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I've considered BA for a very long time now. I was...

I've considered BA for a very long time now. I was always concerned what others would think if I had it done though. Finally I have realized it didn't matter what others thought, it would be for me not others. I am making myself happier & more confident in myself it didn't matter what others thought. So a few weeks ago I went for my consultation and I decided I wanted to go through with the surgery. I will receive 325cc moderate plus profile implants (my doctor said this would for my body best) we are doing silicone implants and they will be placed under the muscle. I am very e cited but nervous for my upcoming surgery.

Before photo, getting nervous for surgery

I'm really hoping that I can go back to work 48 hours after the surgery as my dr has suggested in a hairstylist and I'm worried about the pain...

Post op appointment

Yesterday I had my postop appointment I talk to my doctor about going up a little bit in size because I am worried that 325 mL will be too small he retook my measurements and then later decided that 325 is probably the largest I can go right now.my skin would be too tight and I may incur stretch marks if I went larger right now. We went ahead and ordered 325cc moderate plus profile mentor memory gel implants. I'm getting closer and closer to surgery I believe I only have 12 days left!!

5 days until surgery!!!

I'm starting to get nervous. I'm really worried that 325cc is going to be a lot smaller than what I want... I'm afraid I'll have to end up getting a revision..-

Final countdown!

Surgery is in 12 hours! I'm so excited & a little nervous I don't think it's completely hit me that I'll have boobs tomorrow!!! ????

Got my bobbies today!

My doctor was running about and hour and a half behind today do to another surgery so the suspense and amenity really built up before surgery. Ignore me looking like a crazy person the medicines from surgery made me pretty sick... ???? , I guess I kept waking up so that had to give me a lot, I even tried to get out of the bed I guess lol so they had to put up bumpers and pass on the bed.. ???? I dont remember any of it... I woke up in a lot of pain and just remember crying saying it hurt, my fiancé was amazing and helped sooooo much! I tried to eat crackers and drink Sprite but I kept getting sick, the nurses were amazing and stayed late and helped me so much. They let me stay until I felt comfortable heading home. I got sick on the way home also.. /: finally home from the surgery center though, my fiancé set up everything for me and got my medicine ready for tomorrow. Right now I'm getting ready for bed, he helped me get situated and comfortable. I think my fiancé already loves them ???? but boy, I'm in quite a bit of pain.... ????


Felling a little better today just really sore, only taking ibuprofen now. My throat is sore from the tube during surgery. Been icing a lot and trying to move around.


I'm feeling much better! Not a lot of pain just pressure and lower back pain from sleeping propped up. It feels so nice to have boobs!

SpongeBob square boobs ????

I have square boobs ???? they need to drop ASAP lol it's driving me crazy.

19DPO worried about capsular contracture ????

Today I was 19dpo. I realized after taking a picture that my left side is still much higher and also has an indent under the breast when I'm standing straight, I'm not sure if that is the pocket my implant should fall into or not but I'm worried about CC.????

Still have the indent but it's dropping some with lots of massaging!

Finally started to drop some on the left side. I started to wear that side on my sports bra above the breast and it seems to be pushing it down some! Unfortunately the indent is still there though..

About 5 weeks post op

I'm experiencing more dropping and fluffing by my left side is still higher and I still have the indention under it. I got sized a 32dd at Victoria's Secret so I was excited lol

Almost 7WPO feeling much better about how they look!

Finally evening out and fluffing! Also found these awesome reusable nipple covers called nippies!

Almost 8WPO

Thought they were evening out but now I'm worried that one implant is larger than the other and my left pocket seems like it is not opening for the implant to drop all the way ????????
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