21 Years Old, Hate My Nose But The Fence For Nose Job

My story is similar to everyone else's. I was fine...

My story is similar to everyone else's. I was fine with my nose as a child and wasn't made aware of it until i was made fun of for it middle school. My dad has a huge italian nose and everyone says I have my dad's nose. Even my dad and family friends have made comments on it and now I absolutely hate it. My main problem with it is the profile. It's hooked and beaky and I look like a witch. My nostrils are also way too far back. I don't mind the way it looks from the front except for my nostrils and when I smile. I HATE the way my nose looks when I smile, my nostrils go even further back and my nose hooks down, it looks disgusting. I have wanted a nose job for a while, but the uncertainty of it terrifies me! I am so scared that my nose will come out looking worse than before or that I will have breathing problems. I don't want anything dramatic, just want it straightens out so it is not curving over. I'd love a sloped cute little button nose but I don't think thats realistic and I dont want too much done and risking it being botched. I know for a fact that I want my nostrils brought down but I am on the fence about having my bridge reduced. I don't want to regret anything but at the same time I can't live with this nose! I'm going to visit some docs for consultations but I am way too scared and indecisive to get anything done soon.

If I don't fix this nose I will be unhappy, but if I my nose comes out terrible I will also be unhappy. I am so torn and conflicted!! Any advice would be greatly aprreciated.

I posted some front view pics. I'll post some profile pics eventually but it's going to be hard to take any, I try to avoid seeing it from that angle

More angles

More angles of my nose and the hanging columella when I smile. My bf's nose is so small and cute, I'm jealous!

The dreaded profile shot

Here are profile angles. I hate the nostril show the most! Ideally I'd like the bridge and nostril show cortected but I'm nervous about a bad outcome so I think I could live with only correcting the nostril show.

The only surgeons I've been considering at the moment are Dr. Mehta and Dr.G. I still have quite a bit more research to do.


My favorite morph I've done. I am hoping to have a consultation with Dr. Grigoryants in the spring since I will be in southern California at the time.

Not sure if I can achieve the result I want

The more I look at other peoples' before and after the more I think that the nostril show cannot be corrected. My nose is already at an angle upward so I can't have my septum moved up to the same height as my nostrils, that would create major pig nose! And my nostrils go so far back too! I really hope there is some way this csn be corrected because the hanging columella is the thing I dislike the most about my nose.
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