30's, 5'8" 155 Pounds - Breast Implants - Carmel, IN

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Well...this is weird for me. But I feel badly...

Well...this is weird for me. But I feel badly reading others profiles, even commenting, and not having anything up myself. I guess I can otherwise stay private...right?

I am 37, 5'8" tall and 155 pounds. I'm fairly strong in build, I guess. I had my son when I was pretty young and I breast fed. I didn't realize what breast feeding could do, but it truly wouldn't have mattered. I still would have done it. I have recently wondered what my "adult" breasts would have looked like, though, if I had had my son later. Just wondered.

I am a size probably 36A or 38A (try finding one of those bras!) when I gain weight, I can overfill and need to go to a 36 or 38B...which I don't fill. The weight gain isn't worth the small breast increase amount. So...doing this thing I always said I just never wanted to do. But I will repeat what I've been telling my family and what I just read on the page of a lovely lady who is getting a reduction: I just don't want to think about my breasts anymore. I'm tire of hating them, of believing (however irrationally) that I am judged by how small they are. Im tired of not allowing lights on when being intimate because I hate them so much... I just want to move on. I hate that I care about them at all! But, I do, so....

Anyway, my procedure is set for June 28. I've had my consult with Dr. Fata in Carmel, IN. Very professional, very no-nonsense. Didn't seem to have much "bedside manner" but this is an elective and surgical procedure which can by definition be dangerous. I don't need sweet and syrupy; I want knowledge, talent, skill and knowing what the heck he is doing. I believe he does! And I respect how conservative he is in sizing.

Well...that's it for now, I guess!

Almost 48 hours after..

Hello, all.

I woke up about an hour ago (2:30 a.m. here now) and thought I'd drop a quick note. Just because. :)
The surgery seems to have gone really well! Obviously it's still so early, but so far so good. I have never been under anesthesia before and don't handle sedation or pain meds well at so I was worried. They fed me to the hilt with anti nausea meds at my request and that helped but I was so weak I couldn't do a thing for myself and my poor sister had to wait for several hours after my surgery was done until I could leave.
I hate being dependent...man, but I hate it..
Much better now. I'm antsy and keep wanting to walk around, so I do. Getting better arm movement throughout the day, so I'm stoked about that. I think we all just heal differently and I thought I'd be some superwoman with it. :) Silly naive me. It really isn't terrible, though. Just achy and distracting.
As for the breasts themselves, they are definitely large! There is for sure a ton of swelling though, so no clue what they will look like. And this dumb bloating...hard to feel cute with that going on! I am still excited and can't wait to see the final (or near final) result. I'm ready to stop thinking about these things and move on!! Oh...and buy some new bras. That will be fun. :)
Here's hoping I don't develop any complications as time goes on, and the same for the rest of you! And From what I can tell so far, Dr. Fata has done a great job!
I will work up the courage to post pics soon, I promise to try and do my part as so many others have on here!


I had 400cc Mentor mod plus under the muscle. :) both sides. My left side was bigger and lower but my Dr. Did not think using different sizes was necessary. I should trust him, and do! I just am my own worst critic and always hated the size difference... Anyway, we'll see how they end up. :)


I'm really really not comfortable with uploading these. And maybe it's moot because no one will even look. But I know how much I appreciated before and after and I guess I feel like I should contribute.
Also, for what it's worth, I don't think the after photos do them justice. I know it's really early to tell, but they actually look a lot better in person. I'm happy I've done this. :)

Try some photos again...

Indianapolis Plastic Surgeon

I love having Dr. Fata as my surgeon. He was perfect. Listen...I don't know what people prefer. With me, Dr. Fata wasn't charming or chatty or a jokester or any of those things, and that ended up making me feel better about it. My vibe? He has a job to do, he will do it, he has no doubt he will do it well, he won't do anything he doesn't think it appropriate, he doesn't need you, so if you don't like it, whatever, that's fine (not like he's wanting for business), NEVER mean or rude, just feels very matter of fact. I imagine he has been in the game so long, he might forget what it feels like for us to be doubtful scared worried whatever; but I also think he's seen it all and is just like, eh...okay. He is conservative in his sizing, which I wanted. I am just shy of two weeks post. I know things can change, but I feel confident that if something goes wrong, he will do all he can to fix it. And sometimes things DO go wrong, no matter what, right? We also have to take care of ourselves post op, don't push it!! So far so good with me and I have UTMOST confidence in Dr. Fata and his very friendly, helpful staff. That's another thing, no turnaround in his office. That's notable, for sure. I love my results so far and am grateful I made the right choice with Dr. Fata.

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