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I'm turning 40 and want a mommy makeover in ...

I'm turning 40 and want a mommy makeover in October. . Need a Excellent recommendation of Surgeons in the areas San Diego, Orange County, Murrieta, or Los Angeles. Reviewing several surgeon profiles but, can't make a the best decision.1) Tom Pousti, 2)Ali Sajjadian, 4)Kenneth Hughes, 5)Sean Younuai...Please Help!!!

Who's traveling to Dominican Republic?

It been a while since I update but feeling very aggressive to schedule mommy makeover procedure. Trying to narrow the surgeon that's going to succeed my wish pic look (curvy Beyonce). I think Dr. Robles specialize on the right areas so, she might be the best option. Little nervous to travel that far especially, to have extensive surgery. I live alone and don't have a support system but like the fact that there's convenience services offers in her VIP Package such as transportation and recovery center. So, little at ease but looking for other individuals who's traveling or had travel to the Dominican Republic for surgery. Please share your experience or procedure date. Just send my request for a consultation this will determine my decision.

Treating myself

I need a tummy tuck soon.

I deserve a makeover...

Been eating clean for about two months and trying to become a vegan--No meat, no diary...seeing great results especially, dealing with fibroids and bloating. It time to treat myself to a mommy makeover..way overdue. "Carrying this sagging skin is not a pretty picture".

Lost over 100 pounds

Lost over 100 pounds naturally with cleanse, exercising, and determination and now my end results is sagging skin..looking to have a tummy tuck, breast lift, lipo inner thighs, and butt lift with fat transfer. Hopefully, I will receive a reasonable quote. Got a formative email for Dr. Robles with the Do's and Don't which I'm more eager to setup something soon but little undecided to travel outside the state.

Pics won't upload

Re quote from Dr . Robles

Waiting for re quote from Dr. Robles. The procedures I prefer Tummy tuck, Breast Lift, BBL, and lipo inner thighs. Hope, she response soon so, I can continue to the next process.

Body Image

Recommendations of Vitamins

Stills waiting on the email about deposit and work forms but the meanwhile Found this youtube video to be helpful on the recommendations of Vitamins by Laura Castro. Folic acid, iron, vitamin C, and B complex. The video didn't mention multi vitamin because most contains vitamins E and A.

Haven't been feeling well.

I received my blood test results and Im vitiamin D deficiency. So, Dr, recommended sitting in sunlight 20 to 25 mins for two days and taking 1000 mg of vitamin D.
So, I purchased vitamins D, C, B complex, iron, and folic acid from the Vitaminshopp buy one get one half off. Since taking the supplements, I m feeling lightheaded and dizzy. So, decided to take the supplements separate. So far, feeling little better but think about trying the liquid formula and going to the ER to get further evaluated. Im standing and bending most of my work shifts and having pain on my right leg. Maybe, it stress related or Im putting to much weight pressure on that side. This why I need to find a surgeon that willingly to do my medical leave of absence paperwork. It been stressful communicating with
Laura about this matter so, I stopped texting her. She respond within two days but not reqesting my only demand." A simple letter that stating Im having surgery and need 4 weeks or more off work." So, taking my time and researching others Dra such as Almonte, Lima, or Baez.

Yaris Sanchez

Browsing through and came across Dominican beauty Yaris.
Not sure, who did her surgery but I love the tiny waistline. Not giving up going to the DR but taking my time to choose the right surgeon. My second pick is Almonte because I read great reviews and she seems to care about her patients health being. Everyone experience and results are different so, Im basing my search on her rating. However, I love Yily and Duran results after reading several incidents mess up their credibility. Questionable??

Preparing to the DR is very frustrating

Finally, received my passport, flight schedule for Monday August 11 with 5 hrs layover in ATL. Don't know what Recovery House Im staying. Emailing and Whatsup Lesley for weeks no response. Work been stressful getting sent home everyday or they trying to find little things as a write-up. It feel they trying firing me before my leave of absence. At this point I want to cancel my surgery.

Things to increase Hemoglobin

Things that I been during over the past months to increase my hemoglobin levels 1) the suggestions vitamins C, B, iron, folic acid 2) Blood Builder 3) blending carrots, watercress, and spinach drinking twice a day. This is on the recommendations list that send by Lesley 4) blend Beets and carrots . And I haven't tried Guave and red pepper. Due that I had my CBC test in April my primary physician wasn't willingly prescribed another test. So, I found information for someone realself profile to goto pay $29 were prescribed the lab form to the nearest clinic such as Labcrop. Should receive results within a week. Haven't did this process just passing on the information because close to my surgery date. Don't think it will benefit me. Going my faith that my levels have increase which I feel increase in energy , alertness, and less cold since taking vitamins and remedies. Decided to ease my mood with some setbacks over the weekend and updates my profile.

