Starting Today. 05/14/2013 - Canada

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Today I woke up, looked in the mirror and saw a...

Today I woke up, looked in the mirror and saw a pimply/pizza face/all the words to describe a teenager suffering from acne, everyone day its basically like this, I look around to all my friends and ask myself my cant I have a face like that.. I tried everything, honey mask, cleaners, pro-active, everything, i just want that movie star clear face.. Over these past months I've been really insecure about my face, going out, meeting new people, I just can't.. I always walk around thinking everyone looks at me with disgust, yes I do have a girlfriend and she is amazingly beautiful, can't believe how she can stand my face. Blah aha; sounding really negative but this is what runs through my mind, I'm a really outgoing person though, I'm physically active, I jog 5km a day, kick boxing 3 times a week, work out 4 times a week, and my personality is fun aha; enough with my life story though, but today I hope is the best decision I make, I'm taking 40mg pills a day starting today, I don't care what happens, I'm desperate for that clean face so I can walk around with my girlfriend looking like a cute couple, going for a walk not worrying how I look and having no worries, I hope this is understandable because first appearance is the best for me.

1 Month of Accutane

Haha I'm proud to say my acne is clearing up! In two weeks, the pimples that were there had come out and popped, my face is really starting to clear and I'm getting that motivation back where I can be more social and be happy with myself... Yes I can admit I did drink once with accutane, the next day my scars have become more red, I felt more nauseous, my belly starting having stings, I don't know if it was because of that but I'm not risking it again. Side affects, yes I do get dry lips, very easily! After I workout or in school my lips get dry and peeling, especially the top and bottom of the lips, my body seems to be slightly peeling, I think I get muscle aches, I do workout hard while on accutane, ive notice my emotions have boosted really a lot, I get happy easy, sad easy, mad easy, and I know it's because of these pills but I can deal. So far so good, going for another month with the same dosage 40mg, hopefully my face gets more better!

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