29 with 3 Kids Getting Bbl - California, CA

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Hello everyone. So I'm going with dr ghavami in...

Hello everyone. So I'm going with dr ghavami in California for my s curve procedure also known as bbl. I researched many doctors and many were a lot cheaper but I love dr ghavami's pics and videos. I feel like he is a real artist. My surgery is on April 29,2015. I'm so nervous. I even thought about changing my mind but already paid for my procedure. I just hope all goes well and I look even if that makes any sense. I fly back home may 9 so I'm nervous about the sitting on the plane. Does anyone have suggestions. Also what should I bring as far as for healing and stuff. I'll post pics soon before surgery. Also dr ghavami staff is amazing especially sadaf

11 days before surgery

Here are my before pics. 11 more days til my bbl. I need bro call my doctor for my lab results Monday morning hope all is well so I don't have to change my date

Labs came in today

Hello everyone so my labs did come in and everything was normal except my vitamin d was low but I still was cleared for surgery. So I'm definetly getting my bbl done April 29. Honestly in my opinion dr ghavami and his staff seem great because they always respond to all of my emails immediately but lately and I know it's too late but I've been reading really bad reviews lately and it's really scaring me. I honestly don't even want to get my surgery done any more but I doubt they'll give me a full refund. Please if you had a bbl done by dr ghavami give me feedback. Also should I bring extra fajas with me because everyone's pictures on this site there fajas are all bloody


Hello everyone. I need to ask am I the only one having dreams and nightmares every night as surgery date comes closer. I can't even sleep because excited , scared, and nervous. I have three beautiful kids and I just pray I make it on the other side. Am I the only one who feels like this before surgery?

7 days left until surgery

Only 7 days left and have mixed feeling I just hope everything goes well. Smithers count down begins I leave April 27th which is my bday I go in on the 28th to see dr ghavami and my surgery is on April 29. I'm mostly worried about leaving my kids behind with there aunt. I never been away from my babies for so long 11 days to be exact. Also here are my wish pics same person in all and she had a bbl done by dr shahine in nyc. I didn't ho to him because he's not board certified

Add on from last post

Why do we show wish pics lol. I know I will never look like that but a girl cN dream right

4 more days

Hello everyone so 4 days left until my bbl with dr ghavami and I feel okay I guess. I went and got all my supplies yesterday but instill need to get an arises toilet seat with handles some chux and scar cream and I will be done. My flight to Cali leaves on Monday April 27th. So the count down begins

new pics before bbl

4 days before bbl pics I hate my cellulite. So I never told you lovelys what I'm getting done so he's taking fat from my inner thighs flanks back and stomach

I'm finally here in California

Hello everyone so I arrived in California last night and today I go in to see dr ghavami so I will update when I get back to the hotel. I can't believe my surgery is tomorrow

Surgery day

Ok so today I am having my bbl at 1pm in Cali and I'm so excited and of course nervous. I saw dr ghavami yesterday and I must say his office and staff is so amazing. I feel like there family. They make you feel so comfortable and they take there time. One of his staff her name is sadaf is sooooo amazing I can't express how amazing she is. She is really sweet and patient always answers my emails immediately and when I finally met her in person she was even more amazing. Also dr ghavami is very handsome in person. He is also very sweet. I hope I have great results. I hope I won't need a second bbl. I asked dr ghavami about waking up during surgery and he said that never happened with him so feeling a little better. Wish me luck everyone


Sorry everyone so today has been 2 days since my bbl and I just feel so sore. I don't feel any pain just stiff and sore. Tomorrow I get to take a shower so I'll post pics of my new body then. Right now I don't see much of a difference because I'm so swollen and I'm stuffed with foam pads. Doc said he put 1000 cc in each cheek I was hoping for like 1500 or more but I do look a bit fuller so I'll see. Also my face hands and feet are very swollen . I'm draining a lot from my left knee. I did add my knees last minute. I have been laying on my stomach for two days which is really uncomfortable to my back. I'm sure I will love my end results once all the swelling goes down. Also I did want to add that the things I used the most is my urinal which is a must lots of chux lots of tape ang gauz my arnica and all the med the doc gave me. I did not feel nauseous so I did not take those pills. Well until tomorrow

7 days since bbl

Sorry I have not given any updates I was not feeling well. So after my bbl I took a cab with my husband back to the hotel and I did lay on my stomach in the cab. Day one after my bbl I was not in pain just really sore but I did have the huge amount of pressure in my head. It was like my head was filled with fluid and it wanted to explode. I think it's from either the anesthesia or the Meds they gave me but I never felt pain like that in my life. This lasted til about day 6 I still have a headache but not so much pressure. My first shower on day 3 was awful and I though I would love it. When my garment came off I felt like I was gonna pass out so I layer on the bed naked and my husband washed me and when I was able I went in the shower to rinse off. I could not wait to put my garment back on. I didn't shower again til day 5 and it went the same way. Tomorrow I go back in to have my stitches removed. So far my results are not what I wanted but I have to wait for the swelling to go down. From the side my butt looks flat and the left butt cheek is still kind of square. I do hope it rounds out like my right cheek. I know it's too soon but I still want a bigger butt and more rounded hips. He is a great doctor so I do have hopes that once the swelling goes down the left cheek will round out. I must stress out that I really have no pain it just feels like I worked out for a year straight. Any way please be honest and give me your opinions and advise and knowledge. Also I will take more pics tomorrow.

13 days post op

Hi everyone. So for the past few days I been feeling good.my left butt cheek still looks a bit square still but the doc said they won't be exactly alike but will improve over time once all the swelling goes down. Over all I do like my results. I still have my foam pads on so I'm not gonna post any pics yet because there's no difference from my last pics. I'm still swollen and have that big puff pouch over my vagina. I hate that.when is it going to go down? I'm still bruised.i try not to sit on my butt at all but sometimes I have no choice like yesterday I had a dentist appointment . And I still have to drive once in a while. I do notice my butt has a dip like a dent but only on the right cheek. I think it's from sitting ugh. I hope the end results are amazing and I don't lose any fat.

Finally able to sit

Hi everyone! So I'm in my 4th week and I'm still sore and swollen. No pain or itching yet.imstarted sitting on my butt but I still sit on a pillow or I lean forward when I sit so all my weight is not on my butt. I can't get comfortable sleeping on my back yet maybe it's just my paranoia. I will post updated pics but I think I want to go for round 2. I really wanted bigger and rounder. My square but is slowly coming back. My doctor did great but the fat is not staying. I was also hoping for like 1800cc or more I only got 1000 in each cheek but that's my fault I was not specific enough. I would love for dr ghavami to perform my second bbl but I don't want to travel ass far because my flight back was so long and uncomfortable. My feet swelt up like balloons on Memorial Day because I was on my feet all day cooking. I am still very tender and a little bumpy under my skin. I was hoping to stay in ny for my second bbl but can't find good enough doctors that know what a big butt is. My belly button looks gross and above my vagina. Can't wait for the swelling to go away. I also weigh the same as I did before I had surgery . I'm 5'2 weight about 174
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In my opinion so far his office is very professional

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