Cartilage Taken to Repair Dropped Tip

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I had a beautiful profile but broke it and was...

I had a beautiful profile but broke it and was operated by a doctor(not a plastic surgeon) but after the surgery the tip was hanging so I had rinoplasty with a plastic surgeon. The doctor put took some cartilage of my own nose and put it in the tip.(Pr0) The tip is high making my profile look good but(con) the tip is a little too high in relantion with my nostrils and looks weird in a frontal view. Also because of this my looks nose a little fat when I turn my head three quarters. It has been 4 weeks and havent seen a change in the tip.

The doctor says to wait 6 months. I am patient since i still have no sensation in the tip of my nose and its really hard, but My friend is daughter of a plastic surgeon and she said that the sweeling is minimun and that her dad tells patients that they need to wait a year so that they get use to their new nose and belive that their nose has changed when really the have changed the way the look at their nose. So I was asking if its true that after a year my nose will slighty slide forward like my doctor said

My docotr told me to wait up to 6 months to see the final result, but my Friend"s dad is a surgeon(who refused touch my nose because he said he would feel unconftable because he knew me for so many years that it would be like operating on his doctor)

My friend told me that she once heard that doctors tell thier patients to wait up to a year because the patients most of the time dont like their new nose because they feel as if they are not looking at themselves and will be very critival about their new nose, so they tell their patients to wait a year in order for them to get USE to their new nose and start accepting it. She said that the swelling is minimal and that the final result does not vary significantly. Is this true?

Pro: Profile looks better. I felt almost no pain.

Con: The tip is a little to far away from my nostrils and it makes my nose look weird and fatter. I did it because I wanted to recover the look of my nose before it was broken.

I had cartilage taken from my own nose and moved...

I had cartilage taken from my own nose and moved to the tip of my nose. My profil is nice but not as beautiful as my nose use to be. What I am concerned is that in the frontal viwn the tip seems to be too high and my nose is not a thin as I wanted it to be. Its a nice nose but not really what I expected.

Is it true that you will see final results of a rinoplasty after a year or is it a lie so that you get use to your new nose???
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I am not happy with the results, but I supposably need to wait a year

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