Petite 59 Year Old Finally Loosing my Excess Skin. Cardiff, GB

After loosing almost 7 stone 35 years ago, I am...

After loosing almost 7 stone 35 years ago, I am now getting rid of my excess skin on my tummy and arms by having abdominoplasty and brachioplasty at the same time on Friday 16th September in the UK.
I am both nervous and excited and hope to finally wear sleeveless clothes and pretty underwear with confidence...a bikini would be nice too;-):-):-)

1 week post surgery

Today was the big reveal and u am somewhat elated!
I am healing well and although I feel like I've run a marathon after having my dressings changed etc. I am pretty pleased with myself.
Still a long way to go but I feel that I've progressed better than I had daredto believe possible:-)

1 week post op

Photos didn't load here's another try
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