48 and Looking Forward to 49 Flat - Cancun, Mexico

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Fellow TT I had liposuction a few years ago and...

Fellow TT I had liposuction a few years ago and was left with a big lump of fat or scar tissues right in the middle of my stomach. My tummy was left so lumpy and ugly that I'd gotten to the point of not wanting to have my husband see it and sex had all become something that I just dreaded.

I made a firm commitment to do something about it. I started walking, doing crunches, push ups, sit ups - anything to one lose weight and two get rid of this lumpy ass stomach. Nothing worked!

So I started doing my research. I had a consultant with a national chain and for some reason I just didn't feel warm and fuzzy, this however after I gave consultant my $300. Which she kindly told me would be credited to whatever procedure I would have in the further. If you are that hard up for $300, what would make you think I'd use you?

Them I came across a website called, WhatClinic and because I am traveling to the Dominican Republic in June, I thought I have the procedure completed over there or at the very least get a face to face consultation. Within minutes, someone from What Clinic contacted me, asked a few questions and informed me that several doctors would me and they did. Not only from DR but also from Cancun.

Form the start the people at My Medical Vacation have been awesome. I sent my photos and medical history and did more research on the Doctor and asked for some personal references. In the end, paid the deposit, got someone to travel with me and never looked back.

I'll keep you all posted my transformation but I couldn't be happier!

Last day on Cancun!

This is a lovely part of the world and I feeling very blessed to have been able to afford this trip and my TT. I'm amazed at how beautiful views, as I count myself has apart of them

Home At Last

I'm 10 days post op and again the only pain I've felt is from the liposuction. The bruising is ugly but this to was expected. Having a shower, which I was doing in Cancun is a bit of a challenge especially when I drop the soap (lol). On 2 occasions the doctor in Cancun had to drain seroma fluid from my lower abdomen (wasn't a fan). The second time was about half the fluid from the first. I think I need to have it done again or according to the doctor, my body will absorb it. Has anyone had their's drained or self absorbed?

I Should Have Known

The constipation nearly brought me to tears! I was suppose to go to back to work on Tuesday, so I took a laxative on Sunday. They didn't work or I was just being impatient. Either way I a different kind. I finally was able to go yesterday morning. I worked from home an will attempt to go to work tomorrow. I sit down all day and can get up and walk around when I please. This really was the plan all the time. I wanted to go back 14 days post op.

Stitch Removal Day

Come Sunday I will be 49 years old and I have never had to have stitches removed. I stated this simply fact to my husband as we are on our way to get my tummy tuck stitches out. Oh boy! In addition I hope my doctor, who didn't do the TT is willing to drain some fluid because I got a little. I'll post some pictures when I get back home.

Seroma and swelling sucks!

Between the both of them, I'm going crazy. I returned to work this week. Walking around like a 90 year old was interesting to say the least. But I got through it. I also had about 30 cc of seroma drained on Wednesday. It felt a little better, but still moving like a 90 year old. The doctor to their credit, scheduled me to have more drained today. This time 145 cc. My husband said that was all there was. But as I got home, it looked like more could have been drained. Anyway, I can feel and see the swelling, which I'm ok with. The fluid is what drives my nuts. The liposuction seems to be the culprit. Soreness and its own swelling. I just can't wait until all that part is over. I'm still wearing the compression garment. I have a full body one and an abdominal one. I wear the abdominal one more than the other. The scar is healing nicely and I'm happy about that. No infection and next week I'll start treating it.

Post seroma drain

Here a few pics after I had 145 cc of seroma fluid drained this morning.

Seroma Hell

Aspiration #3. I have swelling because of TT which included liposuction, so this is expected. I just wish the seroma would just go away. I am still happy! I'll post when I get back home!

Aspiration #3

I had 350 cc of seroma fluid drained yesterday. Wow! I felt so much better. I've been able to walk better and the discomfort just seems to have disappeared! I'm going out of town this weekend, so my urgent care doctor was aggressive with the draining and I can't thank her enough! I can deal with the swelling but that dang seroma makes me sick!

Week 5

I'm so happy I could jump! Still swollen but doing much better. Walking around better and straight! Thanking God all day, every day! My scar is thin a so well hidden, I gotta look for it! I will say the lipo is the hardest part. The TT was a breeze. I'm going for another lymphatic massage today. If you can get one, do. I'm still dealing with seroma fluid. But every tim I go, it decreases more and more! I have one more week to wear a marble in my BB. But it looks amazing. Actually looks like my old, just not surrounded in fat (lol)!

Park walk and gym workout

So today I went to the gym and work my arms and legs, just a little. I even walk about a mile in the park. I'm more swollen on the right than the left, but I feel good. I'm going for my 4th lymphatic massage on Tuesday. The last time I went for aspiration, there was only 150 cc's and 7 days before that 150 cc's. But that time I had just had it done 5 days before. So it is lessening with the massages. We are now only draining once a week. YEAH!! I got about 3 weeks before DR for a mini vacation with the girls and I can only hope that the majority of this swelling be GONE!

Feeling Good!

The swelling sucks, let's be honest. But I am dealing with it. I just thought I'd be a less swollen by now!

48 weeks post op

I haven't been here in several months! I still happy with my results. I will say this, being able to fit into all your clothes and like what you see, is an amazing feeling! Everything went well. I had to have seroma drained several times and dealt with swelling, but I feel great. I wish each and every one of you smooth sailing and happy, happy recovery!

He gave me my life back. Honest, personable, nice and very good at what he does. My friend, daughter and sister law are all wanting this procedure in some form and I couldn't think of a doctor who should do them!

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