that with another RS friend and she could feel I asfalling asleep lmao (so thankful once again to have you guyz), we've been talking hours about everything and it just feels good to have someone there who understands you every steps of the way. I hope I will be able to give o that emotional support when your turns comes around.

Anyhooooow , lets get to business.Today Im writing about how the body is healing so far.

Lets starts with the LIpo and BBL.
one word: SWELLING.

Its impossible for me to say how the recovery is looking because im swollen like craaazy which is totally normal I know. I just thought that it wouldnt be so bad with my preo-op vitamines and my quercetain mix with bromelain supplement. Oh well, maybe I will see their benefit along the way because I know some people can be swollen for month. I wanna avoid , I repeat I want to avoid.
I woke up and I believe I've reached the peek of swellingness. Like at this point I dont think I can get bigger than this.
The only area where I feel is decreasing in term of swellingness would be my back, I can tell because now when I lay on it to sleep I dont feel the same discomfort and pain I had in the past 2 days.
NEXT when it comes to my belly, the upper part of my butt, and my thighs ( the thighs are the worst, 3x their actual size , WTF), even my pubic area is swollen.
I really pray the lord it goes down before I have to go back, because the pressure on the flight will make it worst. I know something about it.

NEXT the Boobs, hahaha my favorite part. Sooo im still in aww with the tatas, cant stop looking at them, I wake up first thing I do Is to check my tatas lmao, IM a FREAK.
So I can already tell that my Left boob is healing faster, it already dropped a notch, its already super puffy for this stage I believe, like I dont feel my implant AT ALLL y'all no lie, its looks and feels real. Thank again to DR campbell, def delivered what I asked.
The right Boob on the other hand still looks like the way it was 2 days ago. harder in the upper part and not as puffy as the other one, the inflammation is real, I know you guys will think im crazy... but sometimes in front on the mirror I talk to the right boob and I'll be like: ¨Its okay, dont be scare , I still love you even if you healing slowler the your compadre but please come down¨ hahahahaha There I said it. I will be official tagged as the crazy one in here.
I will ask my masseuse Virginia to take picture of my entire body and I'll post them later on.

Anyways, Thats about it for my healing, as for pain goes yesterday was a good day, the night time was a little rougher but my RS sister uplift my mood, I forgot about all this soreness that I charactherized as pain since im a chicken, and the swelling. SO anyways
plans for today, shower , breakfast, massage, getting my nails done, Might go visit the old town for real tis time because I havent yet and if my body let me lolll.
Have a good day , au revoir!



Vlog1 Day 3 Post Op
Vlog 2 - Day 3 Post Op


Hello dolls!
I hope everybody is having a bless Sunday. Im on fire today, Welll Not ready to lift mountains but the swelling came down a little, I was in a good mood today, Still loving my results, im on a positive cloud this morning. I wont be getting massage from virginia today :( which makes me a little sad because Yesterday she was massaging me with Ice amd I was like : NO GUSTO, NOS GUSTO Lmfao, but then 2 horas later I cant tell you guyz how good that felt over my body like it made a huge difference in the swelling and the sorenesss. So I have to wait until monday to be massage again.

I will be keeping it cool unless mu body cooporates, like Im explaining in the vlog, came across little technical problems but nothing major hahaha.
I wish you all a pleasant day, besos et a la prochaine!!

Day 4 Post Op

I a previous reviewa I said I couldnt get any bigger (swollen), well That was a lie! I hate this phase of recovery :(
See below picture.

Leff: Pre- Op
Right: 4 days post op


Hey Dolls,
So this review is a more detailed one! More Vlogs!
I also included more details about my fajas.
When I first arrived I bought 2 fajas but I suspected those were too short, so today I went back amd bought 3 longer fajas that comes down to my knees.
I paid around 190$ US for the 3Fajas+Socks Very Good deal.




Hello dolls,
so today I decided to vlog about my overall results, my incisions area and also give you a feedback on my swelling situation.
Wish you all a great day XD


Hello Dolls!
So this is my final Vlog in Cartagena. I will be going home tomorrow morning.
For those that will be going to Cartagena, I just want to reassure you that you will be in good hands.
Scoop: A source told my that premium care will be having their own recovery house with sea view and everything!!!
Anyhow, I promise to keep you updated on the results at least once every 2 weeks or so.
Au revoir XD

DAY8 Post Op- Cartagena Custom Agents

Hello dolls,
Im at the Cartagena Airport As I'm writing. I felt like sharing this funny note as Im waiting for flight.

