Petite 59 Year Old Finally Loosing my Excess Skin. Cardiff, GB

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After loosing almost 7 stone 35 years ago, I am...

After loosing almost 7 stone 35 years ago, I am now getting rid of my excess skin on my tummy and arms by having abdominoplasty and brachioplasty at the same time on Friday 16th September in the UK.
I am both nervous and excited and hope to finally wear sleeveless clothes and pretty underwear with confidence...a bikini would be nice too;-):-):-)

1 week post surgery

Today was the big reveal and u am somewhat elated!
I am healing well and although I feel like I've run a marathon after having my dressings changed etc. I am pretty pleased with myself.
Still a long way to go but I feel that I've progressed better than I had daredto believe possible:-)

1 week post op

Photos didn't load here's another try

2 weeks post op

Just had my 1st bath ! Wow I feel so clean!I smell of Chanel number 5 for the 1st time in weeks!

17 days post op

Tummy coming along well, finally ditched the horrid compression garment and in firm spanx instead. Not so easy to wriggle in and out of and need a lie down for 5 minutes after but worth it and so comfortable.
Under both arms are very sore as I now have splits under both but my outpatient nurses are fab at making me comfortable and taking away any unnecessary worries that I may have . Hate the comoression sleeves though,they seem to exacerbate the nerve discomfort this is apparently all normal.
Drove for the 1st time today without to much trouble and am back to work doing reduced and light duty hours, all good happy days!

5 weeks and 3 days post op

All these weeks later and I just want to feel my usual self again , pleased with everything but not quite me yet.
Only able to walk small distances before it feels as though my insides are going to fall out ha ha...when I say small distances I'm talking 5 or 6000 steps apposed to my usual aim of over 10000 per day so not too bad. Tummy scar coming along great and changing day by day.
My arms are coming along but the insicions under both arms have been taking time to heal,also the nerve discomfort that ive been experiencing isnt pleasent when stretchimg etc but definitely getting a little better each day now. The scars along both arms are amazing,I'm so pleased.

Arms and tummy

A few photos of my arms and tummy taken today at 5 weeks and 3 days post op

Tummy and arms

Hurrah I've arrived at 6 weeks post op !
Tonight I'm going to a party without any compression garments on....excited but apprehensive to be out and about without my safety nets!ha ha
I've bought a new outfit in a size 10 (uk) and there are no lumps or bumps to be seen.
I'm planning to partake in a few glasses of appropriate fire water and just hope that I don't fall down:-):-):-)
Photos of me looking like a babe to follow;-)

6 weeks today

Me without any compressiongarments for the 1st time:-)

1st night out post op

Off out on the town:-)

11 weeks post op

The 1st time in a bikini ....ever in my whole life and I am almost 60 years of age :-)

Under arm

This is how my scars look at 17 weeks post op
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