37 Yrs Old, 3 C Sections, Hernia Repair, Diastasis Recti TT and BR - Modesto, CA

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I recently found out I had a hernia along with my...

I recently found out I had a hernia along with my diastasis recti. 3 c sections hasn't helped the tummy out either! I'm tired of being in pain and not being able to hold my kids or do normal daily activities without pain. I consulted with a plastic surgeon and am looking forward to this process. I will post pictures soon.


I met with Dr. A yesterday. It went well. He was very informative and answered all of my questions. I asked if he was going to do lips as well and he stated no. That kind of makes me feel good because I apparently will have great results without it. My surgery is Monday. I will have a breast reduction in 3 weeks, same doc. As promised here are some photos of the belly.

The ole clean out

Well it is a couple of days until my surgery. I figured I better give myself a clean out sweep to help after surgery. Let me just say THAT did not taste like cherry! Nope. It resembled the glucose pregnancy drink. As I gagged it down I thought "I wonder how long this takes to start working?" I am renaming it the liquid torpedo! 30 minutes . 30 minutes people. Luckily I had stocked the bathroom.

Drink lots of water. And prepare for doing nothing much but running to go for a bit.

Day before surgery

It's been a pretty laid back day. Got the rest of the cleaning done, all the clothes washed and things laid out for recovery tomorrow. Ran the hubby through the plans and what needed to be done in case I was just out of it. Have a super early appointment time.

I'm excited and nervous. I am glad that the hernia will be repaired, my muscles sewn back together to prevent further problems and that after recovery I will be able to hold my kids again.

Breast reduction is in 3 weeks and ha e seen the progress of another gal who went to the same surgeon. She looks amazing and is healing very well. Ready to get this show on the road.

I made it through

Surgery went well. Took quite a while to get the pain managed. I am home now. 2 drains and a few hundred stitches later.

Pictures day of surgery

Here are some pics from today. From the side you can see how flat it is even with the swelling. The skin you see are my thighs.

1 day post op

I'm up moving pretty well. Last night I slept great in the recliner and not much pain ????????


So my drains lately have had clots and junk in them. I do not want a blockage issue so I strip them every 3-4 hours. Can you say ouch??!!

Due to all of the serious layers of stitches to fix the diastasis and the hernia, I still can't get up by myself. This too shall pass. I hope that everyone else is having a great recovery.

3 days post op and great results

It is only day 3. I took a sponge bath and washed the binder. I ha e swelling but my results are still great.

My abs are sooo tight today.

I have been up and around more today and boy are my abs rock hard. I can feel the ends of the drains too so I am assuming swelling is coming down. I am rethinking having the breast reduction so soon in August. I might wait until I feel up to it. My body is already on overdrive. No bm yet but it's gurgling so maybe soon. Other than boredom doing pretty good today.

Hardly any drainage

My drains even though I strip them 3-4 times a day to keep the clots going out is less than 10 ccs. I am hoping to get them out this week at my appointment on Thursday. Bms are moving right along with no pain no strain. I take 2 doses of a powdered laxative one after coffee and one in the evening. My appetite is coming back which I am making sure I manage my portion size. Just now I had some strawberries and granola. Nom! Anyway I hope everyone's day is going well.

A little bit of swelling not too bad

I have a little bit of swelling not too bad considering I have gone up and down the stairs twice today. I'm still on my pain meds. Yes I still need them. I tried going one morning without and lasted 1/2 day. I paid for it all night. So when my body tells me that I am ready, I will wean off. No shame in my game lol. I also over ate today. Word of advice small portions, eyes lie to you. ..darn you pecans! Here are some updated photos. The swelling is not that bad.

I can finally get out of the recliner by myself and get back in as long as it is already released to recline. Baby steppin.

Drains out tomorrow!

I cannot wait for my drains to come out. I can feel them inside. The drainage is less than 10 ccs a day. I will be taking pain medication prior to my appointment due to the fact this will probably hurt. Did anyone else's hurt?

Overdid it.

well I am my own worst enemy. I was up and down the stairs all day. Hung out with the kids in the backyard several times yesterday and was up with the little one for most of the night. I woke up in so much pain and the headache was insane! I am sore and the muscles running vertically down the front are super sore. I really hope I didn't damage anything......

Still swollen

Well the rest of my body is going down but my tummy is still a little swollen. My innie the dr gave me is an outie. He giggles and poker it then said " well I made you an innie but it will go down when the swelling does"


I went in for a dressing change because the area around my jp drain was coming off. Let's face it I washed my hair in the shower yesterday and I was slower than molasses on a winters day! So it got a bit wet. I tried to get it dry with gauze etc but the tagaderm was peeling off.

