44 Yr 34A Tuberous Breasts 280cc Furry Brazilians Dual Plane - Cancun, MX

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I was wishing to alter my shape not necessarily my...

I was wishing to alter my shape not necessarily my size. With this in mind, Dr Carmona ordered 3 sizes of implant and intended trying each one in turn until he hit the size he best thought suited my frame. In the end, after inserting the 280s he was satisfied and went no further. I was very happy with this as 280cc is quite big enough for my frame. During my initial consultation, Dr C did not, I felt, fully explain my implant options. He explained the F.Brazilians briefly but moved on as they were "more expensive". In the end I did a ton of research on them myself, and decided the extra $700 was worth it as they do not move once inserted and the CC rate is no more than 1%. I only intend doing this once! After my op when we discussed the implants further, he said quite emphatically that they were the best implant option, so I thought it odd that he didn't even try to steer me that way at the start.

I reacted very badly to my post-op meds and opted to stay in the clinic that night. For only about $150 I had a nurse and doctor all to myself through the night. I was the only one in there. They were amazing and so kind. I was so ill - vomiting and nauseous all through the night, with acute backache and general awfulness - that I must have buzzed 15 times. Not once did I have to wait even 1 minute to be seen. They came within seconds. Next morning a nurse showed me how to shower which I was so grateful for as I was a mess. Be under no illusions, this is a serious undertaking, and after 12 days, I still cannot relate to those women who say they went shopping the next day, and were in bikinis on day 5 etc. Who are they?! I could only wash my own hair on day 5. You will need a good, strong support team around you for a couple of weeks, I'd say. When I first woke up, my chest felt unbelievably tight and heavy and constricted. I was not prepared for how brutal having implants pushed under your muscle would feel; it is no small undertaking.


10 days post op, I had to have my breasts operated on again as the left one was sitting badly. I was very anxious about who would be paying for this but Dr C said the cost would be his as his name was his guarantee and he wanted his patients to be happy. This was a HUGE relief.

My recovery from this second surgery was much better and the breast felt better too.

Having stitches out didn't hurt; more of a tugging. My scars at this point were ok but then got horrible from what I eventually discovered was 'spitting out' - when the internal stitches poke through thereby preventing the edges of the scar from healing. About 2 weeks was wasted while I dithered then decided I had an infection and so took antibiotics in the hope it would get better. It didn't. So I went to see Dr C again who explained what it was. It would have been great to get a heads up on the possibility of this happening. He prescribed a gel to try to improve the now pock-marked scars that were wide, red and very ugly. It made a little improvement.

Pre initial surgery, I sent 4 pictures of, to my mind, perfect, plumptious breasts with beautiful below the nipple fullness and roundness. As this was a MAJOR reason for having the op, I made clear in an email, that these photos showed not the size but the SHAPE I was after. His secretary replied that Dr C had seen the photos, and that this was the shape I would get. I was so encouraged and excited by this and so proceeded.

On the morning of my operation when he was drawing on me etc. I was alarmed to hear Dr C say that post op my breasts would be essentially "the same". A complete volte-face on the assurance that I would have lots of below-pole fullness, and confusing to say the least.

I am now 10 weeks post op - and not really happy with my results. There is barely any of the lower fullness I wanted more than anything, and as I have F Brazilians, they are not going to drop. What I do have is huge roundness ABOVE my nipple, that just looks odd to me. There is no gentle, lovely natural sloping down of the breast. So my breasts feel sort of upside down with regards to what I wanted, where.

When I saw Dr C yesterday, he conceded that the left breast is sitting too high and has no round shape at all. It hurts and feels tight and too swollen. It seems I may have CC which will require another operation. He prescribed more meds which will cost $320 over the next 3 months.

Note that despite having FBs I have been told to massage them - which is again contrary to much of what you will read about them. I'm terrified of moving them out of place, as they are not supposed to move. But I'm doing as I'm told. I must say that the left breast feels less tight and constricted today.

At my appt. yesterday, I asked Dr C why he said I WOULD have that shape if I patently have not got anything like it? He showed me my before photos and explained why they could never look like my dream pics. It seems that conversation should absolutely have taken place at my initial consultation.

He also pointed out how my original, left breast, was markedly smaller than my right and so there would always be an asymmetry there. I had asked for different sized implants to remedy this but he said there was no need as they would look ok. They don't. They look what they are: different sizes.

As for the bad scarring, apparently he can re-cut and stitch the nipples just in his office, so that gives me some hope.

So right now, after yesterday's appt. and 10 weeks in, I feel sad and very disappointed that how they look now is pretty much what I've got - which would be fine, I suppose, if I hadn't been lead to hope and believe that I would be getting lovely round breasts, that don't still poke out, and look fake.

So far I have spent about $550 on gas for all additional appts. and medication in and out of the hospital.

