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Hello All, I am so excited to have found this site...

Hello All, I am so excited to have found this site. I have gotten a lot of comfort reading about everyone's journey. So my story starts like this: pregnant at 17, 10lb baby c-section. I have very large breast 36DDD. They look at the floor, yuck! I am 5 foot tall and weigh 143. I have lost 40 lbs this past year. So time for a reward. Hoping to have breast reduction and TT. Just scheduled my surgery for April 16th. Will check in more the closer to time for sx .

No change in weight!

Geesh, still no change in my weight. So frustrating. I am going to decrease calories by 500/day and increase water. Not sure I can manage more then 60 min workouts 6/week. Can't believe I am 4 weeks from surgery!!

Feeling frustrated...

I feel so frustrated, weight just won't budge. I didn't feel the desperation to lose weight until this week. Ok enough whining, get going! Btw, some pre pics

Weight is slow to go away!

Hello All,
I continue to workout, eat clean except my addiction to diet soda. I drink about 2 cans a day and a 20oz coffee in the morning. Rest of day is water, about 32 -40 oz. I hope to lose at least 1/2lb this week. You see, I lose wt. very slowly and can get frustrated at times. I jog 2-3 x/week and do a boot camp class 3x/week. I am focusing on building muscle strength in back, arms and legs. I have made a lot gains in lifting/strength training this past month.
Any suggestions on protein intake? I hate Greek yogurt but regular is ok. I noticed Special K drinks have 10g of protein and about 200 calories.
I guess my weight will be what it will be but I sure would like to be 130's before sx

Dr reviews

I have been looking for reviews of Dr. Grassee work, unable to find anything. So If you know where to go to read some doctor reviews I would appreciate it.

Feeling a little nervous today!

I am reading (really stalking, lol) reviews on here and seen som fabulous results. I just keep looking at my tummy and thinking, how can this mess get flat! I hate to think I will go through all this and not have the flat smooth stomach I dream about.

One last thing for today!

I found some Greek yogurt that I can eat. It has 12 grams of protein and 80 calories, so much better than the 200 calorie Special K drink.

Yippee, 1/2 pound down

Hello lovely ladies! Now I know a 1/2 pound is not all that much, but for me it is awesome. I lose weight slowly in spite of 5-6 day per week gym work outs. Cutting out an extra 500 calories is difficult since I eat about 1400 calories per day. So yes, I am excited for 1/2pound :)!!!
Went to PS office yesterday and spoke with nurse Tricia. She was wonderful at explaining things. Since I am an RN I think I asked questions a little differently, lol.
Most comforting was getting to know exactly PS would prescribe after surgery and the after care instructions. I now feel ready to take on this awesome new adventure!!


Hello ladies,
I just want to say that I am so thankful for this site. It has been a stressful day. Work issues had me contemplating canceling surgery. Then the dreaded money woes. I told my husband I might reschedule for later date because money is getting tight. He said "oh no we are not!" Then I realized maybe I was looking for excuses to cancel/reschedule. So came to my comfort place (RS) and feel much better. Thank you to everyone for sharing their journey, it really does make a difference.

Head Cold, ugh!!!!

Hello beautiful ladies! I have such a bad cold, yep runny eyes, runny nose, cough, geesh!!! However on bright side it is unlikely I will get another cold prior to surgery :). Also, the most exciting part of the day was ordering my lift chair. 30.00 per week rental! They were very nice and waived deposit fee because I only needed for 2 weeks. Oh yeah, I also got my FMLA paper work back from PS so I can turn that in as well. See you all later, happy healing :).

Trying to use this daily

Husbands are so funny!

