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Hi beautiful ladies, i'm new here i just wanted to...

Hi beautiful ladies, i'm new here i just wanted to start out by saying hello and thank you guys for the warm welcome, i greatly appreciate it. I've been on RS for just a small while so i'm new at everything, i will be having lots of questions maybe all the time hopefully my RS/BBL sisters have the answers to. I've been doing lots of research on doctors and bbls for the last two weeks and it looks like i wanna go with Dr.Fisher or Dr.McAdoo for the bbl what are your guys input and comments on those docs? I was wondering if any other bbl sister live in Florida as i do, just wondering if living here is easier for the whole bbl process????? looking forward to hearing from you guys..

Just a few wish pics.

I will only post wish pics of one persons shape no butt because that's the exact one I want mine to look like abs and all... The total package.

Omg I'm obsessed with bbl.

Hey ladys just wanted to say thanks for the love and welcoming me I feel the love. Omg but I'm obsessed with round booties, I mean me and my man look at butts together(not on here ladys) I don't let him on my RS this is for us. But I've always looked and always wanted a round booty I can't wait until the day I get mine done. I'm still in the research stage of my prosses but I'm figuring this stuff all out one step at a time. I'm man is all for it and I'm happy with that but I see a lot of my bbl sister say that the man gets funny when it gets close to time, is that true? I hope mine don't. On a mother note I'm looking forward to going with McAdoo or Fisher I hear vanity staff isn't to catering is that true ladys? Well I don't know beautis I'm still on the look for the best so give me some tips and info. Post with you ladys soon ttyt ????

Still Researching.

I'm still in the research stage of my story and I've heard a story of a women dieing after a BBL that's kinda scary. ???? what do you ladys think about that story? Just wondering. I'm still on the bbl train tho lol. I'm still leaning towards dr. McAdoo or fisher, I hear vantity is a crazy place lol how crazy can it be you dolls, I mean is it worth it? Just a few questions on a few things I've seen.

Booty Booty Booty Rocking Every Where.

I'm not feeling good today so I'm having a cup of my teami tae this tea is so good and helps a lot. I'm in love with herbal teas and this is by far my favorite one. Is it ok to drink herbal teas after a bbl? I love to drink my teas and this is a tea that helps with your tummy getting flat and helps your body rejuvenate so just wondering if it was ok to use these kinds of teas after or even before?

I Can't Wait to Be a Blinskidoll

Omg I've been seeing lots of great work from dr blinski in Miami I'm falling in love. I think I'll be doing more and more research on him and his dolls I've filled his ig and everything, I can't wait to make my appointment I'm so ready but unknown have lots more research to go before I just jump into this life changing event but i know I'll love it. My man is all for it he just thinks I should stay away from home until i fully heal because my son is a handful but I doubt it I would never be able to stay away from my kids that long and he says my daughter is gonna notice the difference I told him I'll wet big clothes for a while and say I went to the gym and worked it all out lol... Hey ladys with daughters how did you talk to you daughters or kids about this before and after? Did they ask question? What did they think?

I've narrowed my doctors down to two doctors so...

I've narrowed my doctors down to two doctors so far, I'm liking mcadoo and blinski work I'm kind leaning more towards blinski just because of all the bad stuff I've heard resently about vanity. I don't really like dealing with negative vibes and bad energy it's just not for me and from the past blinski dolls all I've heard is positive and good things plus his work is amazing I just hope by the time it's time for me to get mine done he's still the same wonderful guy and does the same great work and don't get big headed and cocky like the other doctors that's doing this, it scares me to see the great doctors get famous or to known because that's when they start to rush and start hovering bad jobs or bad service all I want is the body I've been looking for and and nice and knowledgeable doctor that knows what he's doing and have the degrees and certificates to prove it to give that to me.

