27 5'8" 125lbs Mommy 550cc HP Silicone Unders - Auburn, CA

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I am so excited!!! I have wanted boobs since I was...

I am so excited!!! I have wanted boobs since I was 13! I have always always been skinny and tall and FLAT. I have had two children that I breastfed for 3 years each. I'm all done having kids and ready for my dream to come true. It's happening tomorrow! I still can't decide between 450-550cc hp silicone unders. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!! Especially since my surgery is less than 24 hours from now! I want large but I don't want to look ridiculous. A good solid full D, small DD. I don't know please help me ladies!!!!! I will keep you all posted and add pictures as I go throughout this journey!

Today is the big day!!!

Only 4 more hours to go! I got the kids up and off to school without coffee!!! That is a miracle in itself! I'm starting to feel anxious/worried/nervous!!! I don't know what to expect!!!

Done!!! 550cc hp silicone unders!

Wow what an experience. Sorry I didn't update earlier but I have been down. I feel like I've been hit by a truck. I showed up for surgery at noon and went under at 1pm. The next thing I know is I woke up at 3pm in excruciating pain with big boobs!!! I don't know if it's this painful for everyone or if I just have a low tolerance for pain. The nurse did say that my muscles were really tight so he really had to clamp and claw and pull them off my bone. I think that's where the pain is coming from. Anyways, I came home and the pain was unbearable from 4pm to about 8pm I couldn't even move and then suddenly I felt a lot better. I got up and ate lucky charms! I have not taken off my bandages yet... To sore still but I can't wait to peek! The nurses said they look great! I'm so excited!! I went in and asked for 500cc but they didn't have one so I got 550! They don't seem big at all. They actually fit my body quite well and seem proportionate! I'm so excited!!! I will take pictures later when I get a little bit stronger.

AHHHHH!!!! I shouldn't have looked! I'm freaking out!

Is this normal? They are so deformed!!!!!! I know they have to drop and fluff and it's only been 24 hours but is it normal for them to look like this?

Day two....

They are looking a little better already! Do you think once they settle and drop my nipples will pop back up like they used to?

Day 3!!! Still frankenbooby!!!

Still high and tight and sore! I went pretty large and my frame is tiny. I can't wait for them to drop! I just keep looking at before, immediately after and 6 months post op to try and calm myself down that these babies will get prettier! Also, will my nipples raise back up as the implant drops? I went for a walk yesterday and today I'm going on a little walk and picnic with the family for valentines. The pain is getting better. It mostly feels exactly like when your milk comes in and you are engorged trying to get the baby to nurse! All you moms out there know exactly what I'm talking about!

Valentine's night :) -Still day 3

Just getting ready for bed... Thought I'd take a few more pics. I'm obsessing about them. How they are going to end up looking. All I do is look at women's before and after photos non stop I'm serious. I'm driving my husband insane! Pain is a lot better. I picked up my four year old today just out of habit. I completely forgot and then remembered and set her down right away. I'm a lot more sore in the mornings and if I lay flat on my back I can forget about sitting up on my own without my husband pushing me up. He has been incredible!!! This experience has made me see him in a whole new light and love him even more if that were possible. I didn't think it was at all! He's a proud papa of his new twin girls born February 11th! He was very supportive of my getting them. He didn't really want me to but knew it meant a lot to me. Now he is sooooo happy I did! I almost wonder if he just didn't want to say he wanted them so it wouldn't hurt my feelings that they were so small before. Either way he LOVES them! Even all deformed and wonky! He was so worried before the surgery. On the way there he started talking about "what if he hears my heart monitor flatlining and then 'code blue' over the intercom and then ambulances pulling up" hahahaha! Yeah to say the least he may not always say the right thing at the right time but he is very honest and has no filter which is one of the many many things I love about him! Ok here are a couple more pics. I am so impatient. This wait is the hardest part!!! I check them every few minutes for changes I swear! Thank you so much ladies for all your support! You have been amazing and this site has really really helped me. I cannot even express how much!

Post op check up!

Woo hoo! So excited! And I have answers for you LexiLC...so the doctor said they look really good.... He explained the great mystery of why they are so painful and high! He said that on women with my thin build putting that big of an implant in he does not cut the muscle. Instead he stretches it out and puts the implant behind it. So the muscle is sort of like a bungee cord over the implant! Holding it in place nice and perky to defy gravity and to avoid bottoming out! I guess usually if you are larger build or putting a smaller implant in they cut into the crease, through the muscle and place the implant. I was super concerned about bottoming out so I'm really glad that he did that! However, they are going to be higher and more painful and take longer to drop. He said by May I should be looking good! Also, LexiLC he said my nipples are super high right now (wierd huh) and that once that implant drops into place the nipples pop up and point up. It just takes time and I am the worlds most impatient person!! Ok well I just wanted to give my update! Goodnight all you beautiful boobies!!!