Well at least he thinks he is funny,lol. He said to "do you realize you have four weeks from today until your surgery?" Let's see, buying MOM, front closure bras, CG, washing clothing and putting in specific basket so he will know where to go to get what I need, and oh yeah did I mention the count down clock on my iPhone!! Yes honey, I know exactly how long until my surgery, lol. I just smiled and said yep getting closer. I think he is getting nervous. TTYL

3 Weeks and counting.....

Hello all you lovely ladies. I have 3 weeks until my makeover. I have so much to do! I have lost another 1/2 pound, so yeah me! I have been working out at least 5 days a week. Trying to really watch my diet. I also set an alarm on my phone calendar so I will stop taking advil 2 weeks prior. I take advil daily so this should be really interesting. Going back and forth with renting an electric recliner, I have 3 regular recliners already. But I like the idea of being able to stand up without my hubby pulling on me :). Well that is all. Please keep posting everyone, your stories are a true inspiration to us all!!

Workout & Money

Hello All,
Very excited to report that I made 5 day work out. Resting tomorrow, going to dinner with hubby :). And the biggest news, yep my money is in the savings account awaiting distribution next week. Such relief now that I know the money has been saved up. Getting very excited!

Las Vegas Baby!!

Hello all you lovely ladies,

I am officially 13 days away from being on flat side. I paid all my fees yesterday. Wasn't painful! Now I have a nursing conference in Vegas next week, so I hope that keeps me busy. I have lost 2lbs since I started posting on here, weigh 141. Lowest I have been since Grad school.
Maybe I will win a little in Vegas (highly doubtful).
Had my preop discussion with the PS nurse, she is very funny and said "I hate having nurses as patients, they are the worst" while we both were busting out laughing. I asked her if my Dr. was on call the weekend after my surgery, she had to go check. She said she has never been asked that question before, lol. I know crazy nurses! Going to start packing tomorrow since I leave Saturday. Me and some girlfriends are going to hang out a few days before the conference starts. I will be stalking everyone's reviews as usual and will post again prior to sx. Keep your fingers crossed for me that I don't gain weight next week! Btw, I WILL workout everyday except Saturday.

No money, Vegas sucks lol

Hello all
1 week until sx. Keeping busy here in Vegas. Trying to be healthy, but is hard to do here. A few glasses of wine and 1 milk shake! Salads everyday for lunch. Now supper has been not so great, steak and lobster, yum or hamburger ( did split with my friend). Work out has been ok, only 3 times. But water intake has been very good! Well that is all ladies.

Home from Vegas!

Hello all you lovely ladies! I got home from Vegas at 2am, nope not a winner,lol. Had a great time with friends. I have not weighed my self yet but I know I gained over the week. That is OK! Took my mind off of the upcoming sx. Well 4 days to go, time to get nervous! Post again soon.

Getting stuff together!

Hello all,
Just returned from going to grocery store, Kmart and CVS. I think I have prepared as much as I can, lol. Now to do laundry and clean the house ( my least favorite thing to do). I have been trying to find the tummy boards on amazon and not having luck. If any of you ladies can help I would appreciate it! Just Monday and Tuesday left and then off to sx on Wednesday. Wishing everyone happy healing.

Tomorrow is the BIG day!

Hello all you lovely ladies,

Tomorrow is the big day. I am nervous, I won't lie :). I stayed home today to do laundry, last few dishes etc... I am prepared. My main worry is getting up from the recliner. I am extremely independent and you have no idea how much I truly dread relying on anyone!! Oh well, I must suck it up and whatever is necessary. I will try to post tomorrow. I will be staying over night and coming home on Thursday. Any and all prayers and positive thoughts will be appreciated.

On my way!!!

On my way to surgery center. Update you all as soon as I can :)

Made it home!

Hello all,

I made it home about an hour ago :)
Pain is tolerable! TT is very sore with some muscle cramping. Incisional site burn.
I stayed over night in surgical center. Best money I have ever spent!
Will update more later


Hello All
Just peed for the 4th time:). I can do must things, however, I can't get out of recliner. Part of the reason is because I'm barley 5ft. Will update later. Keep falling asleep :)

Percocet on hold

Percocets make me itchy! Going to trying hydrocodone. Soreness has left but pain quickly followed. Pics when I get a chance.


