ONE YEAR has passed and I am very happy with my results!

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I had a lower face and neck lift along with upper...

I had a lower face and neck lift along with upper and lower eyes done…. I am SHOCKED to experience the healing process. I am not as miserable as I was, and every day I am getting better. Had my questions been answered honestly in my consultation, I would never have gone forward with the surgery. I had a sagging neck and vowed to take care of it before I turned 50 (next year). The surgeon who I still believe to be very competent and skilled suggested that I have the lower face done as well as my eyes. I did agree because I had the tired eyes and the jowls and marionette lines. I had a drug cocktail with LOCAL anesthesia…. I was awake and chatting with the doctor and assistant through the entire 5 hour procedure. The local anesthetic was VERY painful. I thought I was going to throw up, but it passed. I could feel EVERY cut of the scalpel, every tug, suction and stitch. The drugs did mellow me to the point that I did not stand up and walk out. I did mention on several occasions that I could feel pain. They would respond by shooting more anesthesia into the area they were currently working on. I am not sure weather I am happy I did not know and went forward OR if I will forever regret my decision to hack into my face. The numbness has lessened and my lips have re-emerged (anyone who has done face surgery knows what I mean). I still look like a bad science experiment…. I am hoping daily that I look in the mirror and see a younger version of myself, but this has yet to happen. I do feel as though I am sick, but am not. Kind of in a fog…. (I have not had a pain pill since 11/2). I thought I would be back to myself and my life routine within 3 days honestly from what I was told in the initial consultation and subsequent conversations with the staff. Everybody there is very encouraging (They see this everyday… the hideous look of plastic surgery) telling me how beautiful I am looking. Hope they see what I can not yet see myself…. Will post again in a few days.

Tuesday will be two weeks….

It is Sunday….. On Tuesday I will have my third visit post op. I am planning on asking many questions. When do I shed my skin? How long will this take? When should the swelling be gone? Will the dark circles around my eyes always be there? When will I look normal in makeup? Ever without? I'd love to hear from anyone who has gone through this that can offer any insight…. Also I am not able to download a photo. says wrong format. Any suggestions?

Tuesday… almost two weeks. A good day!

I go to my surgeon tomorrow for my two week check in. I am very happy to report my swelling is getting less each day. I am convinced my ears are dead…. Or dying.
I feel like my face is a giant ice cube that is slowwwwlly melting. This is encouraging in a weird way. I can hardly wait until I am thawed completely. Putting makeup on for the first time today was interesting. The numbness on my eyes is a very strange. It is like my eyelid is not there. Hoping this gets better soon. I will report back after my appointment tomorrow. I am hoping to get a better report this time. Last week he seemed concerned that there was much swelling and told me to take things more slowly. I am a definite type A personality and don't like taking it easy!

more pics

Yippee! I passed my two week review….

Saw the Dr today and he is very happy with my healing. I am thankful that two weeks have gone by. I tried my chin strap, but due to ear pain I stopped. My ears are not as swollen now so I will try again. This is supposed to help the swelling quite a bit. Will let you all know after I have worn it for a few days…. Will try to post more pics now.


Feeling more presentable these days.

Everyday I feel a little relief. The mobility in my neck is still quite limited due to the swelling. The swelling has become less and less…. day by day. I am very please with the emerging result. I have come a long way in three weeks, and feel like the worst is in the first two...

tomorrow it has been FOUR weeks….

OK, I am still swollen. You know the hard, rubbery numb swelling. The good news is that it is receding, albeit slowly. There are still days when I look in the mirror and think WHY did I do this to myself. Those days are random, and I am pretty much happy with things. People who know me and don't know what I have done look at me cautiously. They know something is different, but can't quite put their finger on what. I will try to get some pictures and add them today. Hope you all are doing great!

new photos 11/29

Thought I would post some photos from today. Still swollen. Still healing and feeling some pain at the incision sites. Pics really don't show the swelling, but it is definitely there. It is getting better….

other eye...

I posted the pic of the same eye twice! This is the other that looks better. Hope the other catches up….

December 23rd. Almost two months post.

I know I need to post current pics….. I wanted to at least let you all know how I am healing. Everything is healing nicely. The hard rubbery numb feeling has really loosened up. I am looking very natural and have many people I know well that don't know I have had the surgery comment that I look great. Others I don't see on a semi regular basis think I have lost weight OR changed my hair. I am still numb and very much healing, but I have come a long way. I am very happy that I did have this surgery. Good luck to you all venturing in…… You should be thrilled with your result as long as you research your surgeon and go in with good health.

before & after photos

I am incredibly happy with my results and STUNNED by the before pics. I obviously knew I needed this procedure, but still when I look at the before versus the after I am so thrilled that it is now over and I can enjoy the final result!
Bay Area Plastic Surgeon

If you read my posts, you understand I went through a lot while healing. Not all of my comments were favorable, but please know that this is all a part of the process. I could not be happier with my result. There are not enough nice things to say about Dr. Cheng and his staff. If you are considering plastic surgery of any kind I would highly recommend Dr. Cheng.

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