41yr Old 2 Kids Breast Fed, Weight Loss, breast lift with implants 315cc over muscle - Canterbury, GB

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Hi there I am a 41yr old mother of 2 children. I...

Hi there I am a 41yr old mother of 2 children. I would say that I have never really been happy with my breast even when I was younger, they have never been lovely and pert. But recently since losing weight they have become saggy but empty breast, all the volume has gone, especially up the top part of breast. I had my consultation about 3 weeks ago, I had been recommended to my ps through a family member having surgery with him. The appointment was very reassuring, he answered all my concerns, there was no hard sell, or pressure to book etc. I went away and spoke with my husband and then called ps and booked in. I am scheduled to have a breast lift with implants on 15th August 2016, I am so excited but nervous of the pain and healing process. But have loved reading all the reviews on here, I have gained so much knowledge which has really helped, I am actually addicted to going on here everyday reading new stories! Well I will write soon once it gets nearer, happy healing to those that have just had their surgery and look forward to reading about your journeys.


Had my mammogram today, consultant has said everything was fine, so that's that step done . Next step pre ops, it's getting real now ! I am so excited can't wait to have a nice pair of boogies. I am also nervous about if anything will go wrong, I think being a parent and having elective surgery does make you worry. But only positive thinking is needed ! Can anyone suggest what vitamins etc are good to take before and after x

Pre-ops done ??

Went to my hospital today and had my pre- ops, my blood pressure was a bit high and need to see doctor but everything is all good to go, still got 30 days till operation! Can't wait but nervous, still getting my daily update of real self! I love reading all your stories, I would say it is 100% making this journey easier to see the support from others, and to know that if you get spitting stitches that it's not the end of the world ! Because it all ends up all good in the end ! X

Appointment with ps

I have had my last appointment with my ps yesterday, starting to really feel real now, we discussed sizes and implant profiles, he will be taking a moderate and high profile into surgery and see which one looks the best, I trust his judgement on what will look the best for my body shape. For me size is important but not so much as the sagging, first and foremost I want pert boobies. I am really scared. 4 weeks to go ! X

Surgery tomorrow

My surgery is tomorrow, I have got to be at the hospital at 11.40am, and I think I am due to go down at 1.00pm. I am feeling really nervous but excited at the same time, as I don't remember ever being happy with my boobs. I am hoping for a smooth healing journey. I am armed with all the advice from my ps and all you lovely realselfers, which I feel as helped me no end. I will keep you all updated on my journey. Much love x

Patiently waiting

I am at hospital arrived at 11.30, I have been told my surgery is at 3.00 so just waiting which is the worse but, I have been marked up by my ps and have seen the anesthetiser, just trying to occupy my mind as very nervous x

All done

Just a quick up date will do it properly tomorrow. All done cam out about 6.30, I am in room now staying the night and go home tomorrow, pain not too bad all bandaged so can't see anything don't know what size implant he put it will find out about it all tomorrow, so glad it's done, thank you all for my well wishes here's to the recovery ahead night night xx

Day 1 post op

Hi there I got home from hospital today. I didn't really sleep last night as the leg massagers where inflating and deflating all night. So I am knackered I am quite sore today my incision under breast line seem to be the worse. Before I left hospital they took all padding off and put on basic sports bra. I did feel weird when padding came off I know it sounds weird but thought my boobs where going to fall off! My ps ended up putting 315cc in each over muscle they are textured high profile implants.
I hope the pain just gets better each day, I have read quite a lot of reviews saying day 3 is the worse but we will see. I am trying to keep positive mind set. I have attached a couple of pics I took when I took bra off. I have got to wear strap across chest for week which helps push implant into position. Hopefully will have a good nights sleep tonight.