Hello all,
I feel much better than yesterday. The medication makes me very sleepy. Nothing new to report :)

3 days postoperative

Hello, feeling pretty yucky. Moving a lot better by myself, still no POO!
I really appreciate all you ladies postings. I know I am on target with healing. But jeeze a little relief would nice.
Ladies this process is intense so be prepared. I have not had horrible pain but a lot of discomfort. Pretty comparable to C -section. This will only be temporary.
Again, thank you all for the information. It does help to know what to expect.


Freaking out

Please look at this incision. It is not bleeding or draining, and no pain! What do you ladies think is going on.?

Maybe turning corner

Hello All,

Well I am 4th day post op. It has been a journey so far. Hopefully today will be better. I actually went and poo :). Going to attempt a shower later. Prayers for everyone. My only complaint is stinging in my breast.

I've had it!!!!!

Hello all you lovely ladies. I am so thankful to have a place devoted to us. I have read many,many reviews. Been very prepared and thankful that I have this opportunity. However, tonight I've had it! I can't sleep, nauseated, dizzy, low grade temp, and pain ( not discomfort)! My breast feel like they are stinging (no drainage) and I can't get comfortable in any bra. The CG is a torture device, yep I said it, it is literally torturing me. I took that damn thing off! Tried to sleep in my bed and nope not happening. Now since I have read so many postings from all you ladies, I new what was coming on. Yes, WTH did do this to myself? And most stupidly paid good money to be in this misery. Rationally I know this will pass, but right now I would happily go back in time and buy myself a Louis Vuitton hand bag instead of new boobs and flat stomach. Ok, I feel slightly better. Hopefully tomorrow will be a good day. Goodnight ladies.

Feeling better

I am feeling better. I got pain under control (should not try to come off narcotics to quickly). Still sore, but I can live with soreness, not like last night. Felt like breasts were going to fall off.

Each day is better

Each day is better. More energy and less discomfort. Working on sleeping in my bed. Husband went back to work yesterday, so been on my own. No problems except I can't reach microwave :). Still a lot of swelling in abdomen. Wearing my TD (CG). Weight is same as presurgery. No new pics yet because nothing has changed. Follow up appointment Thursday:).

Nothing to do but update! Lol

It is me again. I have been reading a lot of reviews and know that this journey would have been so much more difficult without the information that you ladies share. So being a little older (47), I wanted to share my advice. You must workout prior to sx! I spent a minimum of 5 days a week at the gym. I focused on cardio, back extensions, leg press, squats and upper body strengthening. I know it diffently made a difference. I have no low back pin, even though I walk stooped over. My legs are incredibly strong and squat to pick things up with out any pain. I was doing 200 squats a day and 50 full body push ups. I was planking 3-4 minutes at a time. I have picked up so many tips from ladies on here, ie... Miralax, MOM,recliners etc... So my one advice I want to share is strength training. I have had multiple surgeries in the past and this should have been the most difficult. Not that this has a breeze, see my I've had it update, but in general I know I am doing so well because of the amount of time I put in physical prep. Keep healing lovely ladies and if you are pre surgery work out like a mad demon,lol.

Follow up tomorrow

Well crap, I had a pretty long update with things I suggest and it deleted itself, WTH!! Anyway, going for my follow up tomorrow and will let everyone know how it went tomorrow evening. Good night ladies.

Follow up

Hello Ladies,
I had my follow up appt today. PS says I am ahead of the curve, healing, moving etc...so be careful not to over do! I can now drive. My drain was removed, no big deal, stung for about 30 seconds and that was it. Still have lifting restriction. PS said she was pleased and would see me in 10,days. I did get the ok walk on treadmill, slowly.
Weighed myself before my appointment. Was 142 pre OP and 137.5 today ! Yeah me :). My goal wt. is 125. I have not seen the 130s in a decade.
Went out to lunch and got tired and sore. Home and getting ready for a nap.
Thank you to all you wonderful ladies for sharing your journey. I picked up so many "tips & tricks" that has made this an almost pleasant journey.
So if you are "stalking" like so many of us did in our early stages, lol, please share. It is so helpful. Happy healing and prayers for us all!


