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I have been approved by insurance to have a much...

I have been approved by insurance to have a much need breast reduction with a lift. My main hope with this procedure is to relieve the pain in my upper back, between my shoulder blades, and neck muscles. I would love to go for a run without getting a neck and base of neck headache. I also have tissue damage under my arms caused by tight bras and underwire.

Tomorrow is procedure day!

I went shopping for a couple supportive sports bras today and some tank tops that have the inside support/shelf bra. It is a very odd feeling to think that in 24 hours these tiny tank tops will fit. It has been a wishful thought for years and years now to wear a cute little tank top to bed or around the house with out falling out everywhere =)

Surgery is tomorrow...

I went shopping today to get a couple of supportive sports bras and a couple of tank tops with built in support. It is odd to think that in 24 hrs these tin things will fit. It will probably be a couple weeks of wearing the sports bras, but I wanted to have a couple tank tops on hand. It has been a wishful thought for years and years to wear something like this to bed or around the house without falling out everywhere!

Just a few last "before" pics

I took a couple more before pics this evening. I am feeling a bit sad, like I am saying goodbye to old friends. It is amazing how much self identity comes with being a large breastfed woman. Cheers to new beginnings!

12 hrs post op

The procedure wentry perfectly smooth, and recovery so far has been equally smooth! I have the gauze and surgical bra on, and will leave it on until Thursday about noonish. I am really looking forward to seeing these new tiny boobs! The doctor said she removed 780 grams from my right, and 685 from my left for a total of THREE pounds. Based on her drawings in pre-op the bottom of my new breast is now above where the top of my nipples used to be. Crazy. Here are some pictures from this morning, and of one in the surgical bra
Side note: The t-shirt I put on for bed is so loose! It is hanging lower on my torso because my breasts aren't taking up so much cloth on top AND it is not snug around my upper back! Loving it ready.

48 hrs, first look! So happy with the results!

It has been 48 hrs and since I was so nervous, I called the patient consult called and she walked me through taking off the bandages. There was some dried blood, but everything looked pretty dry. There is one spot that looks like an ozzie scap that needs air, but nothing too concerning the consult said. So, here are day two post op pics.

3 days post

Recovery has gone by very smoothly. I have had very little pain and am down to .5 a pain pill with a 400 ibuprofen every 6-7 hours. I am using maxi pads stuck to the inside of my surgical bra to soak up any oozy discharge and works really well. The toughest part is staying asleep on my back! My hips are achy from being in one position, so I put a pillow under my knees and that has allowed me to rotate my hips without rolling on my side. Here are some pics after day three! All looks like it is healing well!

A before and after (3 days)

Day 6 post op is looking good

I had my follow up today and Dr. Hartman removed the seri-strips. There was a little drop of blood at the base of the left side, but I can tell a new scap is already forming. The doc was very pleased with her work! And so am I!

9 days, really red rash

I woke up this morning with a red rash. Rectangular in shape, about equal on both sides. The MD said that is is probably a heat rash of sorts from being bound up so much and to take benedryl and let them air out. A tad scary...

Rash is fading

The rash turned out to be an allergic reaction to the seri-strips. The day before the rash appeared I didn't shower and kept my whole body very warm and spent most if the day under a blanket. That night I took a really hot shower and didn't air dry for very long because it was so cold. This created the perect storm for a contact irritated rash to appear. I have sensitive fair skin, so it looked really bad and red when I saw it the next morning. The MD identified how the rash was so semetrical and even and how the redness followed along the exact placement of the strips. I have been taking benedryl, taking cooler shower, and making sure to air dry completely.

2 weeks post-op (16 days)

I am feeling really good about the healing process. It has been smooth and fairly painless. I went back to work 2 days ago, at the two week mark, and did just fine! I am tired at the end of the day, but nothing to bad. Other than the allergic reaction to the adhesive on the seri-strips, recovery has been going well. The rash is almost gone.

One month (4.5 weeks) update

It has been a month since my surgery and I am loving life. My breasts are starting to soften, and I can feel the muscles in my upper back and neck starting to relax. I didn't know how much I was hurting everyday! It isn't normal to feel like your shoulders are on fire after a 10 hour day in a bra!

Eight months post-op

Everything they tell you about this procedure being life changing is true. The weight off my shoulders, being comfortable all day in my clothes, and being looked in the eye regularly has changed the way I navigate through the world. Everything has healed beautifully.

One Year Anniversary !

Chico Plastic Surgeon

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