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I will add my photos soon as I figure out how to...

I will add my photos soon as I figure out how to get them off my LG phone. I must say I'm 46 years old and weight gain and loss as well as my age has done a toll on my face. I had watched the Lifestyle Lift infomercials dozens of times and did lots of reading on the procedure. I made an appointment with my office here in Indianapolis, Indiana. I found EVERYONE to be so nice and helpful. Everyone took the time to talk to me about the entire procedure and what to expect. I then had a follow up appointment to meet my surgeon. He was so nice and fully answered all my questions and addressed my concerns. I looked up all the information about my surgeon after my appointment and found him to be very experienced and qualified. I was happy with his work as I looked at some of his before and after pics on his website. The technicians called me a couple times before my procedure to make sure I fully understood what to expect and made sure I understood when to take my meds and such.
On the day of my surgery I have to admit I was nervous lol. I will also say everyone was so nice and professional. I had the lifestyle lift and upper and lower eye lift done. The surgery process took about 5 1/2 hours. I slept through most of it and it was for the most part painless. I took my pain meds for only 4 days after the surgery and to be quite honest I'm not so sure I actually needed more than tylenol, I took the pain meds as they made me go to sleep and kept me still with the ice wraps on lol.
I was bruised and swollen and I have to say I looked a lil worse than it actually felt. I did develope some swelling on my right eyeball which can happen to 20% of the people who have a lower eyelift at no fault of the surgeon, its just something that can happen which it is taking its time to resolve. I am 1 month post op and the eye swelling is at about half way resolved and I understand that it will resolve but may take a little time.
At this 1 month post op I can tell you I am so happy with my results. I have some tightness feeling under chin and neck area. I did have numbness in my face, ears, chin and neck. The numbness is getting better by the day. Numbness in neck is gone. Under my chin is numbness half way back now. 2 fingers width infront of my ears on the sides of my face is still numb and about the same behind the ears. Numbness of my ears themselves is gone now except there is the tingling in my earlobes so I would guess the numbness of the earlobes will be gone soon.
I have to say, to me, it was money well spent. I am feeling more like my old self if you understand what that means lol (meaning before I started looking old). I feel like I have another chance at my youth and I am thankful for such a great job my surgeon did. Me and my husband recently looked at a pic of us together from 2004 and to our surprise I pretty much looked like that now!! We are both happy with my results. Now its just a waiting game on the eyeball swelling lol.

Well here is an update I am 4 mos post op and still happy! :-)

First of all, as you all view my photos, I want you to be aware that I am 5'2" tall and weight 200 pounds after losing 30 pounds so I am a chubby girl. I wasn't always this heavy, matter of fact I used to be thin. I eat healthy so I guessing some of this weight is genetics, who knows. I had upper and lower eyes done as well as a lifestyle lift. Ok, well now on to the update and the picture posting. The eyeball swelling went down at around 2 months or so I would say. The weird thing about it was when it went away it went completely away just as quickly as it came on. I just woke up one morning and swelling in my eyeball was completely gone lol. I have had a few stitch ends poke thru my skin here and there. The ones above the ears were clipped at 1 and 2 months. The stich end that surfaced on the left side of my face just got clipped below the sking today but that being an important suture, it was no removed completely as it will dissolve on its own in a couple more months, its just not poking thru my skin now lol. To be quite honest I am really happy with my end result look. All my family and friends say if they didn't know I had it done they wouldn't be able to tell because it looks so natural.I have no numbness in my ears now nor in the sides of my face or behing my ears. No numbness in the neck or under my chin on the right side, however I still have some numbness under chin on left side. When I touch it I can just barely feel it, so its coming back just more slower than the right side did. Now don't get me wrong the muscles in neck and under chin that were tightened still feels very strange, like really tight and when I wake in the mornings it feels VERY tight and I do not have complete range of motion back yet when looking up to the sky or looking side to side but it doesn't hurt its just an odd constricting kind of feeling which I am sure with more time it will continue to get better. I am posting a pic of me back in Jan 2004 as well so you can compare as well lol. In some ways I look better now than I did 11 years ago lol

Just a little over 6 months post op Looking better and better :-)

At 6 months post op almost all swelling is now gone except for a small area under my chin on the left side which I have received so far 2 steroid shots 2 months inbetween the shots which have helped this greatly. The swelling in the soft tissue isn't really noticable to anyone when they look at me, but I notice it. I still get the tight feeling in the muscles when I wake in the mornings and some mornings I am a little bit puffy which is still within normal ranges. Numbness on the left side under the chin is getting better, I now have sensations in the area but numbish feeling is not completely gone yet, but much improved. My range of motion when looking to the sky or turning my head side to side has improved. I still have the constricting feeling along jaw and under my neck, it doesn't hurt its a just odd feeling. Overall seems as though my left side has been going through the healing process at a slower pace than the right side. None the less everything has been steady at improving and I am happy. this photo was at thankgiving time which is also 6 months post op. I must also add, My Dr. who performed my surgery Dr. Zeph is a wonderful Dr and all the staff at the lifestyle lift center have been so wonderful to me which I do thank them for taking such good care of me before, during and after my procedure!!
Carmel Facial Plastic Surgeon

I have only great things to say about Dr. Zeph. He took his time with me every step of the way and explained everything to me completely. He did an absolutely wonderful job on my face and am very thankful to him for this!

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