I just love reading all the reviews and think "I won't be like that". Well yep, I have had a weepy day today. Absolutely no reason!!
Well I love my right boob! My left boob has "side boobage" which the PS said I stll have swelling. So I know I am only on day 9 so I tell myself to give it time to all sort out. Funny when I was reading reviews prior to surgery I would think "it is only your day 6, 7, 8, ect..." and now I find myself doing the same thing.
One question for all you lovely ladies. How tight should my CG be? I can breathe, take deep breath ok, but it is just very tight. Any thoughts??


Random pics

11 days post op

Hello Ladies,
Well I have made it to day 11! Went out to lunch with sis- in- law yesterday. Out for about 3 hours and came home and took 2 hr nap :). I ate all my lunch, husband came home and fixed a great supper, steak and baked potatoes. Had a small glass of wine. Ok, I was totally miserable! Nauseated and vomited, lesson learned, can't eat a ton :). So back to healthier eating, fresh strawberries for breakfast. Still SORE, cut back on Vicodin. Took 1/2 pill before lunch outing, 1/2 pill when I got home and the 1 at bedtime. Going to try 1/2 pill before outing today, Advil after and 1 at bedtime. I had such a bad experience early on that I am being cautious :). No physical changes yet. Tip of the day, get the wedge pillow from amazon. About 30.00 dollars (free shipping). I move it around in so many positions and has been extremely helpful in sleeping.

Day 13

Hello all,
Continue to heal. Spent about 6 hours in car yesterday. Swelling took over after about 4 hours. My breast are very uncomfortable. The stinging in nipple area is very annoying. But upside, I have full sensation :).

One thing I have been reflecting on, my results. Not really sure what I was expecting, prebaby body ( unlikely, since that pregnancy was at 16), normal body (don't know what that is, since never experienced it), so what is my expectations? I haven't decided yet. However, so far I am satisfied, and my hubby is too. My boobies no longer lay on my stomach, stomach is 1000x better, so I believe this process has been "worth it" :)

Black really is slimming, lol

Soooo Tired

Well I taught my class tonight. Felt so ready on my drive there, so tired now. I am surprised. So happy I took 6 weeks off from full time job. Could I do it, yes, just glad I don't have to. Moral of this story, take as much time off as you can. Happy healing Ladies.

Nothing new

Hello all,
Recovered from last night. Cannot believe how tired I was. I slept until 9 am. Plus took a 45 min nap before I took my grandson to his baseball game. I think I have tried to stop Vicodin to soon. So I took 1/2 tab about 8 hours apart and feel so much better. One thing I have noticed is a stinging pain in my right nipple. Well I know this normal because of all the great communication that is on here. I can't express enough how much you ladies have helped me in my preparation and recovery. So thankful for you ladies sharing your journey.


Well not what we ladies normally get excited about but.... I sneezed with no PAIN.. just little pressure. I started to panic when I felt it coming on. Pleasant surprise.
Question for my RSF, I have pain in upper abs, right below breast bone. I think it is from muscle repair, but it is swollen and painful. The rest of my MR does not feel this tender/painful. Ideas ladies.
Thanks, happy healing to all.

Just for fun!

Thought I would try new suit. Top is Lg. and bottom is size 8. Now some of you youngins' (lol) may not be so impressed, but I sure was. As you can see, I'm not a small framed 5 ft. I have a very muscular frame, lot's of gymnastics when I was young. I currently weigh 134, which is 7 lbs down from pre sx weight.

