Considering Rhinoplasty for possible deviated septum, Crooked Nose /Droopy Tip - Please Help! - California, CA

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I have consulted with 3 Plastic Surgeons in the...

I have consulted with 3 Plastic Surgeons in the past regarding a nose job, but never actually went through with it. Over the past couple of years I have become increasingly unhappy with the size and shape of my nose. I feel like my nose takes over my face and distracts from my eyes. My nose is slightly crooked, and the tip is too heavy for my face. I also feel like my breathing could be improved as well. I would like my nose to be smaller, tip reduced and lifted, less projection, and straightened. I am just really nervous because the face is a scary thing to mess with. Would like any feedback. thanks!

Need a Septoplasty / "Finesse" Rhinoplasty to Fix Crooked Nose.

I just consulted with a great surgeon in Orange County, and I am excited because I really like him, but now I am just going through the thinking process / financials / etc.

He said my nose is definitely very crooked, the tip is too bulbous, and my nasal bridge is too thin / rigid / irregular. He said that my septum is deviated as well and this is causing my nose to look like it has a bump (from the right side view).

From the left side view my nose looks straight.

I really want to do this.

Really want to straighten my crooked nose and refine/lift tip. Any input appreciated!

Still in the process of meeting doctors and discussing options. Not rushing the process.

Desire a finesse rhinoplasty to straighten my crooked nose, fix septum, and reduce tip.

Today I got before and after side view photos from the doctor. I like what he gave me! Gotta think it through...

Crooked, possible deviated septum, hanging tip

Would like to have a rhinoplasty to straighten nose to help with breathing and my self confidence and look more soft and feminine
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