39 Year Old, 4 Kids, Mommy Makeover: TT/BA/BBL/mini arm lift/lipo; Deformed Since 120+ Lb Weightloss - Cartagena, Colombia

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I need a body transformation since my 120+...

I need a body transformation since my 120+ weightloss. I asked God to help me figure out what was wrong with me. Ten years later, He helped me discover that I have food sensitivities that cause inflammation in my body which would manifest itself as weight gain, arthritis, skin conditions, and brain fog, etc. If I stayed away from gluten, I felt better after a couple weeks or so.

Change of plans

I got to Cartagena on June 24th to see Dr. Campbell. He suggested that I have my inner thighs sculpted instead of a bbl because I didn't have enough fat to inject in my rear. Instead of the mini armlift, he did a full brachioplasty, extended TT(hip to hip), & breast augmentation w/ 525cc gummy bear implants. Surgery was on the 27th. After Dr. Campbell washed me with iodine, I mentioned that I had been praying for him, his wife, & the rest of the support team....that God would guide their hands during the surgery. He said that a woman stopped him during his morning run & said that she was praying for him today also. God is good all the time! I felt good the next morning & I put my makeup on for some normalcy. He & his staff were very attentive during my stay in Colombia w/frequent visits to my hotel room. I had a couple appts at his office w/ Dr. Orozco while both Dr. Campbell & his wife, Dr. Carolina Restrepo went out of town for a couple of days. I felt very comfortable w/him too. On the last day, Dr. Campbell flew in early to see me before I left to go home. He & his staff were very helpful in setting things up for us even outside of having plastic surgery ie: laser eye surgery consultations, dental appts, & sleep study, etc

Dr. Alex Campbell and Dr. Carolina Restrepo. I have had 2 over-the-phone consultations with Dr. Campbell. He made me feel very comfortable. I researched other Drs, but kept coming back to him. I love the fact that he and his wife can do twice the amount of surgery in the same amount of time as other surgeons, at an affordable price. The best part is, my boyfriend and I get a vacation also!

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