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I can't believe I'm ready to this I've been...

I can't believe I'm ready to this I've been wanting to do this for so long . I'm 22 and I've been on this site for awhile ,but now I grew the balls to write a review, because I feel like I learnt so much from everyone's stories time to write my own . I feel like its time and with my family support ,and friends which I'm happy they have decided to accept my desire for a nose or maybe there tired of me talking about it lol , and it's a way to shut me up .

Currently a student I would love to get my nose done in a couple months , I applied for a loan , my first loan ever and got approved even through having the money saved up I feel like hopefully this will build my credit(co -signer is a friend of mine)...only thing is I got to get a evaluation I'm a healthy young women now , but when I was younger I had a heart defect but was fixed as a child , but I recently got EKG but still want to get a checkup and make sure I'm good to go ..... I've been look into two doctors so far because I like there results Dr.Grigoryants which i love he has so many before and afters and has results I'm looking for land Dr.Eric Sadeh which I loved a few results that I love , but not a lot before afters on his website ...I just want to narrow my nasal bridge ,refinement of my nasal tip ,and smaller nostrils lol I guess it a lot . I just don't it too small I want it defined... I'm really scared but I'm ready to get this done I've thought a lot I'm willing to travel to get thee job done right

July 7th was the big day!

I had done my consultation on June 6th with Dr.G ,and it was good he answered all my questions .Everyone that worked there was very nice . I thought the waiting room was gonna be packed but it wasn't which was good I didn't have to wait because I was pretty nervous

The Big day !!!

I was really scared thought that I was gonna be in pain or throw up especially because I hate hospitals ,complete opposite the nurses were so sweet and when I woke up I felt no pain at all and after about twenty minutes I was wheeled out to go home ..I just felt stuffy and felt weird breathing with my mouth



Sorry guys for the wait of the cast removal I've tryed to upload this so many times. Yay my cast is finally removed it didn't hurt when the cast was removed .It was when it came to the nostrils ouch just a little discomfort.Okay I'm gonna keep it real when the cast was removed the bridge I loved it , I know I'm going though the piggish stage but my nose looked so shorttttt . Hopefully it's gonna drop, and Dr.G said its gonna drop but I'm so self concious now

Sry the pictures are a little out of order

2nd day of cast removal

Very swollen from flying I left the next day after cast removed wasn't feeling to good , three connecting flights didn't help. Thank god for the nasal spray Afrin that Dr. G recommend helped out a lot

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