38yr Old! Much Needed Arm & Thigh Lift After over 100lbs Weight Loss - Cape Girardeau, MO

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I have been addicted to RS for some time now to...

I have been addicted to RS for some time now to get reviews on the arm and thigh lifts. I've had other procedures done but was hesitant on my arms and thighs dye to visible scarring. Needless to say, I am having my surgery with Dr. Dies her in Cape girardeau, mo! Any advice on this procedure will help.

Before pics

Deposit paid

I have called and/or emailed Anna@ Dr.Diesher office and as usual! She alwAys deliver! Anywho, I have began to have many sleepless nites! I'm excited and iffy at the same damn time! I did pay my deposit today and my pre-op appt is Oct.8th! 11 more days before d loose skin is away!!! Yeah!!!#teamdiesher


Meant to say, I have called and/or emailed Anna on numerous occasions and she always delivers! I'm really feeling good about the surgeon I chose!! Any comments welcome! I will also post before pics of arms!!!

Today was pre op appt day

Today I paid my balance off for my procedures, anesthesia and surgery center! I also bought arnica Montana and some expensive scar treatment called scar recovery gel! I have 6 days to go y'all! My blood pressure was slightly elevated today 158/82! It has never in my life been so high and I think it's due to my being so anxious and nervous about surgery!!! So did the nurse and she seen no need for concern!

Tomorrow is my big day!!

Nervous and excited at the same time! I can't wait until this empty skin is off my arms and thighs! Wish me happy healing! Thank you everyone for your advice!!!!!

Day 1 post!

Hey guys, I am 1 day post today from armlift and medial thigh lift! It's painful but not intolerAtable. It's tough doin everything! Thank God for my husband as he is waiting on me hand and foot! It's hard not being able to do anything for myself! I can barely move! I haven't seen my results but will post pics of it all

2 days post op

Today wAsnt too painful. I will take a shower today and take pics. I can't believe it but I don't have a lot of swelling. The majority is in thighs because of lipo. Also my vagina is swollen. Has anyone else experienced this? Haven't looked at arms r legs as they have been wrapped. I can't wIt to see Dr. Diesher artwork.


Today I'm very swollen. Arms and thighs. I am moving around better. No lifting at all except for toiletries, food, iPad, phone and remote. Nothing over 1-2 lbs. not using legs at all except to walk to bathroom. My hubby n daughters lift them to prop them up. I keeping arms n limbs elevated at all times. Finally had bm today via suppositories. Not too much pain at all today. Pain has been about a 5. So far everything looks and seem ok

My wonderful team

I'm been so busy being anxious about my results that I forgot to tell you all about my wonderful surgery team! Dr Diesher has great bedside manners. He was wonderful and still is so far during this procedure and recovery. He's wonderful and an awesome body contouring artist. Anna still is right there when I need her. If I leave a message, she calls back asap! Did I mention I just love her! Her personality, her honesty, and her just being there throughout everything. My anesthesiologist (Steve) is such a terrific character! Although I was scared and nervous he keep me smiling! The nurse who accompanied me during surgery was very nice, as she took pics of my markups and excised skin! If ur in the Cape area, I would highly recommend dr Diesher and his team for any of ur cosmetic/ plastic surgery procedures! Way to go #teamdiesher!!!!

Swelling going down

I know I still haven't posted my after pics and I plan to do so shortly! The swelling in my arms and legs both have subsided! I can tell that I still have some sagging in the arms and thighs and I feel a lil down about that! It's too soon to fully tell to what extent, but I'm being patient! Pain hasn't been so intense at all. Things are healing on track for the time being! thank God! Did anyone else out there feel doubt after surgery as if their skin wasn't pulled tight enough? Like I said, I'm fresh out on recovery so I'm goin to be patient! Love the position of arms scars! Will give my opinion on thigh scars when I'm able to get a good look! I do however have a lil cauliflower bunching on thigh scars but I'm sure it's nothing to worry about at this time! My dr and Anna still have been of great support! I'm praying and wishing for a healthy and speedy recovery and amazing results! #teamdiesher!

Not feeling to thrilled about my thighs!!!

They are still loose and wrinkly in the exact same places! I can't see too much of a difference! Please give me y'all advice! I don't feel they will change too much as I am nearing 1 month out!

My arms look improved

My arms are healing beautifully! They weren't pulled too tight t all so I feel I will have to do something more to tone them! Still some floppyness

Update of arms and thighs at 3.5 weeks

This is my result thus far

Photos of arms and thighs 3.5 weeks post op

Here's what I got so far ladies at 3.5 weeks post op

5.5 weeks

Swelling is still off and on. More so in pubic area on left side. Dr said this will gradually subside. Also left lower arm and hand swell a little every now and then. Scars are healing good so far. Still using skin medica for scat treatment. Go back to dr Dec 5th. I went back to work after 4 weeks. Feels good to be back!
Cape Girardeau Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Diesher was very informative and straight forward. He made me feel very comfortable with his experience and certifications. As he specializes in hand surgery also!!!!! He's very friendly and I love Anna! She is wonderful and very understanding with a person's expectations or desires for ps.

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