Rhinoplasty with Dr. Grigoryants, happy!

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I've red soo many of you're reviews here on RS....

I've red soo many of you're reviews here on RS. And now I'm starting my own. Feels so strange!
I've been unhappy with my nose since I was around 14 years old. And not one day goes by without me looking in the mirror thinking I want it done. I have never been teased for my nose before. I have always been told I am pretty. I have never told anyone, not even my family or my closest friends that I'm unhappy with my nose. Haven't even hinted about being unsaticfied. Not even when me and my girlfriends has done our makeup together before going out, and one of them has said "Ah, I don't like my nose". Not even at that time have I said anything about what I think about mine. Because I have not wanted anyone to notice what I don't like...

I have a crocked nose, with a bump, and a semi-long tip that drops when I smile. What I am most worried about is how it will look from the front. The tip has to be lifted, but I'm soo afraid I will look piggy. It would REALLY not fit me.

I'm an out of town patient from Europe, I have had one consultation in my own country, but they just don't have enough experience here. So I did my resarch. I've done research for a year when I found Dr. Grigoryants. So I have had an online consultation with Dr. Grigoryants over e-mail. He has been answering my questions quickly, and when I emailed him my pictures, I got the same answer as many of you "You got a beautiful face, I will refine the tip, and remove the bump. Might take in the nostrils". I just LOVE alot of his before and afters, so I really hope that my result will be as good!

I will appreciate tips, and to hear from you others Grigoryants-girls! And if any of you were out of town patients I would love to hear how it all went out! Thank you! :)

I might add some pictures maybe tomorrow.

Planetickets bought!! Adding a few wish-pics and thoughts!

Oooh my gosh! I just bought planetickets, all the way from Europe. It's no going back now!! I also found this beautiful apartment located in Hollywood bvd. where my mum and I will stay for 10 days. I found the place at www.airbnb.com. It's two queensize beds, kitchen, a nice livingroom, 2 TV's, Netflix, and Internet included. I hope it will be ok to get to both the office in Glendale where I'm having me pre- and postop apointments, and also Avanguared Surgery Centre in Tarzana where I will be having my operation.

I can't believe its only 19 days left till the big day! I'm shifting from beeing really happy, till very nervous. I just can't understand that I'm actually going through with this. I've read soo many reviews here on RS these last weeks, and I've started planning what supplies I should get. Please share if you have any must-haves!

I'm not very comfortable adding pictures of me yet at this time, so I think I will start adding a few pictures of what I am looking for to achieve. (I also sent these pictures to Dr. G). I sent him 10-15 pictures. This was pictures of a few celebrities, but mostly girls from RealSelf and a few photoshopped pictures (I did) of myself. I asked for his opinion on the pictures I sent him, and all I got back was. "Hi ******. You wil have your own good looking nose."
I can't say this gave me a lot, so I replied back and asked about his thoughts on the pictures. He then replied "I like how you changed the photos in photoshop. Those results looks reasonable." Maybe he didn't think the others would fit me? A girl I think got a great result is "lenosestory" here on RS.

I would love to get in contact with you other Grigoryants-girls, and also the rest of you that have had or planning to have a rhino!

So here they are!! Before photos!

Soooo, I'm doing it! Putting up a few before-photos. As you can see my nose is quite long, and the tip drops. I also have a bump on my bridge that I want gone, and the nose goes a bit to one side, so I would be happy if Dr. G could straighten that out. I have a deviated septum as well, and also one of my nostril is blocked when I breathe in hard.

I morphed a few pics to see what it can look like. Please tell me if you have any thoughts!

Gosh, I can't believe it's only two weeks away!! From today on I will stop eating salt, sugar and garlic. When did you guys completely stop this? It will be SO HARD! I looove salt, and I use garlic in everything I make... Please share if you have any pre-surgery tips for me, I would really appreciate that.

Btw, I just told my dad about this, and I was so nervous about that, because he is always so worried.. But he supports me, escpesially if it can help me breathe better. I'm so glad!! It feels good now that I've told him.

Good luck to all of you thats having an upcoming surgery, and happy healing to you that have already been through it!

Wish pics

I think this is absolut perfect noses. I don't want TOO big a difference, I still want to be me,- I hope people I don't tell, wont notice.. But I wonder if a nose like this will fit me. I'm thinking about showing this pictures too Dr. G. What do you think?

I wonder if he will do something about my nostrils. In my online-consult he said "I might take in the nostrils". This will make a scar right?

I'm beginning to be a bit nervous.. Only 9 days left!

Preop done!

Hi guys!
So, I just had my preop with Dr. G. He spent a lot of time with me, I think like 50 minutes. I was scared he would rush me, but he didn't at all. He looked at my nose and morphed in the mirror like I was prepared he would. I had printed out pictures of noses I like, not like, and also of myself. He took a good look at these pics, and we discussed them together. He didn't want to draw in the picture of me, only morph in the mirror. He wanted to get totally rid of the bump on my bridge, and slightly raise the tip. He thought my nostrils were fine as they were, and he also liked my tip, when it got raised. So I think he's not going to refine my tip? I thought he did that with everyone?