Post OP appointment today

Hello all you Beauties!
I just had another follow up appointment. Every thing is healing well. She assured me that my "square boob" would "fluff" out over time. Took out some sutures. A little pinchy in BB area but not painful.
Now I have to say, being a nurse I put my own steri-strips on my surgical sites after my first shower. Just wanted to make sure everything stayed closed :). My PS told me to quit it, lol, or I was never going to get them off. Of course I am now just shy of 3 weeks so everything is healing up really well. She did pull off all the steri-strips from TT incision. Hers and mine :). I fell so fortunate to be healing up so wonderfully. I thank God daily. A little bump was Hgb was 10.8, which was contributing to some of my tiredness. So I have to increase some iron intake.
I have been cleared to exercise except for Pec muscles and abdomen exercises. Will start tomorrow. Let you all know how it goes. :)


Hello All,

I walked on treadmill at 1.8 for 30 minutes :). I even got a little glisten going, lol. I want to describe how I felt. The first 5 minutes I was a little apprehensive. Settled in to a walk, heart rate slight above resting rate. If you workout using perceived exertion I would rate at about a 3-4. Not much but made me so happy. After about 20 minutes I was feeling pretty good. Heart rate steady and no discomfort. At 25 minute mark I was starting to get a little tight in the abdomen area and a little pinching feeling in my incision. I had set for 30 minutes so I knew I would finish. So after 30 minutes I felt fine, funny a little nervous feeling but physically ok.
I then done some bicep curls with a whooping 3 lb weight :). Then I went to grocery store. Whew, I came home and did a few household tasks. I am now sitting in my recliner. I feel a little tired and my abd incision feels a like it is pulling slightly. My breast incisions (bottom) feel a little irritated. I will have to be sure to wear cotton bra tomorrow.
I hope my update helps someone else to slowly exercise if they have been cleared by PS. Happy healing ladies.

Exercise update

For those of you that are wondering, yes I have swelling. I am experiencing the most swelling I have had. No worries, I was expecting this from reading all you wonderful ladies update. Do not let this deter you, just want to have full transparency on the process. I will update tomorrow :).

Yummy lunch

To pretty not to share, lol. Dannon light & fit greek yogurt and strawberries. Only 100 calories!! Plus 12g protein.

Today's experiences

I have had a wonderful day. I was a little concerned I might be more swollen from exercising yesterday. No, I woke up the same. But I did sleep better last night so I know I done enough to help me sleep.
I got up and actually went to McDonalds for egg mcmuffin sandwich. Here is my tricks, I don't really like Canadian bacon so have them leave that off, but here is my most genius move, absolutely no butter. They typically drench the English muffin in butter. So I request no butter and no Canadian bacon. I have a friend that is a Registered Dietician and she believes that those 2 things being left off is about 100 cal. So my modified sandwich is about 200 calories.

Ok so on to today's review. I got up, had to drive 45 min to pay property taxes. Then my hubby needed a carpet piece for his horse trailer. Drove another 45 min to get that. Went gym for my 30 min walk. Felt the same as yesterday, maybe my calves were a little tight but not significant. Kept treadmill at 1.8. Funny side note, most of the same people go to the gym, so I have been working out for a year with these people. I was the balls to the walls type when in gym, so when they seen me yesterday and today you could tell they were wondering what was going on, just struck me funny seeing them glance at me side ways, lol.
Next I had to pick grandson up from school, go to 3 places in town to pay bills. Help hubby pack up motor home ( he is going on a boys weekend camping trip with buddies), so I of course had to get sheets, towels, pillows, utensils and other crap we take out at end of season and put back in. Then we went to grocery store for his food (my son is going also). Now I have felt fine all day, but when we left the grocery I started shaking and sweating. Felt an overwhelming tiredness. WTH was going on??? I took me a minute to realize I had not taken anything for pain the entire day, no Advil, no Tylenol or pain med! My breast were stinging, my TT incision felt it was pulling and my legs were tired. Came straight home took pain pill, yep a whole pill and took shower and now laying in bed. My body is not ready to be without some type of analgesic. I will be more diligent tomorrow.
Sorry for the long post. Just hope some one benefits from my experiences. Good night all you beautiful ladies!

