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Is anyone else on an emotional roller coaster...

Is anyone else on an emotional roller coaster about all of this?? Right now I am kind of excited, and after I took some photos of me with my hugely padded DKNY super glam bra (which I've worn every day for the last 2 years, can't buy anywhere anymore and is now being held together with a safety pin.... Literally), and then comparing that to my non-bra photo, I'm kinda convinced this is *necessary*. Lol.

However, I expected to feel only elation but I'm filled with paranoia and self doubt! Am I being too vain, are the risks worth it? No one around me seems to be worried about anything, which is good, but I'm here freaking out about my decision half the time. And, is everyone on this site like 100 pounds and perfect, except for their boobs!! Lol!! Just a little jealous of all the body perfection on here, so I thought I'd represent for some of the more "average" sized girls! Ha! No judgment... Lots of love to you skinny beautiful gals out there!

So, I will try to share some of my thoughts and journey, since I know it has been helpful to me looking at this site, although at times it has also freaked me out!! Starting out at a 34b, hoping to be a full C to small D.

Wish Pics

I will start by saying, it makes me feel SOOOO GOOD when I see MY PS's work as "wish pics" on here! These are mine so far, but I am struggling with "what size are these??". I do not want to go big, because I do not want to end up looking heavy, etc., I just want fuller and proportionate to the rest of my body. So, here are some of my faves.
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