Beware of Caretaker and Recovery Houses in DR

I read information of the caretaker Wanda on someone Realself profile. So, I decided to Whatsup her for general information about her caretaker services on the surgery date. This lady has send over 20 messages"If I want to save money that I have a great ideal". She stated, that she has her own recovery house(Home Kindness) and that her place is safe and secure to asks Samya. Who is Samya? Lol. She seems desperate and thirsty for money, so I told her Ill let her know once I get closer to my surgery. Well, she replied, still I will provide the care for you at the clinic while on surgery. Several days went by, on August 1 she whatsup this message"Hello I spoke with Dr. Almonte and remind her about the hr (I guess that surgery) I will see you soon". I was ferious and upset that this lady I don't know took upon herself to make arrangements. So, I email Lesley and Dr Almonte about the situation and screen shots the messages from Wanda. That I feel uncomfortable and not safe going to the DR to have surgery especially, if I have to deal with in greed people. Here's some of the messages.

Whatsup Messages

Boarding Time

The overnight flight for Cali to Atlanta wasn't bad because there were no traffic, less people, quick check-in. The cons long 3 hours 40 minutes flight and very cold on the plane but made it to ATL safely with five hours layover in ATL. Boarding now to Dominican.


Been eating emotional because of a lost of a good friend( ex-boyfriend) but we remain friends for 8 years and conversate two a week. He was killed a week ago and I was unable to attend the funeral. He was so excited about my journey to Dominican Republic. Very heartbreaking.


Due to plane mechanical issues, I arrived in the Dominican Republic two later 4:25p.m. The flight attendants pass out two forms one white form and one form blue. Had to fill out the forms completely with an DR address such as the clinic or the Recovery House. Presented the blue form with passport and $10 for a boarding card to enter the DR. Next, pick up luggage and perceived to the gateway they asked for the previous boarding pass from Atlanta. Then asked for the white form. The guards check the ticket number with the number on the luggage. Thanks to the gentleman who help with the translate because I was clueless. Neper the driver for Dr. Almonte was waiting with a sign with my name. It was extremely hot and crazy driving. Finally, at the clinic I met Lesley and Raquel. Lesley went over the procedures and took the payment. I made partial cash and deposit more into Dr. Almonte account with Bank of America before I left home. There I had three labs done, blood work, cardiologist, and EKG. Dr. Herman Almonte performed the EKG. He seems experience and very professional. I like that he uses alcohol pads to clean the area such as legs , under the breast before testing. All labs work was good. So, I was able to get all procedures breast with implants, tummy tuck, lipo, flanks, and BBL. Stay at the clinic , ate a greasy cheeses sandwich, and took a shower. Lesley and Dr. Almonte came in marker the areas. My hemoglobin was 14.9. Sorry, dont have pictures because my cellphone was dead. Hopefully, I'll get photos from Lesley. I was the first patient the next day 6am August 13. The nurse came in and I took the blue pill and then wheel to the surgical room. I looked around the room it was little dirty. I prays. The anesthesia kick in. After the surgery, I vomiting the whole day but had no pain. Nurses and Dr.? (nice looking man) check on me every hours. Had a pleasant experience. Photos from the Clinic.

Paradise Recovery House

ARrived at the Recovery House the next day August 14. Got to the room and notice my drains was leaking. So, I call one of the caretaker and she came with another lady. So, they took me to the bathroom and they tried to unclog the drains and blood went everywhere. I felt little fainted and lightedheaded, they call Dr. Almonte. Raquel came in show the ladies how to unclog the drains. They wash the garment while Raquel wash me up. I felt a lot better. They call me strong woman because and all the procedures and no pain. Plus, I m moving to fast These ladies at the Paradise Recovery are very helpful. They help with everything drains, food, medications, bathroom, and clothing. I very please with the service. Kayla is a younger girl that above expectation. There two other patients one from New Jersey but from the DR. And ladies from England with her husband. The Paradise Recovery very modern, clean, AC, hospital bed and Wifi with several meals. Too much food. Bed resting for the whole day.