Time for an update!

Hello all you lovely ladies,
I went to gym today, yay! I walked on treadmill at level, wait for it, 2.2! Felt amazing, no anxiety. I did bicep curls with 3lb weights. I am being very careful and taking it extremely slow. Being a nurse, I have seen so many start out after any type surgery doing to much. I drove for 5 hours yesterday, i was really swollen. Incisions look better everyday. Can't wait until I feel comfortable with breast incisions. Worry my incision will open and my nipples fall off. Of course rationally I know that is not going to happen, but I still obsess a little over the "girls". New pic. Swollen but you can see i am healing????. Have a great day ladies. If you just had surgery, REST! If you are waiting for surgery get on those leg squats, lol.

Just FYI

Hi ladies, just throwing this out there. I do not use cover ups on my photos. I do not show my face. I just feel this is plastic surgery site and if some one is offended by seeing my nipples or my pubic area they can pass up reading my posts. I am very comfortable with the human body, including my own. Maybe it is because I am a nurse (for over 20 years) and I have the body in all its glory and agony. I just want everyone to know why I chose not to use cover ups! Happy healing ladies.

This is the one!

Well ladies I have never bought a bikini, not even when teen. So here is the one I decided on.


First off, happy Mother's Day to all you wonderful women.
I stumbled across a tip that I feel is to valuable not share.
If you have some bras that were to tight or cups were wrong size just remove the underwire and you can still use them. I had about 5 bras stuck in bottom of drawer that I had not been able to wear. I cut out the wire and they fit pretty decent for this phase. I also have a flexeeze corset that I couldn't wear because wire would irritate under breast (I'm short), took those wires and now wearing my binder. I want to be clear, this was not my idea, but wanted to pass it along.

Exercise update

Hello Ladies,
I did 60 min of exercise today. :). I walked on treadmill for 45 min at 2.5 and incline of .5. Felt pretty good. No incision pulling or pinching. I did some leg exercises (lightest weight). I did 50 squats, that was pretty challenging, lol. I finished with 3 lb wt of shoulder workout and 5 lb bicep curls and tricep work. I left the gym a little shaky but felt accomplished. I will be 4 weeks post op on Wednesday.
Now the bigger question, how did I feel a few hours later? I have been very tired! To me I feel like I did about 16 months ago when I started going to gym faithfully. Just that feeling of working my body. Yes I am swollen but I knew that was going to be the process.
No nap today, trying to wean myself off naps, lol. I just need to get this appetite under control before I start gaining weight.


My upper abdomen is very sore. You forget how much you use your core muscles. I also snipped off a few stray sutures.

Squats hurt

Hello all
You ladies will probably be so happy when I go back to work and won't have much time to post, lol.
But anyway, squats hurt! Yep I done 50 squats yesterday and my legs feel it today. I know I am sick, but I love that soreness. I know I am working muscle. I plan to work up to 200 aday again but will only add 25-50 per week.
I have this weird thing where I have sagging skin on my arms, legs, calves and even forearms. I is like someone who is dehydrated. I know I am not dehydrated because I drink a lot of water and pee frequently. Just odd that I did not have prior to sx. Have any of you ladies experienced this or something similar. So strange.
No Gym today. Will go tomorrow :)

I feel so old today!

Today is my sons 31st birthday. So crazy to know that I am 47 with a 31 year old child, just crazy! I feel a little down. Not sure if it is because of his birthday or just tired of being sore and monitoring movements ect...
My muscles ache from workout yesterday, all my incision sites are uncomfortable and I can't poop.
Wow, what a pity party I have going on, lol. So amazed and thankful for this forum. I know my feelings are normal part of healing. If it wasn't for all the sharing of information on this site I would probably be a wreck.
Thank you all RSF! We need each other.