Well I feel pretty much normal now. Haven't taken any pain pills in a couple days. Back a work and so is my hubby sooooo I think I did a no no last night. I work full time and have three little ones so my day is basically non stop from the moment I wake up to the moment my head hits the pillow (like all you mommies out there!) I FEEL fine so I think I thought I could do basically everything again. Last night after work I cleaned the whole house, I mean scrubbed, vacuumed, mopped, etc etc.....( I couldn't stand it one more day! Three kids and the hubby home all weekend without me following behind them to clean up the house was trashed!!) Well this morning my bra won't zip. My tits are swollen. They don't hurt really, just my bra fits differently today, noticeably tighter and my boobs are bigger. I'm wondering if maybe I just overdid it and they are swollen or if perhaps they are dropping and shifting and that's why the bra won't fit anymore? It's the compression bra the doctors office gave me. I called the doctor and left a message so we shall see! :) oh also one more thing... They were pretty even, ugly, but even and now one is bigger/different shaped. And by now I mean the difference from last night to this morning. Any ideas ladies????

Today's photos didn't upload....

Adding the today photos so you can see the size difference. Also please excuse last nights photos in the previous post. Those aren't wierd marks on my boobs those are my 4 year olds peanut butter handprints on the mirror. See why I needed to clean?! Hahaha


Top picture is day 1 post op
Bottom picture is day 6 post op

Are they changing?

Boob envy

I'm going crazy! I just keep looking at all these beautiful boobs and wishing I went bigger now! Hahahaha I think I need to stay off of this for a couple days! I'll be back xoxoxoxoxox

I'm falling in love

I'm just the most impatient person in the world. I tried on something without the surgical bra!!! Love it! Thank you ladies for all your kind words and support and for putting my head back on correctly! Love to all of you!!

Day....11? Lost count hehe

Well not much has changed or maybe I just can't notice because I look at them so darn much! Couple things.... The left is smaller or up higher or shaped wierder.... I don't like the view leaning forward... Looks like my old tiny boobs... I'm thinking this wil change when they drop 100 years from now!!!!! I have no cleavage.... Does that come with d and f? I'm still wishing I went bigger but I think that's only because they are so high and no cleavage yet and I wear a compression bra 24/7 so you really can't tell a difference when I'm dressed. They are so high and in my armpit and pancaked into my bra. It's odd, at times thru seem small and other times they seem huge. I'm thinking once the d n f fairy blesses me I will be one happy mommy!!!! I get my stitches out Wednesday!!! I'll keep you posted!


I know it's early but I'm so excited!!!


I just wanted to let everyone know I'm sorry for not responding to your posts. It has been an extremely hard week. My husband got emergency deployed for a month. We didn't find out until the night before and the next morning he's just gone. I have no way of contacting him or anything. Needless to say I have not been functioning at all. I need to pull it together and get back on track. My boobs are good. I got my stitches out yesterday. They said everything looked right on schedule. I'll post pics later. Geminigirl66 you look amazing!!! And Plumeria thank you so much for your support. And to all the other real self sisters I so appreciate you guys putting all my worries to rest! Thank you guys. I'll get back to you all soon. Xoxoxox

Need to pull out of this

Ok I'm not functioning. I haven't showered since the day he left and we have no food in the house. The poor kids. I need to pull out of this funk!!! I'm not sure why this is worse than any other time he deployed... I'm wondering if it has something to do with my emotions from the surgery? Could it be? I need to go grocery shopping and clean the house and get it together! Any tips ladies?

Day 16 photos

One good thing....

About him being deployed and me having new big boobies is my sexy selfie game just got a whole lot better!!!! He used to only get booty shots! He doesn't have his cell phone though. These have to be printed and mailed. That might be a bit awkward... Thank goodness for the instant kiosks! For the record I am not a selfie kind of girl. Especially not these kinds of shots but I have learned through the years how to get pretty good at it. When your man is gone a lot you do what you can with what you got! After taking them though I thought, these would be perfect to show my real self ladies how things are progressing!!! So I put stickers on my eyes. If you couldn't tell I did shower and put on make up today! Also got groceries!!!!! The house.... Well that's another story! Lucky I still have Sunday! Anyways, it was due to your guys replies that I got my butt in gear!!! I'm dead serious! Thank you so so so much! I seriously love you all!!!!!

