26 Year Old, Breastlift with reduction Anchor Technique U.k - London, GB

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Hi Everyone! So I have wanted to have a breastlift...

Hi Everyone! So I have wanted to have a breastlift for a long time and finally it is booked for May 7th 2015!!! I shall try and upload photos of my journey as I have found this site and other peoples reviews to be very helpful and reassuring. So a bit about me, I am 26 years old and have one child who is 6. I am 5ft 6 and weigh 130lb I have always had very large breasts, in my late teens I was a full 30G they were never really perky though. I started researching reduction at around 17 as I was not comfortable with them so I have sort of always known I would have surgery. After I had my son my breasts ballooned even more and I could hardly put my arms down, especially while I was in the nursing stage. My breast volume decreased after I finished nursing and after pregnancy I also lost around a stone from pre pregnancy weight. So now my capsize is still large 30F but this is mainly due to excess skin, when they are in a good bra they do not look disproportionate anymore. My ps thinks I will be a D post op. Although the weight isn't an issue for comfort, the fact that the are saggy is uncomfortable to me. I find I have to sleep on my die with one arm between them to separate them as the weight on the skin with Gravity feels horrible. I also have slight asymmetry which has never really bothered me but will be corrected during surgery. I met with a ps end of 2012 and decided with him that an uplift with anchor scars would be the best surgery for me. I booked for surgery and then my finance loan fell through :( I was very sad about this obviously but thought hey ho I know I can afford the repayments so let's do this a different way. So I saved £200 every month as though I was making my repayments and guess what 2 years later I have the cash upfront! So this year I went back to the same ps had another consultation and have booked surgery for real! No stopping me now! I'm so glad I did it this way, when I was younger I would have taken any risks to get surgery cheaper and instant but I feel like I have really had the time to make informed decisions and feel proud to have earnt and saved the money myself and know that is what I want to spend it on. My surgery will be in my home town at bmi Chaucer hospital with Dr John Davison.

1 week till pre-op

Not much to update, had a mini freak out a few weeks ago where I felt really guilty and selfish for spending such a large amount of money on something that doesn't benefit anyone but me. I've also just started a new job since my consultation and am worried that I am inconveniencing them by taking the time off. My frame of mind was close to cancelling it all. But then the next day things seemed clearer and I reaffirmed that I have saved specifically for this for years and that I will earn money and save again. That I have wanted the surgery for a decade and can't imagine living the rest of my life with the boobs I have. The nerves and doubt have dissolved for now but has made me realise it is a bit of a roller coaster of emotions. My pre op is on the 9th April so a week today. Will update again after that.

Pre-op done, 4 weeks till surgery

Hey all, so I've just had my pre-op at the Chaucer hospital canterbury. Was all pretty straight forward, my blood pressure was a bit in the high range but they think that is just nerves and I had a blood test too which I can feel a bit anxious about as I am notorious at fainting. It went well though they lay me down and gave me a biscuit so I managed to stay with it! I'm normally iron and folic acid anaemic so we'll see how the results come back. Now back to waiting for surgery day... I have made a slight distraction by booking my driving test the week before so my anxiety can focus on that until it's done. Not much else to report, went for a run round my local park for the first time this year last Sunday, wore my heavy duty sports bra and my boobs were still so uncomfortable, ended up practically holding my boobs running home to stop them swinging about so much. Made me realise again how important this surgery is and made me excited to be changing my body in this positive way!

The count down is flying by...

Okay so 5 days until my nips stop staring at the floor. Feel anxious but excited, looking forward to being on the other side of op day and can start healing my new boobies. I'm just drilling it into my head that I won't have instantly great boobs, cause let's face it I wont. The pay off is a process and it involves time and healing. I think having realistic expectations is an important thing to consider.
So as far as getting prepared for surgery I have been what I consider nesting as I have had the cleaning and sorting bug, think its just to compensate for the few days I will be out of action. I have arranged childcare for night before (admission is 7am) and 2 nights after my surgery. Got a lift to the hospital sorted and a lift home. Surgery bra ordered, and silicone healing sheet anchor shape ordered. Also I quit smoking 6+ weeks ago in prep for this and so glad I had a reason to, I'm never going back! Brought some arnica pills too, anyone know when I should start taking them? Before or after surgery? I have also managed to loose the extra weight I have been carrying, I know it seems like a small detail but I knew my breast volume needed to be typical of my best weight and I have been sitting around half stone over recently. Left it a bit late but managed to shift it last few weeks so I'll post more before pics to show pre op as my breasts volume fluctuates considerably with that extra half stone. Glad to have got them down was really worried I wouldn't loose it in time and I would loose it after and cause boobies to sag. Anybody got any tips or advice going into this last few days? Hope everyone else is doing well on their journeys... Will post photos soon.