Hello all,
So today is officially 4 weeks post op. I can't believe it has been that long. First 2 week was kinda of a blur. I had big plans to do some spring cleaning and so on. Work really wants me to come back but I am putting it off :). Really they are great!
Physically I am doing great. I actually woke up and done a full body stretch this morning, WOW. My MR still is sore. Incisions do not have any discomfort. I must admit I have not really lifted anythig heavier then a gallon of milk. So guess it is time to quit babbying myself and get back into real world, lol. I am waiting until my 6 week update to change my status to worth it. Just want to make sure everything is good before I change my status.
Off to the gym, happy healing ladies.

Sweat, excited!!

Hello all,
I went to gym and walked on treadmill at 3.5 and incline of 2.0. I actually broke a sweat! so excited. I am taking it very easy. Especially with weights. I have only used 7.5 lb weights. I done 75 squats as well. Starting to get better each day. If you haven't surgery yet please workout, it does help. If you have had surgery, take it easy. Women are so used to being "super" everything we over do it :). Every time I get on RS I am thankful for all you ladies. Reading your jouney's has been so inspiring and informative. I would have been lost through this process with out all you RSF. I will post pics next Wednesday when it has been my 5 week anniversary, lol.


Hello All,
I am so relieved! I just looked up my insurance claim for my BR and it was PAID! Even though I had done prior approval with insurance company I was really worried they would get bill and deny. This has been weighing on my mind for a while now. I just feel so relieved. I feel like I can now enjoy my results!
I need to get back to work because my eating is really poor. I think I was focused on healing so my appetite was kept in check. However, this past week has sucked. I weigh myself daily, no weight gain yet. But you ladies know you cannot hide from the scales. I hope to be better focused tomorrow.
Btw, I did walk for 45 min at 3.5 and incline of 2.0. So I guess I can put that in the positive column. Happy healing ladies.

Possible seroma & painful breast, WTH!!!

I am so upset. I think I have a seroma forming. Area is approx 2 inches long x 1 inch wide. Very puffy, does not hurt. I am calling office tomorrow. My Issue is we are leaving on Thursday for Memorial weekend. I am supposed to return to work on Tuesday after holiday. I hope it will reabsorb on its own!
Also my left breast is very painful. I cannot lift my arm above my head with out pain. Now ladies I have a high pain tolerance and mostly have "discomfort". This is pain. Vicodin is relieving it for an hour at most. Feels like a deep burning sensation.
I have been very active the past two days getting ready for our trip. If anyone has experienced this or has a clue to why it hurts so badly please let me know.
I realize this is not my normal posts but I can't believe on week 5 (just started) this stuff would show up! Kinda bummed.

So far, so good!

Well had a really good Memorial weekend. First, thank you to all that have served our Country.
We went camping (primitive, horse back). I did not ride horses but that is ok. I walked around the State park, had a few drinks (maybe more, lol) and rested up. I have to go back to work tomorrow.
My abdomen is very swollen and girls hurt a bit, but overall doing very well.
I don't think area was seroma. Ps says it was to small to be seroma, just swollen area. I will be keeping a close eye on this!
Ladies, you will be swollen a long time! I knew this but it seems like forever, but worth it. I just keep remiding myself that this is a long process and to be patient. I would do it all over again.

Returning to work!

Hello All,
I have been at work for 2 days now. Really tired, slightly sore and abdominal swelling is the worst. I wear CG but I feel like I am going to bust at times. My breast are great, slight stinging sensation that does go away with use of Advil. I have not been to gym, bad girl right! Just so worn out after work. I am going to start back on Saturday. I feel a little discouraged due to swelling. I must admit I am tired of it! Again ladies, this is a process, know what you are getting in it, but so totally worth it :). Night-night!!!