Omg one more thing!!!

Two days ago I felt like I pulled the muscle by my armpit and now it's shooting pains down my arm and in my boob. Like its a pinched nerve or tendon. Also if I squeeze my implant it hurt the muscle. Anyone ever had this?


I must be getting back to normal because I'm starting to worry again about boob progress haha! Two things, as you can see from my pre-op pictures my boobs are pretty far apart naturally and I have a large gap. Do the implants get closer together once they drop and fluff or are they pretty much staying as they are in the gap department? Second question, from my crease to my nipple on both sides is extremely sore, as if they are badly bruised. Tender to touch. Is this due to the implant dropping down there or has anyone experienced this? Thanks as usual lovely ladies!!!

3 weeks Progress (?)

Hmmm.... Well I ordered this bra in a 30 D! Band fits perfectly but I cannot breathe!!! Cup size waaaaay to small.... So I'm thinking I'll be more of a 30DDD or more. Anyways, here are my three week pictures... Nothing has changed... Nipples still droopy, breasts are still hard and still sore. Actually more sore than week one but I think it has to do with PMS. My breasts always got really tender the two weeks before. I can't tell if I'm dropping... Maybe a little bit as I can actually feel the a little bit of the bag below my nipples finally. Still a long ways to go... Getting impatient. Also my tits are completely uneven, but seeing as how they are getting more and more uneven over time I am hoping and praying it is just dropping at different rates! I'm pretty sure it is. I can't wait for them to soften!!! And drop!!!! I have moments where my muscle relaxes and it will feel soft and squishy for a minute but then my muscles seem to lock back up. Scars are ok, not really sore... I have no sore cord under both but they don't hurt or anything. I wish I had more to report but I really don't. And I'm working so this is a quickie! Oh and I also have extreme boob greed!!!! They feel tiny to me!!! But after taking these pictures I'm thinking they aren't so small... Also it's wierd, when I'm walking around or laying down I feel my old boobs in my head so I think they are small or in my armpit and then I reach down and touch them and realize they are huge!!!! Still I wish I went 650-750 just to close my gap fully! I want it spilling out my armpits and smashing together in the middle! I think these fit my frame well it's just a personal choice. I just like huge oozing out everywhere really full breasts! Doctor says a lot more changes are in store ahead so we shall see how they turn out! As for how I'm doing emotionally and mentally I'm still struggling with the love of my life gone... But I have fixed that by throwing myself entirely into work... TGIF!!! This weekend I will balance out the rest of me! (House, self care/love, and fun with the kiddos!) Thank you ladies for all your support! I wish I could find a bra that supports me as well as you all do!!! Love and positive energy and thoughts to you! May the boob fairy or the drop and fluff fairy (depending on which you are waiting for) bless you all!!!! Love love love to you strong beautiful independent big breasted goddesses!!!!!!

One more thing....

Have you guys noticed how many reviews there are that are like full reviews and you can tell used to have pictures but now there are none? What is that? Am I missing something? Do I have to be a real friend to see them or did they take them all down?


Just documenting progress!

Free Bra!

If anyone wants it! It's brand new! I tried it on to take the pictures and that was it! It's a 30 D Under Armor zip front sports bra. It was $50 so I just don't want it to go to waste and if I give it to good will... Well not that many unaugmented women are a 30 band and D cup... So I thought I'd try here! Let me know! :)

CC?!!?! Or normal dropping at different rates??? I'm freaking out ladies!!!

Ok so I finally got a camera person!!!! She is 4 so please excuse the blur! Now you guys can see better what I'm talking about! My right boob, the one on your left, is smaller and tighter and more compact than my left one!!! Could this be the beginning of the dreaded CC? They are both the same firmness so I can't tell that it feels hard... It's just definitely way tighter looking and still packed in there compared to the other. These pictures can finally help you guys to see what I'm talking about. I'm so worried!!! My doctor is overseas for two months!!!! I could make an appointment with his nurse but I don't know if that's necessary... It could just be that I use my right hand more and so that muscle is stronger and taking longer to loosen... My doctor does not believe in massage. He wants them to fall on their own... What do you guys think? How do I know if it's just changing at different rates or if it is the beginning of Capsular Contracture? Both my boobs are warm by the way... And I am almost about the start my period... I guess it could be a combination of everything!!! Any advice or suggestions would be awesome!!! Also, what to look for as signs of CC! Thank you ladies!!!!

My hubby has no filter...

