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I had Cellfina May 29, 2015, and the procedure is...

I had Cellfina May 29, 2015, and the procedure is anything but "minimally invasive" as the brochure and internet lead you to believe. I did my research the best I could, and decided against Cellulaze, mostly because of the bad reviews on this site, and elsewhere. The Cellfina felt more like major surgery, and I think I have a pretty high tolerance for this kind of stuff. There was significant bruising, pain and swelling afterward. It has been three weeks, and I am still not healed, and I think my cellulite is much worse. I will now post pictures that are three weeks later, but will also try to post pictures from one day after.


Pictures from during the procedure to one week later. Still not happy with the results.


Today, March 2, 2016 I am still not happy with the results. The reason I have not been back on to update or add pictures is I really don't like thinking about it because I am so disappointed. I do have a follow up with the doctor on March 4th.


I am posting updated pictures after 9 months of Cellfina results so anyone researching this can see it is possible to have bad results, and actually be worse after, not better. My Dr. is going to repeat the procedure (he has never had a repeat cellfina necessary, I am the first) at no cost because of the poor results on March 22, 2016.


These pics are 24 hours after second Cellfina. This time there was very little pain, so much better. I also feel way better recovery too so far, more like sore after a good boot camp workout. Today I am cautiously hopeful for good results. As for the final results, who knows.

One week after 2nd procedure

I do feel good, minimal pain, etc, healing nicely. Today I will go to boot camp class at gym for first time, but feel ready. Thank you everyone for the amazing support!
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