They said come in and guess what? My last drain was pulled! ! Drain free! Yes! Nivia the PA who is amazing did ground me to my recliner though. She is concerned because I have been pretty active with the kids starting school. So I got grounded lol! I go back in a few days from now to double check the swelling.

I hope everyone is having a great week!

Swelling going down!

i got grounded by my fabulous PA Nivia yesterday to my recliner. My last drain was taken out. I just looked in the mirror and the swelling has gone way way way down! I had to tighten my binder. I am super excited! I have been drinking water like a camel and have not been up much. I will post photos tomorrow but I am so happy right now! I also am starting to wean off of the norco by using ibuprofen. I am sure that has helped as well.

Updated pics

Comparison of before up through now

contemplating sleeping in my bed

I am wondering if I am ready to sleep in my bed. I am 21 days post op, I have been sleeping in the recliner and let's face it, it is getting REALLY old. I am afraid of sleeping on my side because I feel an uncomfortable pulling while I am attempting it. I just don't want to mess anything up with all of the work they did in there. My appetite is coming back and I have been keeping portions small. I am thankful that I stopped the antibiotics too. I called because they were making me nauseous. Nivea said to stop taking them. Wish me luck on the bed adventure lol!

Bye bye recliner

Slept in the bed last night using an obscene amount of pillows to support me on my side. I slept the full night didn't even get up to use the restroom. I was worried about swelling. I seem fine. I used my last norco yesterday and my last muscle relaxer a few days ago. So switching up to rotating between ibuprofen and a mydol type product with acetaminophen to help with swelling. I felt a pulling on my left side so I slept in my right.

My parents who are visiting and helping moved the recliner downstairs. Bye recliner!

4 weeks + post op

Hey all. Went in yesterday and aside from getting smacked in the head by a picture falling off the wall, everything is healing great! Nivia and Karen took my stitchea out of my sides, cleaned out my belly button, gave me a new binder, and handed down some restrictions from Dr. A.

NO CORE EXCERCISES EVER AGAIN. Yes ladies ever. No crunches, no sit ups, no planking, no piyo :( which is a Pilates yoga hybrid.

I can lift pull and push up to 30 lbs. Bending is still a challenge though so I am hiring a housekeeper to come in two times a month, until I get to 12 weeks p.o.

Sex is a go. My incision is losing from one little spot. I graduated from the yellow xeroform to just neosporin and a gauze.

Clothing wise. I am down 17 lbs from preop. I can fit into shirts confidently, my pants no longer roll down with the fat/hernia flap, and I fit into shorts that I haven't in years!

20 lbs down

I thought I posted this but I guess not! I am 20 lbs down from the pre surgery weight. My belly button is deflating as well. Dr. A did say he gave me an innie so I am assuming that this means the swelling is going down!

Scar is healing well

My scar still weeps from a small spot in the front. Other than that it is healing nicely

6 weeks post op

Updated pictures ladies. I am very happy and thankful. Not only do I feel better and look better, this surgery improved my life. The hernia and diastasis was very painful. Now on to the breast reduction in November. I needed a break between the 2.

38F breast reduction next

The last time I measured these babies I was a 38 F. My back kills me most days and I am limited on activities, clothing, have to buy special bras and forget about running/jumping. I was a solid 34-36 D after my first child and am reducing back to that. Already consulted Dr. A he performed my tt and he will be performing this surgery. Very happy with his work and staff.

Post op

Had my br today. It went well. Just a light stinging sensation so far. Overall extremely happy with the results!


Had surgery Monday. It went well. Tried a bra today, not quite ready. I will try again in a few days. I love the results! The pressure off of the sutures is great, not to mention my back, neck feel great.

Working on week 4 post op

Well I can finally wash my own hair, and my energy is a bit slow coming back. When I lay on my side it feels like a stampede of ants inside my boob lol! Swelling still. My tummy tuck is swelling because I can't wear my binder yet but, overall happy with my results.

Dr A, his PA Nivea, and his staff are great. They answer all your questions and concerns. I have seen others with surgeries performed by him and they all have great results. Dr. A is very personable and approachable. Nivea keeps you informed and takes great care of you after the surgery. I can't say enough good things. He did my diastasis/hernia repair and now my breast reduction. Highly recommended!

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