3days pre-op photo's

Paid my hospital and surgery fee's

Feel like a weight has been lifted by getting that out of the way. by far my largest purchase I've ever made £5263 gbp. No going back now :)

Today is the day!

Today has been so chilled and I feel very happy

I seriously couldn't have imagined a less stressful day! I had pre ops before surgery as I was having some anxiety. They hit me about 40 mins later and just felt happy and sleepy. Went into theatre and had a bit of a cry from nerves but before I knew it I was waking up and back in my room. Can't remember too much of that part of the day. My boyfriend had arrived and was waiting in my room with my mum. I went down at about 9.30 and was back around midday. Since then I have been in good spirits, no pain at all yet. Think I slept on and off until about 5pm waking every now and again when nurses came in to check me, each time in my drug induced state I thought I hadn't had the surgery yet and they were taking me down for it. Made me laugh each time as I have the bandages on so they must have done it but some how I have no pain! The anaesphetic has fully worn off now so has the other drugs I assume as I feel like myself again and can walk around without feeling dizzy or sick. Havnt had any meds since the op other than 2 paretamols a few hours ago, not that I was in pain but as precaution as aneasthetic had timed out. Hope your all well x

Day 1 post op

Hi everyone, I'm still feeling completly elated over the whole process! The whole thing has been really positive so far, I feel completly lucky and blessed and thankful to receive such amazing care from everyone, surgeon, aneathatist, nurses, everyone has been fantastic and I have felt nothing but comfort. Still not in any pain which is amazing and still just taking paracetamol. I didn't get any sleep last night, I just felt completly wired! Maybe it's cause all the meds in theatre I slept most the afternoon. I didn't stress about not sleeping I just rested. Just seen my surgeon and aneathatist and nurse has been into help me out my binder. So I saw my boobies for the first time and honestly I could cry I'm so happy with them, my surgeon has done an amazing job, really speechless over it. I have seen enough reviews to realise the shape change over the next 6months. I just can't believe they are mine for life now and all that excess skin is gone! I notice 2 moles on my side and in my before photos my nipples sat just above them! Not anymore!

2days post op

As I write this review its exactly 48hrs since I was on the operating table. I'm still pleasantly surprised that I have no really pain in my breasts. I did however feel like I had broke a rib by the end of yesterday, really tender on my stomache and ribs? I generally feel pretty comfortable other than back pain, lower back probally from sleeping and resting on my back and elevated. I have found that putting a pillow under my knees is helping to relieve some of the pressure. I managed to sleep last night went to bed at 11 and had broken sleep prob for sets of 2 hrs until I got up at 7am. I really hummed this morning so as my ps advised I could shower today I had a nice bath. I didn't submerge my breast but I did wet them very gently. felt very bizarre not having the support of my sports bra, to be honest it panicked me, I just had to remind myself they are not going to fall apart! I dried them well afterwards with hair dryer on cold and then began the drama of trying to get them back in my bra which zips at the front and is so tight it's very hard to get the zip up that first bit. I'm questioning wether bra is too small full stop, I don't want to damage them by squeezing too much. Other than the drama of washing I feel okay today, a little delicate sort of a bit dizzy so I am staying in bed as much as I can bare.

4 days post op

Just a quick update, not really much to report, still feeling good and the swelling seems to be going down (I'm drinking a lot of water which I think has helped theyre feeling softer today and fitting into my sports bra a lot better. I brought a 32d and I was really having to fight to get them into it until now. I rested all day yesterday just lay propped up in bed watching box sets. Felt so comfy and enjoyed the rest, energy is zapped, when I'm up and doing stuff im really hit by exaughstion. It's to be expected though when you think the body is using a lot of energy to repair and heal so aslong as you allow yourself to rest it's not a bad thing. My son came home from his dad's last night and I did the walk to school with him this morning, felt very tired from it but feel happy enough doing it knowing that I can be home resting while he is in school now. Had a bath and washed my hair for the first time since op day. Wore a genie bra in the bath for support while I was laid back washing my hair then took it off at the end and poured some clean water over my front before I got out. My ps advised to dry dressing well with hair dryer on cool setting so I did that. Feel so much better for washing my hair. I was planning to go to the hairdressers today and just having them do it in sink but I realised when in the bath it would actually be very manageable for me and means I won't have to go out again. My post op appointment is on wed 13th in 2 days, I think they will be taking the tape off which I feel really nervous about... How is everyone else doing? X

