Hairline Lowering and Brow Lift- With Expander - Miami, FL

I'm 30 and have been self conscious about my...

I'm 30 and have been self conscious about my forehead since I realized it was huge. It has really taken a toll on my confidence. If I have to ever wear side swept bangs again I will scream. Loud. My brows are also starting to sag and I look mad, so I would like that taken care of at the same time by getting a brow lift.

Right now I am starting my consultations. I plan on having virtual consultations with:

Dr. Kabaker
Dr. Aharonov
Dr. Mayer

Right now I'm leaning towards Dr. Aharonov since he can give drastic results in one stage. If Dr. Kabaker says he can lower my hairline to my liking I will choose him, but I think he will say I need an expander.

I want to have this surgery in April 2017 but will do it in January if I choose Dr. Kabaker, since he's retiring. I want to book everything in October since I think it will be cheaper. I plan on traveling alone, so I may have to pay for aftercare too.

I will update once I have all of my consultations and choose a doctor. I turn 31 next summer and it's time to be confident. I feel silly even talking about how much I dislike my forehead but I know you all understand!

Where my forehead is now. I want 1.25-1.50 inches taken off.

Maybe an Expander Won't Be So Bad After All.....

So today I had my virtual consult with Dr. Mayer. After having me move my hairline/skin, he determined that I would need an expander to get my desired results.

I just hate the thought of making 2 trips AND having to walk around with an expander. I work from home so trying to camouflage it isn't really an issue; It's just that ANYTHING can happen in the 3 months I have to have it in.

I think that his scars look really good and are not noticeable. I just need to make sure my hairline won't look so harsh if I go to him. I would like to keep a little bit of the widow's peak so that my hairline will look more natural.

The quote for *my* particular case (including all fees) is $11,400:

Expander insertion- $3,500
Hairline lowering + brow lift- $7,900

The expander insertion will be done under local anesthesia in the office. I would arrive on Monday and leave Wednesday. I can be alone for this part and will not have to consider aftercare.

At this point I do not think I will consult with Dr. Kabaker. With the amount of lowering I need I am sure he will say I need an expander. Dr. Mayer is also less expensive so this makes my choice between the two easy.

I will still have a consult with Dr. Aharonov because I need him to explain exactly how his way is different and just as safe as having a gradual expansion. Having this done at one time would be ideal. I can justify the cost of going to Dr. Aharonov if this can be done safely in one step with minimal damage and permanent hairless.

If I decide to go with Dr. Mayer I will get the expander in early December and have it removed in early March. I would need to do it when it is cold so that I can hide under winter hats and not look out I'm of my mind.

I know this is a long post but I'm trying to think it all over as I type. : ) I'm getting restless.

For those of you that have had ANY surgery- Do you know if cosmetic surgeons usually offer cash/non-financing discounts? I will being paying this way but am not sure if it is in poor taste to ask.

So.... It's Gonna Be Dr. Mayer

I had my consult with Dr. Aharonov today. He was very pleasant and I got a good down to earth vibe from him. Unfortunately, he said that he would only be able to lower my hairline about an inch. Like I stated before my scalp is very tight. Who knows, he may be able to get more but I don't want to wake up and still think my hairline is too high. I need it lowered at LEAST 1.25 inches. The cost is $14,500 for both the 1-stage lowering and the brow-lift.

So at this point I'm going with Dr. Mayer.

I am just trying to figure out the logistics of it all before I make my deposit. Unfortunately I am being told that I HAVE to stay for 6 days AFTER the procedure so that he can remove the stitches (I live in GA). Also, I have to find someone to stay with me or pay $795 for aftercare. Then there's the issue of coordinating time off of work and finding someone to do the injections. Unfortunately, someone else has to do it or the port can be damaged. I was told keeping the port external is not an option and it has to go under the scalp. : (

My next update will be when I have my expander inserted. I will definitely have pics of that to share as well as more hairline and eyebrow "before" pics.

Date Is Set!!

Hey guys!!!

So I decided to get this done a little earlier. I am flying out to on Nov 14th for my pre-op appointment and returning home on the 16th. I'm actually not nervous like I though I would be. I'm just growing inpatient and so tired of my forehead. I feel confident that my result will be good and that I won't have any permanent hair loss.

I am also considering having a fat transfer to my naso-labial folds. The folds are very minimal but they are enough to bother me. I'd rather have something more permanent than fillers. I want to see if I will be a good candidate. If I am I will get it -if his policy is on fixing any lumpiness that may occur is fair. That will be in a separate review if I get it done.

I am just ready to get this over with and get the ball rolling!

Next year is going to be the year of slice and dice for me.

Definitely on my list of things to get:

I thought it would all happen this year (New_Start2016)
but unfortunately it didn't so a name change was in order!

I'll update in November!!

I Switched to Dr. Epstein

So I am scheduled to have the tissue expander placed with Dr. Epstein in Miami, Fl. Dr. Mayer is still my first choice but the fact that I cannot inject the expander myself just proved to be too much of a hassle. Dr. Epstein will leave the port external so I can inject the expander myself.

His office is 9 hours away so I will drive down on the 14th and have my procedure on the 15th.

I wish there were more reviews on RS but it seems like everyone kinda disappears after having this procedure done with him. I'll come back and update next week.

Expander Is In

Monday I drove down to Miami and had my pre-op appt & then surgery on Tuesday. I was awake but the only painful part was the injections used to numb the area. After the expander was placed I took a nap and then used Uber to go back to my room. I wasn't wrapped up or anything so I just put my hat back on. I took my meds and went to sleep. I woke up in pain so I took more of my pain medicine. After that I felt ok- just tightness.

The next day (Wednesday) I had a post-op appt where I was shown how to inject the port. After that I drove home and I had to actually take some of the liquid out of the expander because it felt way too tight. I drove home with no issue and was ok taking Aleve. The drive was about 9.5 hours and when i got home I noticed that my left eye was starting to swell so I put on my ice mask took my meds and went to sleep. When I woke up my eyes were darn near swollen shut. I look like I lost a fight! lol. Anyway I have to start work Monday so I hope it goes down by then. I don't feel any pain right now- just soreness where the tubing enters my scalp.

Feeling Good

So the swelling was completely gone by Tuesday night. After that, the skin around my eyes was sore for a day or two. Now there is bruising around my eyes.

At one week I was completely off of OTC pain meds.

Overall I feel good. I know for future reference that due to eye swelling I need to be off for a full week even though I work from home. I am SO happy that I was able to make it home before the swelling got bad. It was nice being able to recuperate in my own place.

Yesterday I did the first injection and was able to get 3CCs in. It is pretty simple and the external port is so convenient.

Today, I went to the minute clinic at a local pharmacy to have my sutures removed. It was covered by insurance so I only paid a copay.

I think I'll have the second surgery sometime in January and I will definitely stay in FL for a week. I'm excited and can't wait to be done with this so I start having other procedures done.

I'll update again in a few weeks.
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