Back to gym officially!

Hello All,

I have officially returned to my gym workout. It was awesome. I was able to jog for a half mile, walked the rest. I done all the weight machines (lower wt) and the only thing I noticed so far is abdominal swelling. I feel really good.
I could not have done this without all you ladies. The sharing of journeys is to wonderful for words.
If you are looking for info and support, this is the place.


Hello Ladies,
I have been away for awhile. Everything is going along wonderfully. No incision problems, starting fade pretty good. I am consistently at the gym. Still can't do abdominal workouts but all exercise engages your core so I am getting some work out.
Couple of things I have noticed: my abdome is extremely tight. I have pulling sensation at times. Also the abdominal stiffness is getting better. I can now stand up without doing it in stages. I have quit wearing CG. I dislike the tightness in crouch area.
Breast incisions are healing well. Still tight when I reach up. Occasionally I have some soreness in breast tissue, Advil works just fine.
I have returned to regular workouts, and this is amazing!
I have done full push ups, jogging, weight lifting etc...

I have had so many compliments since returning to work. The breast reduction was the best thing I have ever done for myself. I look slimmer since breast size has decreased. I now wear a 34C.
The only thing that I am not thrilled with is the shape of my breast. Check out my pics.
Tummy tuck still swells everyday. No changes to report on that front.
Hopefully I will get to post again next week. Bye for now

Feeling great!

Hello All,
Just a quick update. I am feeling great. Incisions are healing. I feel so fortunate that I healed so well. I did not have any areas that widened.
I ran today without discomfort and then participated in a HIIT class. Wore out but so happy that I am returning to presurgery strength and fitness. Still can't do actual abdomen work outs until July. So happy I had surgery. If you are healthy and wondering if you should do this, I say, yes, yes,yes!

3 months post op

Hello everyone,
I am officially 3 months post op. I feel great. My abdominal swelling continues, some days more so than others. :). I have gained 3 lbs, ughhhhh! Trying to get back on WW train, lol. I have not been able to run due to chronic knee injury, very frustrating. Oh well, elliptical and walking it is!!
I am truly happy with my results. I could be thinner but that is on me, not the PS.
I am posting 3 month pic. Scars are healing well. My boobs always look lopsided because of the way I hold my phone, but I assure you they are even. The rippling is from my bra. I was never able to wear front closing bras, so I love them now. Have a great week and happy thoughts to you all!'


Well hello all,

I have to confess that I am back at my presurgery weight. I am so upset with myself. My eating has been crazy!!! I am so disappointed. My surgery was really successful, so why am I sabatogging myself. The summer months are always the hardest. I hope that if I start visiting you all again, it will inspire me. Thank you for listening.

Been awhile!!!

Hello All, It has been awhile since I updated. I am doing great, scars healing great. I will have a small revision due to a small pooch in lower abdomen. Dr. feels it is a piece of fat pad. I didn't even notice, the Dr. noted area during my follow up visit. I also had botox treatment for frown lines and have been very satisfied. I just want to tell any new Realself gals to exercise prior to surgery. The strength in my legs and arms truly helped during my recovery. I am no spring chicken, so I firmly believe that being fit was instrumental in healing without complications.
I no longer have swelling but do have an occasional day that numbness of abdomen plagues me. Just weird but is further apart all the time. Good luck to all you beautiful ladies.

Just checking in!

Hello All,
Well I am 13 months post op! I am so very happy with my results. I have gained 10lbs, so I need to work on that. Scars healing nicely. I did not have the small fat pad removed. I thought, you know what, I have had awesome results, no complications etc... I am not going to push fate. However, I have had Botox in lines on forehead. Results ok, Dr. will use more next time or will have to get Juvederm in frown lines.
Side note to anyone considering surgery, go for it!! But pre-exercise is a must. Strengthen your legs and back. It made my recovery so much easier. Bye for now!
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