39yr Old Mother Skin Problems Under the Belly :( - California

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I'm nervous/excited hoping for the best of course....

I'm nervous/excited hoping for the best of course.. Happy to find support and others in my situation to talk with and learn from. I've had a breast lift with a reduction previously with this dr about 10 years ago and still so happy with results. This seems so much bigger though maybe cause I'm older :)

Just under 2 weeks

Time is flying.. Can't wait to be on the flat recovery side of all this - next week preop and then the big day the week after eeeeek!

Ahhh 4 more days with this tummy..

My nerves are shot!! I'm ready but I'm not ready.. Excited but oh so nervous at the same time.

9 days post op

Well.. It's definitely different. I never had abs in the front before so it's all very strange feeling. Painful surgery, drains the worst. Now I'm trying to be able to stand up straight which is hard on the back, legs well, really everything. Showering is no longer torture with drain out. Just ready to be able to move easier

13 days post op

I'm layn flat!!

17 Days post op and still swollen

Sooo still stiff, sore and swollen. I'm not sure how others are just up and moving after 3 weeks I'm moving SO very slow. Dr says no need for compression wrap but I can't imagine not wearing it... maybe I'm doing something wrong:(

19 Days post op

Well progress for sure just not fast enough progress... Still getting up slow and sore. My torso is no longer numb (which is actually a bummer) swelling is much better since I started icing but still there.. Only Motrin as needed - I'm so tired all the time now though this is definitely not an easy ordeal

3 weeks post op - officially!!

So I finally stopped wearing the binder and am now wearing spanx during the day.. However, I have noticed that my lower abdomen has more swelling/fluid around the incision and I can feel my skin and most of my abdomen without the binder on, which is quite painful.. I get drained tomorrow hopefully that we'll help and I don't have any other issues. Still not sure I'm going to make it back to work next week- I have also noticed without the binder I'm walking slightly hunched over more then normal, again.. I miss the comfort it provides of feeling safer/supported but I also feel like it may be slowing my healing process. On a positive note I made it to my hair appointment today! Longest outing since surgery- was uncomfortable but doable as soon as I got home took a 2 hr nap lol! And I'm supposed to return to work..?? Lol!! I was asked if I'd do it again immediately answered NO!! Too much pain for the outcome so far ;) hopefully later my answer will be different like childbirth, I'll forget how painful it really was!

No drainage needed..

Good news it's all swelling bad news it's all swelling.. Ugh I wake up not swollen but super sore and stiff... I go to bed moving freely and super swollen is there any relief in sight? Dr took away my binder says spanx thingys only and only during the day.. Also took away ice and added super painful massage twice a day oouch!

Hopefully this is just swelling..

And not how it will end up.. My skin is so sensitive it's like a sunburn without the sun part. I've been using coca butter but even that stings - still stiff but it is getting better I'm walking more and have more energy so that's good

4 weeks post op..

And still swollen a lot of the time. Ugh this part sucks. I'm back at work and doing light workouts (no abs of course) at the gym. I'm still doing 2 massages a day being sure to rub incisions as well - everything still really tight but I think I'm finally getting used to it. I still wear binder at work for support which is a lifesaver! Skin is still very sensitive and I still get winded easy. Overall a tiny smudge better each day. Toilets are still a lot lower then they should be lol, and I can't quite reach my feet yet

Almost 5wks PO

Soooo I finally let myself eat n drink last night and let me tell you I believe alcohol is the cure for swelling!! Probably not even close to true.. However I woke up for the first time this morning with almost no swelling!! Or maybe.. It's cause I actually slept all night lol either way it was awesome to be soft and not such a barrel. I'll try n post pics tomorrow I was too excited this morning I just forgot. I'm still slow sitting for a long time is not torturous anymore just uncomfortable I'm not a fan of spanx or anything like them but once I'm in them I'm ok I guess.. I have to have 2 sizes one for swollen days and another size for less swollen days.. Ugh. My incision looks good I'm using berts bee mama bee belly butter and it's awesome!! I still have two tiny sections that require a band aid but other then that I'm standing and laying straight still not comfy to roll on sides feels like all is falling from the front ewe... I have follow up appt next week @6 weeks hope all is ok?! There should be a recovery class.. Before u have surgery where they tell you every little detail and what it's supposed to look/feel like etc.. Just saying

6 weeks on Tuesday !!

Yay!! 6 weeks down woot woot!! I'm feeling SO much better I'm bending and standing/walking straight the swelling still sucks but so far.. Wow! Just wow!

Tomorrow is 6 weeks PO

Sooo here I am at 6 weeks


Just keeps getting better n better. I'm still swelling but mostly I'm doing really well.. I've had this little tiny issue spot in the front that won't heal, well tonight I was of course messing with it and pulled on this little edge I found and waa-laa pulled out the leftover stitch that never dissolved! Hopefully now it will close and be all healed :) lots of tightness around bottom center dr says normal that's where all the swelling goes due to gravity. I've been able to do ab workouts and I'm ok! Sneezing is really the only thing that hurts anymore. The gym has solved my sleeping issues.. Im pooped out completely after a evening workout yay!! Im getting more of an appetite then I've had in a long time.. Lots of fiber and protein. Full time at work and mom so all in all better each day :) can't wait for swelling to go away

Almost 8 weeks...

Alright almost 8 weeks and doing good.. Swelling still sucks. I've gotten to where I'm using spanx/binder on and off throughout the day to give my body a chance to work on its own. It's definetly harder without and the swelling is almost immediate - however, I don't want my body to learn to rely on it forever sooo a little at a time. Hopefully the swelling goes for good soon!! It's really sucks!!!

Officially 8 weeks

So still swelling and after a long day shaped like a small barrel which is not my overall dream of the flat perfectness I'd imagined.. Then I spend the whole night worried that I've gained weight and it's back, that horrible belly I was plagued with for so long aaaahhh!! So far, I wake up and I'm not as poofy but seriously, swelling needs to be DONE!

Best decision EVER!!!

Hi!! Been awhile I'm now 2 months post op and LOVING my results wish I would have done it years ago! There's still some swelling but even that is slowly going away each day is better.

Almost a year!!

It will be a year in July since my TT I am so loving my new tummy!!! I still get swelling here and there.. did a lot of scare tissue work, salt is not my friend and still have some tightening if I do too much. The skin and muscles are loosing up and relaxing more as they heal scars are better too I have no complaints I love it and would do it again in a heartbeat. My surgeon is the best!! I'm so lucky to have picked him and his staff they were/are amazing!!!

So far THE BEST! Love love love his staff.. They are so amazing and helpful.

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