Doctor Blinski It is

After hearing the bad news today about the death at vanity/encore I will not be going with dr mcadoo or fisher not because they don't do good work or even that they had anything to do with what happen I just wouldn't feel safe getting and thing done in that place by anyone in that place it scares me to know that someone has died due to Putin they life in the hands of some one they should be able to trust such as a doctor it's just sad I will be going with dr blinski and his private practice being that you can directly talk with him at any moment puts me in such a better place with this I've heard slim to none of the girls who go to vanity can even get the doctors in the phone your talking to a staff that would freak me out l. I don't mean to sound mean or negative or anything just wanted to share how I felt about what happen and may God rest the soul of the women who died yesterday.

I Was Thinking About Next Year.

Hey dolls, I was thinking about waiting until next year August to get my bbl done but now I'm wanting to do it sooner but I don't think I can, right now me and my man is gonna buy our first house I know we will need all kinds of new stuff like furniture ect... I'm really at a place with this bbl thing tho that I wanna get it done like now my birthday is in November and I would love to have it done before then so I can show out lol, I'm lost about this decision right now seeing all the beautiful bbl dolls getting theirs done and recovering so well makes me want mine now so it can be done and over with ughhhhhhhhhhh I can't wait to buy our house get comfortable and settled in so I can get my fatty lol... Hey ladys have any of you felt like you didn't have the money at the moment to get it done but still found a way to get it done and pay the bills?????

Going with Blinski.

I will be going with Dr Blinski his work is amazing and he cares for his work as much as he does his patients. A few of my bbl dolls on her just had there banks done by the Doc and I'm loving them all. I just wanna say congratulations to all the beautiful dolls out there that's just went they with the bbqs even if it's not by the doctor I love, congrats on the new love and life it's great to see al the results and comments and feed back from all the beautiful women all over the world. This is such a great site not just for sx but to give confidants and positivity to some ones life and some times you don't even know it. Thank you real self for this community of ladys that we can all share our story and journey with I can't wait to start my journey next year. It's lots of women on here that probably wouldn't or couldn't of made it thru this thing without the love help and support of other bbl sisters and dolls, I haven't had the honor to have lots of comments or even lots of likes and answered questions but I've seen others and it's feels great to know someone is there for you and won't judge you for whatnot is your doing. Some people come on here because they can't, don't and won't share stuff like this with other social media or even family and friends so to have someone else to go to and vent into is a wonderful thing. So again congratulations to all you beautiful ladies and my soon to be bbl sisters speaking for all of us we definitely appreciate the love and support and thank you again real self because if it wasn't for you guys where would we be? On fb or ig lol not happening....

Just a Few Wish Pics

Hello dolls haven't been on in a while so i just wanted to stop by and upload a few wish pics just to get my hopes back up on the high side... I recently left my job due to it not being where i wanna be in life, so right now i'm just helping the family businesses out to get them where they need to be so we can be where we need to be. I just feel like now that i left my job its gonna put me back farther from getting my bbl done, i'm still gonna do it i'm just not sure when tho... we are buying our house that's one great thing happening in my beautiful life right now i cant wait i'm so excited i cant wait to walk around my own new house my new fat ass soon lol... i will be letting you dolls in on a few pics of the new house soon, thanks for listening ttyt... BBLDs

Ready for new.

I haven't been here in a longggggg time but I'm still in love with this site and I wanna get a bbl very soon. I am hoping I can get a bbl with doctor blinski at the end of 2017 or the start of 2018 I'm so excited about this part of my life and I can't wait to get it done. I sent pics to the doc and he said I am a great canident for the bbl procedure super excited...

BBL Coming Soon 2018 I Hope.....

Soooooooo it's been forever since I've been on here but I've still been doing all my research all the time, I'm still going with Dr.B (drfixit) he's the I sent him over some pictures a few months back and he said I am a perfect candidate for the BBL I was so happy to here that. But a little update on me I can't go for the procedure until next year. Because I just found out I am PREGNANT I am so excited about it I hope it's a girl but my love thinks it's a boy but whatever it is we will be happy no matter what. So l be booking soon for like sep 2018 maybe a birthday gift to my self cause my bday is in nov so by the I can go out and show it off lol. So this birthday is I'll be a baby shower instead of a all out bday bash lol but I'm gonna enjoy it and I can't wait.... just wanted to share that with you beautiful dolls and check in on everyone I taped to before, how are you beautiful ladies And your progress going?

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