Young, Tall Almost 5 Ft 11" 485cc Natrelle Inspira HP unders - Canada, CA

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So a little background info about me. I am almost...

So a little background info about me. I am almost 5 ft 11", 139ish pounds, AA, BWD of 12.8. I have wanted larger breasts since I was a preteen. I had AA's and could not fill out a bra. I hoped and prayed that I would grow breasts as I got older. It never happened. I have always been a AA, sometimes a fuller AA. But always a AA nonetheless. I have researched this quite extensively and I know its something I really want. I began searching for a reputable, skilled surgeon. At first I was thinking I was going to travel out of Canada to get this done. As I do have mild PE and thought this may be an issue. Pectus excavatum for those who don't know. Until I realized there are great surgeons in Canada. And it is a more common thing. So why travel? Also, although lots of women do it. Surgeons generally don't recommend traveling after having a BA. And I dont want to take the risk of having a complication. I searched in my home town by spending many hours researching every local PS I could find. I finally found one that had not a single bad review on any site I looked on. Many people had great things to say about him. Needless to say I booked a consult.

On consult day I was a nervous wreck. I am not sure why I was so nervous. But I was. I actually had a hard time driving to the clinic. My mind was racing, my palms were sweaty. You get the drift. Anyways, I get there and and of course everything is fine. The nurse who helps me is super nice and soft spoken. The clinic is clean and spacious. They first being me to a room to watch a movie about breast augmentation. I already know everything on it from my research but it doesn't hurt to go over it again. We go over my medical history and what size I am looking to be. I am then taken in the back where the surgeon meets me and we begin the consult. I pull out my notebook of questions and go over all of them with him. He is pretty patient and answers them all. Some of my questions he says he hasn't been asked in 10 years at least. I was maybe a little too thorough in my research. ;) He explains everything to me about the complications, implants, and what to expect. I can tell he is knowledgable and competent which is exactly what I wanted in a surgeon. He did say one thing I wasn't aware of.. He encourages his patients to sleep on their back for good. Side sleeping is a no no and it puts pressure on the implant causing bottoming out. He said that sometimes you can get a way with it after they are completely healed. 9 months to a year. But most women can't and it will cause problems. All surgeons are so different in what they recommend. He suggests no massage as it is not neccessary and the implants will soften on there own with time. And does not believe it prevents CC. After we are finished, over an hour later. He of course now looks at my breasts and assesses how much breast tissue I have. We do the before pics and the vectra. It is awesome to see o the vectra that although my ribs protrude my breasts sit evenly and are very symmetrical. There is a one cc difference between them. So no different sized implants for me. He showed me what the mod plus and HP will look like on my frame. They both looked good. Almost identical. The mod plus filled in the gap between my breasts better though. I will try to upload the vectra pics so you can see. After the vectra I tried on sizers, and then the consult was over. I tried to take pics but it was hard to take good ones of myself. Those will be in my next post..


Here are some pics of sizers that my boy friend took for me. I am stuck between choosing 450cc mod plus and 500 HP. Neither look too large for my frame and I think I carry them well because of my height. The huge difference is projection. And I do like how the mod plus puts my breasts closer together on the vectra. Any opinions welcome!

Some wish pics!

Some of the wish pics I collected.

Preop done and 6 Days to go..

Last I updated I had finished my consult. Now I am booked in and 6 days out. I have my comfy back pillow, meds, and surgical bra ready to go. I also bought some button front shirts that are super soft and 100% cotton. I still need a neck pillow and snacks/ meals for after surgery. And possibly some things for entertainment. The office let me take home the sizers to try. The surgeon switched my brand from mentor to Allegra inspira to avoid rippling. So I was grateful for the oppurtunity to try them with clothes. Because I had only tried the mentors. It is between the 485cc and the 520cc. With the high profile. The mod plus does not look good with my anatomy. And the surgeon agreed with me. It doesn't have enough projection like the hp do. They look so flat on me. My ribs stick out so I need the projection. I attached pics with the new allegra sizers. 485 on your left and 520 on your right. There is little difference in the two. I wore a sports bra over top the surgical bra to get an idea of what they will look like under the muscle. I am all paid up and more then ready to say good bye to padded bras forever! Let me know if there is something I should get for recovery time that I missed.. Any thoughts / opinions welcome! Sorry this post is all over the place. I am typing on my phone and having trouble typing.

Surgery date changed...

Oh my surgery was set for oct 22 but I changed it for

FYI Changed surgery date. :)

So I guess I can't change my surgery date on realself? It was set to be october 22 but I changed it to november.

Preop pictures

Here are some preop pics with clothes and without. As you can see flat flat flat! My ribs stuck out further then my breasts.

Day 1 Post op pics!

I recieved Natrelle Inspira High profile 485cc in both breasts under muscle. I am high and tight. But I know this will be temporary. Excited to see the changes ahead! Sorry about late update. Was not feeling up to updating earlier. Though so far I have been feeling pretty good! I will post another update with more details on the surgery later.

Post op Day 3

High and tight but I see potential.
:) Though the bloating is making me look pregnant. I have been drinking so much water with little improvement. Oh well lol at least I have boobs now! Lots of dropping and fluffing left to do.

Updated pics!

I had written a whole update but my phone deleted it. :( So just pics for now.

More pics and short update.

Some more updated pics from yesterday. Overall I love them. Super excited to see the final results. I have had zero complications or issues. I will attach some pics of the incisions but keep in my mind they are a lot less pigmented in person. They look great for 3 weeks in my opinion. I was very lucky and have no numbness, very little pain, and no stretch marks yet. As of now I hardly feel them already. Very happy I did this. Feel free to ask any questions! :)

4 Months

Not the best pics but they are pretty much fully dropped and healed. Hardly feel them at all. Even working out. Soft and squishy for the past two months. No concerns. :) Would do it again! Any questions ask!
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