People thinking of coming to Mexico for surgery, from another country, should think long and hard about what you'll do if something goes wrong. As it is I live here but it's still a 4 hour round, expensive trip, each time I need to see him again.

Have tried uploading pics but they're not working.


Finally got some photos.

The more time passes and the clearer it is that this pointy-torpedo look is the one I'm stuck with, the more angry I am. While I am aware PSs can't give 100% assurances, I think you'll agree, that given the attached dream examples that I showed him, and which he told me in an email that I would have, my results are so far from what I had been lead to believe I would get. I really don't like them.

In the mail in which I attached my example, preferred breast shape, I said this was what I was after, and that if he didn't think I could get this shape, could he tell me which shape I could get. This is the mail to his secretary: “Please pass on the attached selection of pictures to Dr Carmona.  It is important that he is aware of the SHAPE of breast I would like. Most of the breasts in the pictures are too big for me but it is the shape I am after, …. so if Dr C does not think I can have something like this shape, I would like to be shown the shape he thinks he can achieve.”

So I gave him the opportunity to tell me there and then that this shape was not possible. He chose not to tell me that but instead, his secretary wrote back: “Dr. Carmona saw the pictures, and he says that's the shape you'll get.”

On the basis of this clear and confident assurance, I proceeded. As you can see,
I don't think he can claim to have given me the shape he said I would have.

3/4 of the implant is above the pole and so they bulge out in an unnatural, fake manner. And as I have furry Brazilians, this is where they are staying.

It seems that an earlier email was also not noted:

“I am specifically looking for very natural breasts that are round and with my nipple in the middle - not at a pointy end. They feel horrible at the moment - I can FEEL that they are pointy and I hate this. At the same time, I don't really mind having small breasts - it is the shape I dislike intensely.”

I'm very probably going to have my left breast operated on for a 3rd time. In the interests of fairness and honest feedback, I will report what happens, good or bad, hereafter.

But how I feel now, is that I want my money back.

almost a year on

So Dr C did repair my large scar. It took place in his office and didn't hurt at all. He gave me a sedative and of course injected round my nipple to numb it. The whole procedure was great actually. If you have to have something like this done, don't be the slightest bit afraid. I was riding a fabulous wave of whatever pill he gave me and I chatted away throughout the whole thing. The best bit is that in cutting away skin and restitching he inadvertently made the whole breast have a more rounded look which is just great.
The other one is still pointy though which is a shame, but I am focusing on my good one.

Dr C did not charge me for the repair to my scar.

14 month post op - back in England

Just been to see a new surgeon today. In short, I have CC in the left breast which has never been right from day 1.

I want them out but whilst I CAN have that done, they will, I am told, look a mess for a whole variety of reasons. Cost for explant with mastoplexy: £5,800

Or explant and replace with much smaller, anatomical implants with mastoplexy, but run the risk of having CC again. cost £6,800.


I feel sick with the whole thing.

Dr Carmona and his team are very lovely and caring. He is wholly likeable and has a great bedside manner. That said, he could have been far more forthcoming, and clear, with several bits of information at various points before and after my operation. This would have had a huge impact on my expectations and the resulting scars. (And overall I am not happy with my results and am having to have them explanted or redone - this part is a 14 month update. Just came back from a different surgeon's today) I had to have my breasts re-operated on, on day 10. My left breast was in constant pain and the implant wasn't sitting right, so he called me in to have it redone. I was anxious as to who would be paying for this but he said the cost was his, as he wanted to get it right, and that his name is his guarantee. I paid for nothing therefore. I recovered much better second time round and went straight home. All of this was great. He said that last year about 30% of his patients were from Canada. I would NOT recommend travelling (to anyone) if you have a breast deformity like me as it has not been plain sailing and I have had to go back to him so many times. I am not happy with my breasts - they are nothing like the shape I was assured I would have. Also, as I was unaware that stitches may well - and did - poke through my scars, I thought I had an infection when what it was was the stitches. I wasted therefore valuable time taking more antibiotics when what was needed was the 'spitting' stitches removing. By the time they were they had severely damaged my scar. Mr C assured me on several occasions that I was not to worry as he could fix it in his office - local anaesthetic. At month 6 he told me he couldn't do it as the scar was too thick and that I would have to massage and rub expensive cream in the scar for another 4 months! I wish, once, again, he had told me this far sooner. Other people, without breast abnormalities, have had great results - I'm just not one of them. HE is happy with my results but neither I nor my boyfriend are, sadly. I have 3 more months of cream rubbing before he is/is not able to rectify my thick ugly scar. That will then be 9 months post op. Overall - I cannot recommend Dr Carmona, because although I liked him, I did not like his results starting with me ending up with a C cup when I expressly said I didn't want to be this large,and also a shape that I don't like and am having to have taken out or redone at huge expense.

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