PO Day 2

Had a good night sleep, don't reckon much on sleeping propped up at 45 degrees ! Kept on top of my pain relief throughout the night. When I woke up this morning I can see what people keep saying about morning boob! It hurts when you first get out of bed but it's probably where you have been stuck in one position all night ! It doesn't last long. I feel a lot more human today had a nice wash, changed bra, I think the thing that is most uncomfortable for me at the moment is the strap across top of breasts that is pushing implants down. But would say the pain is not as bad as I thought it would be so at the moment everything is bearable, I have my appointment to change dressing for next Wednesday, so will see incisions then, other than that not much else to report.

Post op day 3 & 4

Yesterday was a very stressful day for me, my daughter was in hospital having a ep study at gosh for her heart arrhythmia , as I couldn't be with her I found the whole day so stressful, which probably didn't help my pain levels. But thankfully she came out of surgery about 5.00 and they are hopeful that it was a success. So could breath a sigh of relief at that point, but felt so hopeless as I am with her with everything.
Post op day 4
Today hasn't been too bad pain wise I am still taking paracetamol and ibuprofen, what is causing the main pain is the compression strap across my boobs, when I take it off to wash it is the best feeling ever! I am hoping when I see ps on Wednesday that he will say I don't have to wear it anymore, not sure how long people wear it for? And sleeping upright is causing havoc on my back and my butt! But other than that I must say the pain hasn't been any wear as bad as I imagined it to be, not sure whether it gets worse , before it gets better, but at the moment is all bearable.

Incisions revealed

Post op day 9
Sleeping a lot better now thank fully. I went back to work yesterday but only worked till 3.00. I was exhausted! I had my first post op appointment with ps today, he changed dressings so I got my mum to take a little pic as I was too nervous to look , it did feel weird having the dressings taken off, I was so worried my nipples where going to fall off! Thank fully they didn't ! He was really pleased with how the healing is going. I don't have to wear my compression band or hospital stockings thank goodness, as it's quite warm here at the moment ! I have to go back next week for another dressing change. I now have the nipples exposed with this dressing and it feels really weird, my breasts feel different today but can't work out what ! Feeling a lot better in myself I did try to drive down the road in car but it was unsuccessful so sticking to my mum taking me to work for the rest of the week. Hope everyone else it all ok.

Post op 15 days

I have been to my ps today for the dressings to be changed, they all looked good healing well, I had a suture knot in each of my nipples that needed removing and one under breast incision. He felt them and was happy with everything so haven't got to go back and see him now for 6 weeks, in between I have to change my dressings every 7-10 days. Feeling a lot more myself now and driving again. I am experiencing a lot of the zinging pains here and there from the nerves reconnecting, my nipple sensation hasn't come back yet but I think the sensations coming back can be as long as a year, so not concerned. My right boob feels more things going on than my left not sure if it's because I am left handed. My bowel movements aren't back into a routine yet and my tummy has gone down as looked 6 months pregnant! I had a sneaky try on of my new bikinis for my holiday in October! I have attached a few pics that I took in the week. Hope everyone is healing nicely x

Post op 24 days - healing lovely

Today I am 24 days post op, my husband removed my tape and reapplied some new tape. They are healing pretty impressively, I am really happy. They are feeling a lot better. my right boob still feels stranger than my left I can't describe it, I have sensations of burning and tingly feelings. I will be glad when I can sleep on my side as I have had enough of sleeping on my back now! I have attached a few pictures of them today without my dressings on.


Hi there I am 4 weeks this week. Changed my incision tape yesterday so had to do another set of photos. I can't believe how many I have one my phone, I have to be really careful when looking on phone as people will think I have a boob fetish ! Lol We have to change the tape every 7-10 days until I go back on 12th October when I will be 8 weeks post op. They are healing really well, but sort of waiting for a stitch to pop through as it seems everyone has this problem. I have been really itchy this week it's been driving me mad. I am not quite as uncomrtable as I have been, still find driving with seat belt a bit tender so have to tuck a cushion underneath.