Day 3

Just relaxing and little bored. Going through channels trying to find English channels only a few. Had two bowels movement. Post pics with garment, t-shirt, surgical bar, and maxi pads for the drains just in case it leaks. So far, today was a good day.

Up walking around

Day 5--post-op

I m at the clinic waiting for Dr. Almonte for post-op. She did an amazing job on my breasts not to big or not to small. As far as, my buttock is a little sore. Due to that I didnt have enough fat thinking about a second round next year. I want bigger cheeks (maybe implants) and a thighs lift.

Before photos

Weight Loss

Before surgery-started this amazing products several months ago went from 182 to 160. Plus, it help with bloating and the discomfort of fibroids. The kit includes all-in-one wellness supplements, protein shakes, colon cleanse, and fat burner. More details

Very Disappointed

Can't sleep because my drainage is leaking and sliding out. Therefore, it compressing air and not draining. So, I Whatasup Lesley and send pics of the drains she made a comment did I pull it out. Lesley seems sweet but she has a different side. Once they get your money and you have surgery you're pretty much on your own for aftercare. Today's my last stay in the Dominican and my flight leaves out at 12pm. I have to see Dr. Almonte at 9am before leaving. Instead someone come from the Clinic and check on my drainage, Im laying uncomfortable with bloody bandages and spotted clothes. Secondly, my feet swollen and have a long travel 4 hours flights 3hours layover Plus, another 3 hours to Cali. Not happy with my results, 1) BA with implants I asked for 260 C but got 240 B 2) had a Breast Lift but no transfer fat to the buttocks so, Il still flat. Didn't get what I paid $6400.

Two weeks

August 23..The day traveling back home I had an appointment 9am. Dr. Almonte wasn't there so, Raquel the assistance change my bandages, push the drainage back in, and gave me paperwork needed to travel back to the states. Raquel is nice and helpful but need to work on her time management and be more organized. She couldn't find the paperwork so, I had to wait 15 to 20 minutes. Had to remind her that my flight leave at 12pm and didn't leave the clinic until 10:30 am. It take 45 minutes to get the airport but thanks to the driver Neper I made there around 11. Enter the airport and no one speak English so, I sat in the wheelchair and gave the lady my paperwork and passport. She took my information to the counter and came back with a form in Spanish. It was the same form when I arrived to the DR. Basic questions such name, birthday and etc. Got to the checkpoint and had to get search by the airport security. I was taken to this room and lady patty me down. It was two men and two women he talking in Spanish and only thing I understood was American. Finally, made it to the gate at boarding 11:45am... Today just not feeling my best feet, back, and stomach swollen.

Feeling Better

Since I return home eight days ago , starting the detoxing Zeal for life products, eating low sodium foods, soaking my feet in cold water with ice cubes mixed with alcohol and Epsom salt for 20 minutes. Drinking alkaline water. Thanks to my nutritionist counselor, Im regaining my strength and getting rid of the inflammation and the bad bacteria. Also, I've seen my primary physician which prescribed antibiotics and hydrocodone (pain killers), and a tdap shot( the state in big on this test).

Progress Pics

3 weeks post pics

Haven't purchase a stage2 garment. Funds are low and using what I have at home. Photos were taking over the weekend -- black dress no garment. With white tee and sweat pant - garment and added a surgical waist belt. Start back 15-20 mintues walking routine. Taking vitamins B and C, and Zeal Wellness products. Also, the supplements help with blood circulation, alleviate swell from back and feet, and rebuilding strength.

3 weeks progress

30 days post-op

Today's marked 30 days post-op..Finally, got my menstrual after being two weeks late. Notice a lump in back on my leg very discomfort and painful. Swellings went down 65 percent..walking straight, back, sides don't feel like bricks. Got CG taking in 2 inches, also, wearing a waist binder. When I pickup my garment the seamstress said, "hips went down".lol. I know but still swollen. Increase walking 30-45 mintues. Hitting the treadmill for 3 miles. Drinking a lot of water, detoxing, eating plenty of pineapples watermelon, taking vitamins and supplements. Exercising the butt by Squeezing the buttock several times a day. Cons- a lot of lose skin left on side of breast areas. Feel like I have fluid in my stomach, and breasts seem off-center. Been off work without pay due to paperwork been very stressful. Hopefully, return to work soon. So, no lymphatic massages and new garment until then. Lawd I need financial blessing.

Treating myself

Ready to start back been a long three years. The weather is great and treating myself to a movie.
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