(All in spanglish of course)
Custom Agent: You speak spanish
Me: No.
Custome Agent: First time in Cartagena?
Me: Yes.
Custom agent: Whats the purpose of your visit?
Me: .... Big Smile on my face , then I just touched my titties. (Wth wrong with me heh)
- Custom Agent: Big Smile on his face, says Bueno, but Then sends me in a room for secondary inspection. -___-'
Made me sign a consentment form for X-Ray and body search for Narcotics lmao then a lady comes and tap down my faja. (felt like a massage), try to search inside but the shit so tight she gave up hahahahahaha
So within 5 min I was out.
I Made sure to come 3hr early because Angela warned me about that (That lady knooows everything) anyhow, now I got sooo Much time to kill for just an hour flight. Then I layover in Panama for 7 horas before my flight to Montreal. Thank goodness hubby upgraded me in business so I will hang in the lounge in Panama and I will be more comfy on the long flight.
So this was my "Petite tranche de vie" !

Have a good day my dollieees xo

DAY 9 Post Op

Hey dolliess,
Im finally back home. Thank to god Everything went well.
Also want to thank each nd everyone of you for the supportive messages.

There is not much change in my body except my butt that lost a lot of volume already and my lower back is still very swollen so looks like I never Had a BBL boooohoooo ????????????

I know its going to come down eventually in a few weeks. I will be patient and make sure to have a successful recovery.
My breast doesnt have much changes either.
The post op care is basicly to protect my incisions make sure to put the micropore surgical tape to protect them, and once those a completly close I will begin the scars treatments. with silicone sheets and cream. Also it might sound surprising as it was to me but Dr Campbell said its not necessary for me to massage my breast since he was very precise during surgery and the implants are sitting exactly where He wants them to.

I have a drainage massage setup today, Im on my way there as Im writing this review.

On a side Note My flight home went well, just a blood circulation problem at one point because I forgot to get up and walk during a long period of time. Other than that nothing to report dolls.
have a good day!


Vlog day 9 post op
Hey Doll, after my previous post I felt that I just threw a bomb on you guyz hahaha. So here are some clarifications, fyi for those who followed my journey probably realized that im a very transparent person , when I say im happy its because I am, when I say I feel like shit its probably I woke up miserable lmao, no lie I might end up being hard to follow but Im giving you the real deal, so you know you might feel that way too after surgery. Its a emotional rollar coaster .
Love, Fatou


DAY 11 Post -Op pic

Vlog about the BBL coming up later today


Update on swelling, brazilian butt lift, breast augmentation.


Hey Guys,
hahaha I felt like writing this one down but its little outta subject. Im doing it because I got questions asked about it alot by RS sisters and my friends too.

So My husband is a greaaat man I mean thats why I married him.
He has a big heart, he is very romantic. But "nurturer" wasnt really is thing... So off course I was skeptical about how things would go when I come back from Cartagena.... But damn Girls let me tell you!!!
I know He loved me the way I was before with all the flaws and all but since Im back, His attention toward me went from 50% to a 100% ????. I NEVER EVER saw him this attentionate.
Booking business travel for me, making sure im well fed all day, even bought huge orthopedic pillows to make sure I would get good night sleep. Offered me to take an extra month off work and travel with him for business (africa) I would stay 6 weeks, So I could rest there since he has a cook and a housekeeper over there.

Dr C said no sexual activities for 2 weeks lmao but I can def tell hubby is tired of waiting.
Always touching me, kissing me now (We were not big kissers to begin with) , I can catch him always staring at my new butt and the new twins even though he says he liked the way I looked before. ("Ohhhh please, you were not looking at my body this way before hahahaha)
Anyways Just a few pieces of advice,
If you decide to do plastic surgery you have to do it for yourself and not the man you're with, because god forbbid.. no relations last forever.
Second piece of advice, please remember that cosmetic surgery is to improve the way you look but every woman is beautiful the way they are. You need to learn to love yourself first before you go and do this and Off course after you will just feel better in your skin and thats what make you freaking attractive. When you feeling yourself others can feel it to :)

Please remember that Plastic surgery is not a Miracle that will fix whats broken inside.
If you dont love yourself, Cosmetic surgery wont fix that for you.
And ladies!!!! In order to not be disappointed, dont set unrealistic expectations LOL.