I have a good feeling that he really knows what he's doing.. But I'm also worried! He wanted to give me a bit more slope than I wanted, and also raise the tip a bit more than I'm comfortable with. I think...

Well.. I'm going in on Monday! Oh my!!!

It's done!!

So it's over! Had my appointment 06.30am, and I came back to the apartment around 1am.

I can't remember everything Dr. G said post op, but what I do remember is that he said my nose was difficult because it looked like it has been broken before. He said it was a bit like a "cracker" inside, and I don't know if he was able to do all he wanted.. So, I really, really hope this turns out well.

I have so many thoughts. He mentioned that I might had to come back for a touch-up. He didn't remember to take a picture straight after, because he had enough on his mine with my nose.

Except from that I'm having a good time! Haven't felt any pain yet (I know it will come though) and I'm not really that congested. I have been drinking smoothie and ananasjuice, and been icing, taking arnicapills and arnicagel. I have pretty dark bruising around my eyes atm, which I know also will get worse!

My mum is making me tomatosoup now, and I'm looking forward to eat! Just wanted to give you a little update! Added a picture so you can see the bruising(?)

Speak to you later :-)

Post op day 1 and 2

The day of surgery was piece of cake for me, hardest thing was waking up from anasthetic. I felt a bit rushed, and I couldn't even walk, so my mum had to use a wheelchair to get me out to the Uber. I slept a bit when I got to the apartment, but I felt I had so much energy and appetite, so I just wanted to be up, and so I was, feeling absolutely fine all day! I didn't sleep that much the night after surgery, because it was unpleasant breathing through my mouth, but it wasn't such big of a deal because I weren't tired anyway. Didn't feel I needed any painmeds, but I took extra strength Tylenol just in case.

Post op day 1
So yesterday (The day after surgery) the swelling and bruising got worse, and I also felt things happening inside my nose. Like a burning sensation. Not very painful, but not good either. I was most of the day in my bed icing, and trying to rest. My eyes felt so warm and swelled, so it was uncomfortable being up.

Post op day 2
Today I'm 2 days post op, and I feel better then yesterday! The bruising and swelling are less. I've been putting arnicagel on every 3 hours, and im also taking arnica tablets and drink a lot of 100% ananasjuice. I have no idea if it's working, but it feels good doing it anyway:-)

I have a my castremoval on Friday, only 4 days post op.. I'm going to be so bruised and swollen still, and I think I'm going to look so ugly:( Have any of you taking your casts off by day 4? How was it?

I'm adding a picture were you can see the bruising a bit better then the other one,where the apples covered it all,lol. The first one is post op day 1, and the one with flowers on the eyes is post op day 2 (today).

Cast off!!!

Ok, so I took my cast off today! And look, it's so cute?! Dr. G said it was very swollen on the bridge and also the tip, but I think I'm going to love the result once the swelling and bruising disappears! He was very pleased with the result too. Almost a bit surprised, lol. He said my nose was so difficult, that he gave me the price "the hardest nose of the year". My septum was so bad, and a lot was crushed inside.

I was very nervous about the whole cast-off thing, because it was only day 4, and I felt it was too early for someone to be touching my nose.. But it wasn't as bad as I tought, I just almost fainted,haha.. But I think it was because everything was just so overwhelming.

I'm adding some pictures, don't mind the swelling and my smile. It looks so weird and stiff!

My nose is one week old!

So, it's been almost a week since surgery and I'm feeling great. I've done a lot of sightsee and shopping here in Hollywood, from the day i took the cast off. I took the cast off at day 4, and had to take painmeds that day and the day after (only Tylenol) because when I was walking around my head and teeth and throat started to ache. Today I've walked around all day, getting my make up done at Sephora, (it hurted when the makeup-artist was close to my nose) and tried on clothes, and I haven't needed any painmeds. It's soo uncomfortable bending (shouldn't do it either for 2 weeks), so trying on shoes didn't work that well.

I've used saline-spray and I'm rinsing carefully with a q-tip with warm water at night. I tape both day and night. And have lubricated Vaseline in my nostrils at night to make the crusts softer.

I have a few questions I hope some of you can answer:)

- how much did you're tip drop from cast off, and when did it start to drop?

- when did you feel it was ok (due to swelling and comfort) to sleep normal (not elevated)?

I'm adding 2 pictures, one from the front as many of you have asked for, sorry about the quality, but you can see some. I really like my new nose, but can see how the swelling is playing with it! I also feel I'm obsessed with myself (my nose).. Taking pictures and looking in the mirror I guess a 1000 times a day, and zoom in and out and being all crazy-like... Do you also do this??

A few before and afters

First of all thank you so much for all your amazing comments and support!! You guys make me so happy and I really appreciate all your support!

