A Tough Choice to Be "Out of Commission" for 4+ Days, but if You Have the Time, It is Worth It!

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*Treatment results may vary

I spent $600 for my face, and another $600 for my...

I spent $600 for my face, and another $600 for my chest. Normal price is $1000 per location.

Pro - one treatment and you are done (unlike fraxel, which needs 4)
Pro - I can definitely see smoother skin one week later
Con - you are truly "down" for 4 or more days, soaking skin in vinegar every 2-3 hours.
Con - while my face peeled on day 4 and 5, as doctor estimated, my chest took a few days longer (also as my doctor estimated)

**If you do your chest, plan on wearing an accomodating shirt so you can continue applying aquafor until you are done peeling.

**You can not do the vinegar soak too much. I used a big stainless steel mixing bowl, added ice to my vinegar and water. It felt great to apply ice-cold water.

STAY OUT of the sun, close the curtains/blinds.

I have done a procedure before where they told me to use aquafor and stay out of the sun... I did not follow their advice back then and had INTENSE pain.

This time, I followed every bit of advice, and am very happy with the low level of pain and the great results.

**One tip I wish I had done. They said to get soft wash cloths. I bought some from the bed and bath aisle. I should have gone to the baby aisle. Next time, I'll do that.

Dr. doesn't suggest any procedure to make money... He'll only tell you what procedure will really help YOU... He is very thorough in explaining all the pros and cons, and post-procedure follow-up. I also like his staff - they are quite pleasant and knowledgeable. They even called me the next day to check on me and to give me even more advice

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