Hmm.... I flashed my hubby today on skype... He wanted to see how his girls were doing... I'll tell you something about him right now, he has never had a filter of any kind... He doesn't think before he speaks,... He tends to just sort of vomit words. It has gotten him into a lot of trouble throughout his life but it's one of the things I actually really appreciate about him. What you see is what you get and he's as real as they come. Anyway... I flashed him and he said ... "They are going to get closer together and more even when they drop." That was it. Now, I know I share with you ladies my worries about my gap size but I save him from all that talk so it wasn't that he knew I was worried about that and trying to make me feel better. It was just what he was thinking. Which spun me out. I know I'm sensitive anyway naturally, add a period and him being gone to the mix, and then top it off with my biggest insecurity about my gap size and the uneven-ness and now I'm more worried about it than ever. I don't know that they are going to change much more at all? I mean, they are high profile, and he didn't release my muscle so they will stay pretty high, and unlike my beautiful friend Gemini... Mine are no longer in my armpit. It's all there. What you see is what you get maybe? I'm hoping they change a lot more... How about all you ladies that are a year or more post op... Would you say that your boobs changed dramatically from 3 weeks? I mean I see some reviews where they look completely different and some where they really don't change much at all after three weeks... Have any of you not had your muscle released when the implant was placed? I've tried researching it and never heard of a doctor doing that. Also, can someone define the "fluffing"' to me? I get dropping, the implant placement doesn't actually drop, the silicone inside the bag just settles down to the bottom once your muscle relaxes and let's it go... But what exactly is fluffing? Do they get fuller? Because right now it's like not in my armpit, not in my cleavage line... It's just high and pointy straight out... Like Madonna. Please you boobie veterans tell me what it's like when they drop and fluff! I'm looking/hoping/praying for fullness and for them to kind of be teardrop sloped natural looking breasts. At this point I'm ok with it if you just lie to me and tell me what I want to hear haha! :) my hubby says I worry more than any person he's ever met. And i obsess over it, and it consumes me, and the next thing I know it's 3 am and I'm still looking at pictures of boobs on RealSelf. Help! Hahahaha

Gemini this one is for you!!!

Watch the transformation of this fellow beautiful realselfer! This should give you hope! It gave me some so I just wanted to share with you!

Note: realselfer that I took these from, I'm really sorry and I hope you're not mad! I think your results are gorgeous and I just admire your progress! I removed your name... I know you mentioned how unhappy you were with your results but as you can see... Your results are an inspiration to others and are truly beautiful!

Feeling Funky....