I'm now 10 days post op! Time flies. I took 3 airplanes yesterday, and only the first one made me feel a bit uncomfortable pressure. I took Afrin-spray 30min before going to the airplane to prevent nosebleeds due to pressure. The spray made me so dry in the nose and throat.

I tape day and night, even I don't really see much swelling, well I see a little, but I guess it has to be there(?) I probably will see over time what was swelling when I look back at the pictures. I also sleep elevated still, just feels better.

Here is a few before and after for those who asked for that! It's so weird for me to look at them side by side. These pictures are the worse pictures from before (but well..still how I looked I guess) and some of the better pics from after.

Hope some of you can help me out with a few questions I still have:

- How much did you tip drop, and when did you feel it stopped dropping?

- How do you clean your nose? I use salinespray, but I don't feel it helps much really? It softens the dryness from bloodcrusts,etc, but it don't help with congestion.

-When did you feel it was ok to sleep normal again (laying flat, and on your side,etc)

Happy healing to everyone!

18 days post op, healing well!

Hi everyone, and oh my- Thank you SO much for all your sweet words! It really makes me so happy and I'm so greatful to all of you!! :)

Well, I'm 18 days post op, and feels that I'm helping very well! I've seen swelling come and go, I can see that my tip is swollen, and also the top right above the tip tends to swell. Different from many of you, I experience more swelling in the end of the day, not in the morning, maybe because I am taping myself up pretty good at night :) My nose feels better for every day, but it's still hard, and numb some places. I still have to treat it very carefully:) I've cleaned a lot of..stuff out from my nose, it's soo disgusting, but feels so good after,haha!

I emailed Dr. Grigoryants about him making a supra-tip break on me or not. We agreed he would do so if he meant that would fit me, but suddenly I wasn't sure if he had done it or not, haha! But he did! And he said it would be more evident by 18 months. It's strange to think about that the healingprocess can be that long!! I'm soo early yet.. But I am very happy he made a supra tip break, and I am very happy about my results so far!

I'll stop babling now, and add a few pictures from today and yesterday. Do you see any difference?

When did you stop taping at night?

3 weeks post op, and compare swelling

Just wanted to do a 3 weeks post, hope you're interested! I'm so incredibly happy with my result!! It feels unreal.. I've been holding back a little, because I know it can change, and ofcourse it still can. I just hope the changes will be for the better and not the other way around!

I've started to sleep normally again (not elevated), and I can absolutely see this affect the swelling. My tip is very round these days. I've seen it more defined, so I guess it's swelling.

I've added one side by side picture for you to compare the swelling. The left side is 5 days post op (the day after cast off), and the one on the right is 15-18 days post op. You can see how it changed,right?? So for you who deals with swelling, it will get better!

I don't have a lot more to update actually, if you have any questions feel free to ask :)

Actually I have one for you: When did you start to exercise again? Like weightlifting and running?

And also: What do you think it's the difference between my left and right side? (if you think there's any).

Almost 2 months post op

I was going to make a 2 months update that would be the 25th of March, but it's now I got the time:)

I've decided to change my status to "worth it". The reason why I didn't do this before is because a lot can happen post op. Now that it's been 2 months I feel nothing really bad can happen to it. (Hope so at least!) I am really happy with my results, but I hope the tip will shrink and become a bit more defined from the front. I like one side a bit better that the other (I prefer the left side) which I also did before my surgery. Do you like one of the sides better that the other?

It's so lovely not feel like hiding my nose anymore! Before I didn't let anyone see me in profile, and it was so exhausting to always plan everything around my nose..where to sit, where to stand.. Not anymore!!!

I stopped using saline spray, and I tape maybe once a week, when I feel like waking up with a hint of a tinier nose and if I don't tape;)

It's still tender some places.
A question for you that have had surgery: Did you see any changes in your nose after 2 months? If so- what changed?

Thanks again for all your supportive comments!:)

One year post up update!

First of all, I'm so sorry for being away for so long!! It's now a year since my operation, and I really feel I owe you guys a one year update. If any of you that followed me are still here, lol.

I'm still very happy with my nose. It might sound like a cliche, but it has change my life. Being able to go a day without being insecure about in what angle people look at me is a feeling I can't remember I've had before my operation. I feel I have a more soft look now, and it fits my personality more than my old nose.

With that said, you can never be 100% pleased, can you? I still like my left side better, my nose looks more cuter and upturned from the left in my opinion. I also feel that I have a bit too much nostril-show. Especially the right side. And I also feel my columella has dropped too much the last 6 months. I emailed this to Grigoryants. He said it could be the last swelling (the swelling goes downwards). I still feel I have good and bad nose-days. Is this possible after 1 year post op?

My breathing has been odd. The left "airway" feels too open. It makes a "loud" nose when I breathe, so I cover half of this nostril with tape every night. Now it's become a habit, so I bring my tape everywhere I go, lol.

Feel free to ask questions, I'm going to be more online from now!
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