Day 6 post op 1st post op appointment

Went to my first post op appointment today, feel completly knackered now, was the most I've done in a week! Had to do part journey on foot then train and got taxi from station to the hospital! Thank fully my energy has been better than previous days or I simply wouldn't have managed it!
When I got there my worst fear was confirmed the nurse was going to take all tape and steri-strips off! I was so afraid that it would pull the incisions apart but was amazed once they were off how secure they looked. It did make me sweat though and was a bit ouchy but was over pretty quick. Was nice to see them without tape, I had no idea what size my nipples where either until today. Was happy with them, they look proportionately right. Kinda wish I'd got a photo cause I feel like I've already forgotten what they looked like haha. Anyway guess I'll have the rest of my life to enjoy them so thought is let her get on with re taping. She only used the brown micropore tape this time and will change it again next Wednesday. I'm still feeling better all in all than I expected. No pain just weird sensations like tingling on insicions feels like vibrating, I think it's were the nerves are reconnecting from being cut. Has anyone else experienced this? Fingers crossed I get a better night sleep tonight last night was rubbish, can't wait to sleep on myside again one day, makes me emotional just thinking about it haha. Another thing is my throat is really sore, like swallowing a golf ball, don't know if i have just caught something or if it is from tube down throat or maybe glands just up on the defence as my body is under pressure healing so much. But yea I feel all wooley headed too just can't work out wether it's surgery related or just a viral infection. Would love a day in bed tomorrow after today's adventures but alas after 2 years of waiting for peadiatric app for my son it is tomorrow so he is out of school and app is over 2 hrs long and diagnosis after so long waiting is making me kind of emotional. Anyway I digress... Hope everyone else is doing well, really thankful of all you ladies and this community and hope also my review although waffley may be useful to woman either considering the op or on the jourey. X

1 week post op!

Can't believe its been a week already! So far so good. Energy has been improving over the last few days, had the best night sleep since op last night, really needed it after a bad night before. Feel good today here's some photos of boobies day 7 po. Deff feeling and looking softer. As I expected my zip bra was too small so I got home from po appointment last night and dug out my pre op sports bra in a desperate hope I could wear it. It is a 30F cup and it'll deff do for now! Feels so much better to not have them squeezed together and have that central support.

Before and after :)

2 week post op

So its been 2 weeks! Had my last appointment with the nurse on Wednesday, she was happy with everything and aslong as it all keeps going in same direction I won't need to go back now till 6 week po with surgeon. Incisions seem to be healing well. Back to work tomorrow, all in all feel back to my normal self :) still sleeping on my back elevated, surprisingly Its got easier and easier thought I'd hate it! I have however been driven crazy by itching this last day, like I thought it was going to drive me crazy, then I wondered whether I was developing an allergy to the addisive on the tape, the need to take it off was all consuming and it won the battle. The insicions are closed but we're really dry so I have cleaned and put some coconut oil on I now have them covered with silicone sheets which is keeping the insicion supported in similar style as the tape, i have only had tape off a few hours and shall likely reapply today and then leave for a week as I am supposed to. Just really needed to relieve the dryness and old glue itchiness!

2 weeks post op

4 weeks post op!

4 weeks post op

10 weeks post op

Healing has been going really well, been very lucky and had no issues :) scaring is maturing fast. Had a few weird weeks around the beginning of July, my scars were so itchy and was a bit concerned they were becoming hypertrophic. I also had a really uncomfortable hard lump under part of my Stella scaring which I think is a stitch know that my body is having trouble breaking down this was quite uncomfortable and made the skin pink and warm so I feared infection but kept a close eye on it and it has settled down although the lump is still there it is not causing problems at the moment. I am massaging my scars multiple times a day with coconut oil which is really helping and in the last week the scar tissue has softened up and it is a real relief to be over that stage in the scar maturing! Super happy with my new breasts, I can't thank my surgeon enough! I had my last appointment with him a month ago and he was really excited with my results too so has arranged to see me again in September to admire his work more and follow up before and after photos. I just feel like the luckiest girl ever to have the results I do, I hadn't imagined having such a good outcome and am just in complete awe of the surgeon!

I would recommend mr Davison to anyone considering undergoing surgery. He gave me results that I never even dreamed where achievable. I trust him implicitly and will be forever thankful that I made the decision and was lucky enough to get an amazing surgeon who is not only incredibly skilled but clearly cares for his patients. I was understandably nervous and unsure of what procedure would be best for me on my initial consultations but Mr Davison is very easy to talk to and answered all my question which put me at ease. He is clear and realistic about results/ recovery. He worked with me to get the best result for me and to suit my body. The whole team he works with in fact are brilliant and made my experience extremely comfortable and easy for me. Forever great full, and a happy customer!

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