5 weeks post op

Hi there hope everyone is healing well. This week I have definitely felt less twinges and pains, they look to have settle a little as well this week and are starting to feel softer. Other that not much else to report. We have just done my weekly tape change and it all looks good. We can't believe the under neath incisions you can hardly see them. Still a few scans on nipple area but just waiting for them to drop off. My skin is so dry and flaky under the tape. I have posted some new pics.

Micropore tape

I have been asked about what tape I am using, here is a picture.

6 weeks post op

Hi there this is my weekly update ! Not much has changed, still healing well, still have some pain every now and then in my righty, that is the one that gives me the most hassle ! I wake up with a little pain near arm pit area, think it may be some nerve pain but will check up at my next appointment. Scars are still healing nicely still red but as I am told it's quite a long process skin healing. I haven't uploaded this weeks pics. I must add that I am still amazed at how the inframammary incision has been healing you can hardly see them.

7 weeks post op

Feeling great hardly any twinges and shooting pains now, I would say they almost feel like my own now, softening gradually but still a way to go. I think I have one more week with the tapes on incisions, as have my 8 week check up with surgeon next Wednesday. I am looking forward to seeing him, hopefully all good to go with more normal bras. The granny support bras that I have been wearing make your boobs look pointed ! Very madonna ! I would like to see them pushed together with a bit more cleavage.

8 week check up

Hi there I had my 8 week check up on Wednesday with the ps. He was very pleased with how everything is healing, he took off my tape and I don't have to wear that any more which is good. And I have now been given the all clear to wear any bra I like, thank good ness ! I can also go back to sleeping on my side which I was pleased about. When I got home I was very excited to have a good examine but found that under my lefty I had a small opening which I hadn't seen before, so I think the scab must have come off when my tape came off. I was a bit gutted as they have been healing lovely. I sent my ps a pic and he said it was a suture popping through so made me feel rest assured, I did think that was the case as I have seen it so many times on here.
I tried to sleep on side last night but was to scared ! I think I may have got used to sleeping on my back ! I go to Florida next Wednesday so can't wait to treat myself to some new bras at Victoria secrets. Just hoping my little wound heals as I can't go swimming until it has.

Post op 3 month Review

Hi there haven't been on here for a while, considering before op I was on here day and night! Everything is going fine, it's definitely a slow process. I am very happy with my results still and so is my surgeon. I had a check up in October just before my holiday. They are becoming alit more squishy and move around more like natural breasts. They are still tender at times. It's more my right one. I am wearing underwire bras in the day, it was a bit strange to start with but getting used to them now. I wear a sports top in bed still as it feels too strange to go naked ! And I am still sleeping on my back as don't feel comfortable enough to sleep on side yet. I love the way they look in clothes. And lived wearing my bikini on my holiday.

Update nearly 6 months

I haven't updated for a while as there hasn't been many changes. I went for a check up last week, which will be my last for a while as next one will be at 1 year. But I can contact him whenever if I have any concerns that arise between now and then. My scars are still fading nicely.my right one still feels strange at times and I don't like sleeping in my sides that much, so still sleep on my back. They are a lot softer and they will become even softer as time goes by, it's definitely a very slow process. I am very happy with my breast and am so pleased I had them done. Can't think of anything else, but feel free to ask me any questions x

6 months post op - very happy

I am a bit late with my 6 month review, but here are the pictures. My scars are fading and have paled in colour, my left vertical scar is more noticeable than my right but that was due to have 2 stitches spit. I don't take any notice really of the scars that don't worry me in the slightest as I am so happy with the shape and look of my breasts. My right one still feels strange every now and then and I don't like leaning too much on that side in bed as I am aware of it. I am trying to think of anything else that will be helpful to you guys as it's always nice to see a review through to a year which is what I aim to do. Any questions feel free to ask.

From the first consultation to where I am now which is 15 days post op I cannot fault Mr Davison. He is so reassuring in everything he does and doesn't make you feel silly with some of my worries that I had before and after. I have felt 100% comfortable with everything, I really can't recommend him enough. So happy x

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