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I'm very excited about my scheduled surgery with...

I'm very excited about my scheduled surgery with Dr. Carmona in Cancun. I need lifting in my mid-face area as well as my brow. I think people look best when the cheek area is addressed with a facelift. I've don a lot of research and I choose Dr. Carmona for a MACS Lift. I'm scheduled for December. I can't wait! I'm tired of looking tired. Danny is wonderful. I'll post pictures when the date is closer.

Four days until,surgery-makeup suggestions needed.

I'm preparing for my trip to Cancun. Any advice for those that have been? I booked my last three days at a resort on the beach. I love the beach and I think having a beachside room will be healing for me. Otherwise I'm staying at the place included in the package. Danny is wonderful and is very quick to answer all my questions.
I fly back home after a week. I'm scared I'll look like Frankenstein. Any makeup suggestions? I'm taking bromelain supplements. I'm also going to eat as much fresh pineapple as possible the next few days. I'll take before pictures this weekend.

Gifted surgeon

Dr. Carmona is exceptional. I had my surgery on December 16th. I promise to post some photos when I'm back in the states.

9 Days Post Op

My search for a doctor for facial rejuvenation started 18 months ago. I noticed the last couple of years fillers were costing a fortune and not doing what they used to do. I tried many non-surgical solutions and nothing worked permanently. I was tired of filling my face up and I looked like an overfilled balloon, a very expensive one. I went to 7 well reviewed plastic surgeons in my area. Two suggested Bellafill which I definitely didn't want. Two others suggested more filler and I think for them filler is easier and makes them more money with less possible complications. One other suggested and RF treatment which I tried and it made my neck look older rather than tighter. I had ultherapy under my eyes and that I overall helped to a degree but not as much as I hoped for.
I'm almost 50 and the last few years my cheeks and eyes seem to droop. I felt like I looked tired all the time and I avoided photographs entirely. I put a deposit down on one of the surgeons in my area for a check lift as well as an upper and lower belph. However I really wanted my neck addressed but he thought it was too early for my neck. I reached out to Dr. Carmona and I'm so happy I did. I love the coast and I've been to Mexico many times so I felt very comfortable traveling by myself to Cancun.
Doctor Carmona is wonderful as was the hospital, Amerimed. I can't say enough good things about the staff and nurses. I'm vegetarian and the hospital staff made special food for me :) I was very happy with my after care. When I got out of surgery my eyes were covered and had to stay covered for several hours. I was a little lonely and uneasy not being able to see so I asked one of the nurses if they could put music on and within minutes I was listening to some tunes that brightened the actual darkness.
I had one glitch the first night out of the hospital. One of the hotels they provide patients in the package is in downtown Cancun. It's a three star hotel. The bed was nice but the bathrooms were filthy. I spent the first night there, one night in the hospital, and one night back at the hotel for recovery. I'm so happy I booked the last 4 days at a resort called Fiesta Americana. I didn't want to spend a week in Cancun and not see the ocean. It was under $200 a night and I felt like I was staying at a 5 star resort. It has floor to ceiling windows overlooking the ocean and a balcony. The staff treated me like a queen. Room service was inexpensive and delicious. The staff also customized my food. It's hard being a vegetarian sometimes. The room turned out to be a blessing because my second night at the hotel downtown someone tried to get in my room through the adjoining door at around 11pm. There was a gap under the door and I could see the person's shadow standing there. At first I thought it was just a mistake, someone checking out their room but they kept trying to enter and the showdown was creepy. I felt like I was being watched. I freaked out and ran out of the room 4 floors down to hotel security. They changed me to another room without an adjoining door but I was uneasy all night. The incident terrified me so much my blood pressure sky rocketed and I got a hematoma under my left eye and on my neck so recovery is going to be slower.
I managed to get out an about the last three days. I met many ex-pats. The city is beautiful. The grocery store there was so nice I went everyday. It was two floors and well designed. I got fresh fruit daily and brought bought some Mexican art for Christmas gifts.
None days post op and my husband took the stitches out today. My eyes look amazing but the hematoma on my neck is still aching. I'm going to my doctor on Tuesday for a routine visit but I will ask her if she things it needs to be aspirated.
Cris, my concierge, is amazing as is Danny. Cris and Danny work very hard. They definitely care about the patients and will go above and beyond for you. Dr. Carmona is a true artist. My eyes look amazing already and I know in another couple of weeks my neck is going to look great too. I'll post more photos at the end of the week. Here are a few.

4 week update

I'm at 28 days out. I'm frustrated with how long it's taking my left eye and left side to heal because of the hematoma. I'm very healthy and did all the right things before and after surgery. I have a labor intensive job and after work and in the morning I see swelling but it gets better everyday. I'm thankful for my glasses but I'm looking forward to not hiding behind them soon. Other than my frustration with healing I'm thrilled with the results. I still look weird somedays because of the swelling. However my eyes look wonderful! The doctor is truly gifted, My eyes are open and the scars are barely visible. My neck is PERFECT! I have the neck of a 20 year old. I'm so happy that I choose Dr. Carmona. I'm posting before and after of my neck. I will probably get a TCA peel for my fine lines. I hope to see a huge change in my nasolabial folds but I wont know until the swelling is gone the final results.
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