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I had my first rhinoplasty surgery about a year...

I had my first rhinoplasty surgery about a year ago and i was not satisfied with my results at all. I told my first surgeon that i wanted a pointer tip and of course he told me that could all be done yet he did not do what i asked for! I impatiently waited a year and now the day is almost arriving where i will finally have my second and hopefully last surgery!! I want my tip way more pointer less bulbous, i hope i fall in love with my nose!!

24 more hours!

I am so excited that 24 hours from now i will be in surgery, i cannot wait! I am currently making a list of things i can be doing while I'm in bed rest for at least three full days

surgery done! now time to rest

My surgery went very smooth. I arrived to the surgery room and promptly after I was already ordered to change out of my clothes and put on a gown, slippers, and cap. I talked to my surgeon before my surgery then they gave me the medicine so I could relax. Then, they took me into the actual surgery room. I knocked out and woke up about 2 hrs later and it was all done!! Everything in regards to the surgery process was perfect an I hope ALL is!

day 4

Still resting!


I'm so excited and nervous to get my cast off tomorrow. I've been guessing what the tip of my nose will look like for days. I reallllllllly hope everything goes well in my eyes.

I'm on day 6 of my recovery and my cheeks are becoming less swollen as the days go. I was so surprised that for this surgery there were no bruises!

i am in love!

I cannot even form the right sentence that could possibly reflect how happy I am about my results. I love my nose! This is exactly what I wanted, thank you John Diaz!

cast off!

Day 1 with cast off, still swollen

i adore my nose

I could stare at my nose all day

swelling :(

At least I hope it's the swelling that has caused my nose tip to enlarge significantly, I want the nose that i saw when my cast off to come back!!

my ORIGINAL nose

Since a couple of people have asked me I wanted to share with you guys what my nose originally looked like prior to any primary and secondary rhinoplasty.

almost one month post op!

It will be 4 weeks post up this upcoming Wednesday. I have been seeing small subtle changes in my nose day by day. It is so exciting to see the progress that has been occurring! If only it could happen faster

1 month & 5 days

Still making slow progress day by day. My mom came into town yesterday after not seeing me nose for 4 days and she was able to notice a exciting!

bad bad bad news

I went to see my surgeon today for my follow up appointment. It has been been a little over 6 weeks from my surgery and my concern was that my nose has changed dramatically, not in a good way, from how I initially saw it when my cast came off. Upon my cast removal my nose was PERFECT my tip was pointy and sharp exactly. It was exactly how I wanted it to be and exactly what I asked for. Over the course of a couple of days my nose inflated and although the tip size has gone done my nose still does not look like it did when I initially got my cast off. I explained my worries to my surgeon and he said that my cast had compressed my nose which could have possibly mislead me in believing that that would be my nose in the long run. He went on to say he is not sure how my nose will end up looking and it is "all up to my body to how its going to heal." I am feeling extremely hopeless at the moment and so upset that the nose I saw when I got my cast off will most likely NOT be the nose I will end up with in the long run.

I was in love with my nose and now, although it has improved, it is not pointy nor tiny in the tip as I wanted its still rather bulbous and undefined.

7 weeks post- op

Comparison Photos

to get better visuals I created some before and after shots to make it easier on the eye to notice the difference in my nose ( its hard to note any change by going back and forth from photos and is much easier, i think, when the photos are right next to one another)

before & post-op 7 weeks

2 months post op

2 months and 1/2 post op

My nasal tip gets smaller as the days go on!

3 months

5 months & some weeks

I can not believe that it has already been 5 months since my revision rhinoplasty! I am going to see my surgeon this upcoming Friday for a check up. My nose is still swollen because sometimes I will knock my hand against it and I still feel pain. For the most part I am able to wash my face with ease just any slightly hard hits or brushes again my nose still hurts. The only problem with my nose is that one side of my is more bulged out than the other I hope this is just swelling and that it will eventually fade away, but that is the only concern I have so far!

@ 5 months

@ 6 months!

(my last post was supposed to be @ 4 months but I, by mistake, put 5 months)

I am still very pleased with my nose partially because I no longer wake up in the mornings thinking as I look at myself in the mirror how ugly my nose was.

Still, in the mornings my nose is the most swollen because as the day goes on I notice the shrinkage that occurs. I still have the bump on the right side of my tip that I can palpate which i feel makes my tip appear a little bit bigger than it should be. Besides that, still loving my results thank you John Diaz!

Also, thank you to everyone who has supported me through my whole experience and being able to speak to people who are going/have gone through the same thing I was is the BEST support group anyone could have

picture combiner ( before & after)

After photo, of being 6 months post open, are on top. Before photos are on the bottom. I always find it helpful to see them side by side!

ALMOST 7 months post-op

11 months later!!!!!!!

its 11 months later and I cannot believe that it is almost going to be a year since my revision. I love my nose more and more everyday day. Random days I wake up and notice STILL subtle but significant changes in my nose. Overall SO HAPPY. Thanks again for everyone's support through my journey


Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

I could not have chosen a better surgeon! I wish i would have found you for my first rhinoplasty. Dr. Diaz is absolutely talented

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