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I've had a growing dislike for my nose ever since...

I've had a growing dislike for my nose ever since it became a more prominent feature on my face at 12 or 13 years old. My interest in changing my nose became more serious when I was about 16 and my wish has not changed since. I hope for a smaller more refined nose for a more feminine appearance and to compliment my other facial features instead of overshadowing them. Nervous, but equally excited!

Included photos are from my initial consultation. There were technical difficulties with the lighting/camera, so they're not great quality. I will take a profile and frontal view to upload when I get the chance.

One Week Prior!!

Only a week left before my surgery and I'm starting to get really nervous. Took a few before photos to share. Definitely not the most flattering, but I think they highlight what I don't like about my nose. Rather wide from the front and hump from the side. Bones will be narrowed, tip will be refined, profile will be straightened out, and the very top will be built up a bit.

Day of Surgery

Had my surgery this morning and I'm just starting to really come back to. So far, in an fair bit of pain and have a killer headache. I think some people really understate the potential pain/discomfort, but then again I have low threshold for pain. Included the final pre-rhinoplasty photos I took on the ride over.

It almost doesn't seem real. Have

Post-Surgery Day 1

My mother woke me up a little later than I asked so I got behind on pain meds. I feel like hell. Poor her, though, because I'm a huge PITA when I feel crummy. I'm really surprised that I've not bruised more, but I guess there is still time. You can see a difference from the side already! I won't post a frontal picture, because I'm looking a bit like piggy, but I think I've read that's normal and the tip drops?

Post-Op Day 2

Have very minimal brushing, but am very swollen. I've only looked in the mirror a few times since the surgery and am hoping to keep that to a minimum since I don't want to stress myself out over what looks less than ideal since I've got a long way to go for healing.

Having a lot of trouble getting proper sleep. Just intermittent sleep at this point and then I keep waking back up to drink water and save myself from cotton mouth. Still having a fair bit of pain/uncomfortable pressure. Keeping up on the meds, pineapple, arnica, and saline rinse.

You can really see a difference in how much my nasal bridge has been narrowed even with the cast on!

Cast off tomorrow!

So excited to get my cast off. I'm tired of being cooped up and am getting restless with the discomfort of the cast plus gunk in my nose.

Currently, I'm feeling very optimistic about everything. New nose, new year, and new opportunities. Fingers crossed that the optimism remains tomorrow. Will update with pictures afterwards.

Cast Off!

A day late, but here are pictures! Profile and 3/4 view are from yesterday, while the picture from the front is from today. I'm quite a bit more swollen today than I was yesterday.

I'm really happy with the results so far. When they first took the cast off and asked if I wanted a mirror, I said no. They laughed and said they thought that was a first. Doctor convinced me to look, so I did. First reaction? Overwhelming. More bad than good because I was caught off-guard by how different it is. I spent more time looking at it in the car and it didn't take long at all for me to warm up to it. I got chills the first time I ran my finger down it and I still can't get over how weird it is not to feel my bony nose when I go to rub my eye or just touch my face. It's... bizarre. I don't think there is any other way to describe the feeling.

Function is great. I can breathe out of both nostrils already with it being just a tad stuffy.

Can't wait to see the subtleties as swelling goes down. Very happy.

Two Month Update!

Alright, so I totally slacked on updating this.

In terms of healing, it has gone pretty well. My external stitches at the incision site didn't really do what they were supposed to and all needed a little extra help to come out (seriously ouch). The incision area, particularly on the inside of my nostrils, is still sometimes a bit irritated/itchy, but for the most part it has healed well. My bridge is still tender and yawning or similar awkward facial movements will usually result in a sharp pain. Tenderness is no longer constant, though, and kind of varies day-to-day and throughout the day.

Swelling has varied A LOT so far. Some days I feel like my nose looks just as big if not bigger than before in my tip, while other times I don't really notice. Certain angles make it look bigger than others. Swelling around my nasal bones tends to be unilateral or at least look that way.

Only minor issues I've noticed is that it feels like I might have a slight residual bump, but hopefully it won't be noticeable even when swelling is all done. Also, my radix, which was built up, feels rounded on one side while the other side is less smooth. It's only noticed when I run my finger over it and I don't see anything abnormal at all when I look in the mirror, though, so no biggie to me. No functional issues! Breathing has been great since a week or so after surgery!

So yeah, I'm still very pleased with my results. I still kind of wish that my nose were smaller, but I'm also pretty realistic given how wide/large it was to start with. A button nose and me just weren't meant to be ;). I'm okay with that, though, because I think my results still look significantly more feminine. I don't have many before pictures because I didn't like getting my picture taken and most I took myself were taken for the sole purpose of highlighting what I disliked about my nose (weird?). I impulsively deleted all of the latter after my surgery, which I kind of regret now because I wish I had more before photos to highlight the difference.
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