Hello Dollies ,
so for those of you asking about my Breast implants. I looked up my Implants ID. The style is TSX-310
Natrelle Inspira
Extra-Full Projection
Round Shape
Soft touch silicone gel
310 cc




This vlog was my day 18 post op, but the internet was so slow over here I couldnt upload it -_-'. Welcome to Africa.
So I have to be honest with you dollies, I've been a very bad girl. I didn't wear my faja all day (17-18 post-op) I drank lots of champagne on the flight and in Accra, also had no so healthy meals.. not fast food but still.... I do feel very bad :(
Today is day 19 post op but Im getting back to the right track no more cheating.
I seriously want to go on a cleanse Im freaking out with all the wheat/carbs I ate, and the sugar, and Oh gosh....
Cant wait to start working out. Surprisingly when I woke up this morning, my Faja was looser on me ... Quite surprising.
But that moment you eat like a pig and the stomach is still flat after dinner though lolll ( ok Lets not make it a habbit.)

3 Weeks Post Op

3 Weeks Post-Op
Hello my dollies!
This is my Update on my 3 weeks post op. Not much changes, except swelling that came down a lot and I can wear my Faja on the thightest hook so I will be switching to XS very soon.

I've Been a bad girl for 2 days (did not wear the faja on the plane and when I arrived in Africa because I was too swollen to begin with and I also spent the day at the pool to flash the new body lollll hubby wouldnt let me walk alone) but Im doing my best to get back on track. I havent start excercising yet but I still go for walks. I will be in Africa for 4 weeks or so then Bali, koh samui or Mauritius for our wedding anniversary. I really wanted to go to koh samui but apparently its rainy seasons.
I will make sure to post some pics!
I probably wont be able to post as much because the internet is shitty here but I will do my best.
Au revoir xox

Day 22 Post Op VS June 14 2015

The day I woke up and decided to throw the bad habbits out of the window and become the best version of me :
- Start exercising
- Eating healthy
- Reduce Alcoolic consumption
- Quit Smoking
- Seek plastic surgery


Hello dollies,
I miss so much vlogging to you guyz. But it's so hard to do so with Monrovia internet connection.
Im finally posting my one month Post-Op pics so you guys can see the changes... not much since my 3weeks post op, or if there is I dont see them.

As I mentioned, Im still in Monrovia,
It is so hard to keep the same lifestyle as back home because we dont have access to the same food over here, there is no gyms, Its rainy season which make my daily walks impossible, and Most of the regular things I would consume are imported over here which is why they are overpricy (10$US just for salad wtf), no Almond milk , finding nice veggies is very difficult, here people eat lots of meat/fish/poultry with rice.

In two weeks I will be going to Bali (1 week) with a layover in Dubaï (1 day) , Singapour (2 days) and kuala lumpur (1 day) !!! Soo exciteeed.
Then once I get home I will start working out again and go back to my healthy regimen.

Im wearing my faja everyday but I'm still sore in my lipoed areas.
I started my scar treatments (ScarAway silicone sheet + ScarAway silicone gel )

I'm Extremely satified with my breast augmentation, so is my husband hahaha He loves them tits.
Liking what I see in the mirror, nice hourglass figure with a small waist. BUT Real talk Im just a bit disappointed with my butt, I was really hoping to have more projection. Lot of swelling has gone down, yes My butt has improved a little in terms of fullness in the upper part, but roundness wise and projection wise not really I lost way too much volume. So When I compare before/after (side view) Im ending up with the exact same projection.

I might go for a round 2 Brazilian butt lift in 4 months (thinking villallobos in Cali baby), this surgeon has magic hands when it comes to BBL from what I saw on Instagram. Also have a friend who's going this month so we'll see.

So those are my pics lollll photoshoot in the bedroom.


5 Weeks Post Op - Scars treatments & Fajas update

Helloo dolls,
just a quick update! Im on my 5 weeks post op. No complications, the scars under my breast are healing nicely, they were a bit raised at first but now I really do see the improvements with the ScarAway silicone gel & sheets.
So after I shower in the morning I put the silicone sheets, and before bed time I wash the area again then apply the silicone gel.