Sooooo....this is going to be a little long winded and rambling as as usual and I feel like a total whiney baby for even saying any of this. First of let me say that I am not an ungrateful spoiled brat, and this post may make you think that! Let me first say that my boobs are a million trillion billion times better than what they were and I am so happy that i was fortunate enough to finally get them and to be in a place in my life where I can afford them and I am also extremely happy that I have not (so far) had any problems, medically, physically, and health-wise. I know that there are horror stories from some women and the things they have gone through is incredible. Things could have gone much worse for me which is why I feel terrible for writing this even! I am so fortunate and blessed. That being said, I just want to share some feelings I have been having. I have only been feeling this way since yesterday so it may well pass and I can change my mind 47 more times between now and tomorrow! It has been known to happen before a time or two! So I don't want this to come across wrong. On the other hand...I have saved up my entire life for this! I have been dreaming of this so long that I want to have the results I am happy with I don't want to settle I suppose. To give you an idea of how long I have wanted this, when I called to make my first initial appointment and they looked me up by my SSN they told me I was already in the system. I told them thats not possible, this is my first time calling. They then listed an address they had for me..It was an address I lived at when I was 12 years old!!! I must have called back then and pretended to be older haha! Anyways...I am feeling quite small, and far apart, and narrow. I wanted big fluffy boobs that touched in the center and oozed out the sides. I have more torpedos I feel like. They are soft and squishy now. I am hoping that my muscle is just binding them together, but then why would they be soft? I am already a month post op tomorrow...I don't think they will change that much more.... My surgeon said I have to wait at LEAST 3 months before I get close to seeing final results and I am holding on to that hope that they will just magically get big and fluffy but alas... I don't know. I wish I would have gone with moderate profile, but it wouldn't fit on my small frame. So here I am. Do i want to go bigger... YES! Can I afford it....NO! I feel stuck with these now and they aren't my dream titties! I tend to act overly positive and happy all the time, even when inside I do not feel that way. I guess it is my facade. Or i am worried about hurting others feelings if I don't seem grateful for all I have. And I do have a lot. So i should shut up. But I paid for my dream breasts. I want my dream breasts. I should have done more research i suppose. Maybe one day, 15 years from now, I will have saved up enough money again to get my dream boobs. However, I wanted them now while I'm young! I still just wear my compression bra and baggy sweatshirts so maybe when I get to wear real bras and cute clothes I will feel differently. Maybe I just need to go try on stuff for a boost. Maybe I need to take the advice of one real selfer on here that told me to lighten up on myself. I have always had that defect of character. I have very very low self worth and esteem and I demand perfection in myself. That is just not achievable, and so I constantly feel like a failure. Something you dont know about me, you can't tell it by my life now, but when I was 14 I had my first love...he was 23....Do you see a problem with this? I sure do now as a mother! I married him on my 18th birthday. He practically raised me, he shaped how i view myself. He was terribly terribly abusive. For years. Let me tell you, the emotional and mental abuse is a million times worse than the physical. I would take a punch in the face any day over the number he did to my head. I got up the courage one day to press charges and leave. I moved 3000 miles away from him to escape. He is serving 20 years in prison for what he did to me. I had every bone in the left side of my face broken, my jaw still pops back into place every time I chew and my eye socket was shattered. I got away. I worked 4 jobs. I took one step at a time and slowly but surely my life fell into place. I stayed single for a long time. I focused on my baby boy. I am a good mom. I do not have social media in fear of my ex. I was so hesitant to post on here, but I so badly wanted to. This is the first step I am taking to no longer live in fear. Why should i not live the way I want and deprive myself of things i want to do because of him? So I made this, and I share, and it helps me and I really hope it helps you. When I met my current husband I was so scared. He was so patient with me and took the gentlest baby steps with everything we did. The first time I got naked in front of him I apologized. He started to cry and just held me. He could not believe why I was sorry for. He has made me feel beautiful. It has not been easy. It was easier to be single. Anyways this is a boob forum so lets get back to the boobs, I did this for me. I want to be happy with the results I have because this was important to me. I don't really know where I am going with this post. I think mainly I don't want people to think I am not grateful with what I have. I am. I just wish I could do it all over again knowing what I know now. I want to tell you all to go bigger! But that is not the case every time. I guess, go with the look you truly want. Don't be conservative if you don't want to be! Don't be conservative because you're worried about what people may think, or your husband is. If you want HUGE FAKE boobs then get them!!! I guess I wanted HUGE FAKE boobs. I was just too embarrassed to say that because I think that makes me sounds less of a lady and mom. If you want smaller, natural boobs then get them!!! Just get what YOU want inside. Ignore all of the other factors. Get the look you want deep down and pretend that no one else in the world will hear what you tell your surgeon. I told my surgeon I wanted a C cup because I had convinced myself that was what I wanted. And I didnt want to sound bad or be judged. Now I know I didnt want a C cup! I don't know how I got influenced to thinking that. So get what you want! This is something a lot of us have waited for our whole lives! Don't hold back! Don't worry about anyone else, because in the end this is your decision and your body and you have to love your result! Us moms especially, our whole lives are selfless...do something for you. Be selfish for once!!! You deserve it! Thanks for putting up with me ladies! You have no idea how important you all are to me in my life. Seriously. You don't know it but you make a huge difference and you all help me so much! Couldn't do it without you! If I could bake you each a cake I would! I am going to be totally embarrassed tomorrow for posting this today. I am sure I will feel differently and then just be embarrassed for oversharing about myself in a moment of weakness but I'm going to press post anyways... what if it could help someone? Thanks and I'm sorry! I'm not crazy I promise. I think i just overshare maybe. But why hold back? Life is short and everything happens for a reason right? Maybe this is all part of the journey. I want to document a real journey. Not just get on here and say how everything is rainbows and butterflies!!!! It is ups and downs for sure! Hopefully, two years from now, my final post will say..... I could not be happier! We shall see. There is always hope! Things can always change and always get better! I can tell you that just by where my life is today as opposed to ten years ago! Hang in there ladies! You are all beautiful! :)

He is not just a plastic surgeon he is a true artist! Dr. Freed is the best doctor there is! He and his staff were wonderful and sweet! I am soooo happy!!!! He has made my dreams come true! This has literally changed my life. I owe it all to Dr. Freed and his staff. Kim was absolutely the sweetest person I've ever met. The kind of person your heart feels warm just being around. She made the whole surgery completely comforting. Billie and Nancy are just awesome too! I loved the whole experience. Thank you guys so much!!

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