I don't wear my fajas 24/7 as I used to because the sizes I brought with me (Medium) are no tight enough even on the thightest hook , the XXS is too tight sooo yeah... fail. Plus I did not find a store where i could buy compression garments here in Monrovia. My lipoed areas are way less sensitive than before, my stomach still isnt flat, I guess the food I eat doesnt really help my case... Im not proud of myself. I hope I wont f up too much my results because of the way I eat. But I can def tell I put on a few pounds. I cant help it, I have nothing much to do here fml.

Im really excited to leave for my wedding anniversary next week, then once I get back to canada I will start my healthy regimen. Maybe its not too late to have perfect results since it can take up to 6 months to have the final results.. so yeah I'll try to remain positive hahaha.
So thats about it...
Au revoir!

Weight gain Comparaison

So Me & my collage, those gave you a hard dose of reality check and also motivation.

I did a collage of the me 1 month ago VS me now . I dont know how much weight I put on and I did not measure my waistline ( I swear I cant even fin those ressources here) .

So please tell me what y'all think? Did I mess up my recovery or are they still chances for me to have q smaller waist line & complete flat stomach if I put my mind into it.... (as Of november though ) ???
I had 1 month of laissez-Aller. (Let myself go)

Bad-bad-bad but once again so hatd to keep it together here. anyways.... Really though? what do you guys think? Anybody experienced weight gain then weight loss right after bbl/lipo and still have nice results?


Update on my 6 weeks post-op

- Breast Augmentation
- Stomach, Back, Flank, Inner
thighs Lipo
- Brazilian Butt Lift

FML I really did gain Weight

I can see it in my arms and my thighs, my hips are 2inch bigger , my waist maybe half a inch more than last time I measured myself..
Waist: 28 inch
Hips: 41inch
I really need to stop obsessing over this. F*** it, im done obessessing about my Weight....
"Adviendra ce qu'il adviendra" .
-__-', 2 more weeks then back to healthy habbits.

BBL post Op

Ok ladies, just a Fyi, the "fluffin" is real! Im back from my trip and here are some pictures.

More Vacations pics - Almost 2 months post op

Before/After 2 months post op

Hello dolls,
Im Over All very satisfied with my results, just wished My lower stomach was completly flat and my butt a tiny bit bigger (more projection) . But!! still very happy with my new body. Feel so much more confident and sexy in my clothes. I def recommend Dr Campbell practice, he did a great job. Everything went smoothly, my recovery was excellent, minimum down time, their post op care is also fabulous.
Now I still have work to do, go back to the gym and tone up that body and lose the extra fat See if I can squat the butt of my dream hahaha. (considering round 2 BBL if it doesnt work)

I like to do collages so here are my comparaisons pics me before vs me today.
- Breast Augmentation (310cc
Cohesive gel)
- Stomach, flank, back, inner
thighs Lipo
- BBL (500 cc per cheek)
Will post back on my 6 months post Op. Dont hesitate to msg me if you have questions.
love, xox

Little update on the bra size

went bra shopping for the first time today.
So the lady took my measure and im a 32DD now. I was a 34B preop.

Long Overdue pics updates

Hey y'all!
So I know its been awhile.
I just wanted to post a quick update.
Since my surgery I've gained 15-20 pounds unfortunately. I weight about a 160Lbs (5'5) now....

Work has been crazy and I havent been working out or watching what I eat. I should get back to it pretty soon. (I've been saying that for the past few months) HOWEVER!!!
Im still very happy with my look.
You can see that my stomach looks so much better than before.
Its not totally flat, but would probably be If I was working out.

Quick update

Hi dolls,
I haven't updated in awhile.
But im just posting picture so you can see where Im at.
everything settle nicely, I weight 156Lbs (gained about 10 in the past year)
I havent done much working out to be honest.
My boobs dont even look like I had them done, they look super natural now.
I guess I will be giving a detailed update soon and I will show you everything .
Kisss xox
Colombia Plastic Surgeon

So Far Very satisfied with everything. The Communication with his office is great. I've spoken to the Doctor about my procedure and I really felt like I can trust him to give me the body I'm looking for. He was reassuring and somewhat He also made me feel confident about my body.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
4 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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