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Hello all, I'm finally going to take the plunge...

Hello all, I'm finally going to take the plunge and get butt implants. After stalking this site and others reviews I finally decided to bite the bullet and do it. I'm 5'5 @ 160 lbs, hoping for nothing smaller than 600cc's. I narrowed my doctors down to Dr Stanton, he has done the most procedures here on RS, and had the best reviews and results, so I chose him. Spoke with Mindy this morning after sending over my pictures and wish pictures on last Friday, September 3rd. The earliest she xan get me in is September 22nd, so I chose that date. I want to thank all Dr. Stantons patient's, too many to name but a big shout out to PerfectBooty4me, she inspired me the most since she done it alone as I'll be doing as well. Wish me luck and I will continue to keep you all updated. My phone consultation is tomorrow at 5, so I'll know then if I'm a candidate for rounds or ovals, hoping for ovals. I need all the help I can get. Any suggestions or feedback you can give will be greatly appreciated.


So I had my consultation with Dr Ryan on Wednesday. After speaking with him and the viewing of my pictures he told me I had an oval butt, which means I would be a candidate for his new ovals, size 500cc. I expressed to him that I wanted the biggest he carried and plenty of projection and fullness. He said he could give me plenty of projection and fullness but wouldn't guarantee a certain size for sure until he measured me or the day of surgery when he can see the muscles and what can fit. He said forcing a size larger than my muscle could cause complications. My surgery is set for September 22nd at 7 in the morning. I spoke with Mindy immediately after and she was going to email me a list of do's and donts along with what all I'll need but I haven't heard from her. I sent her an email asking for my before appointment time and follow up day and time so I can book my flight but no response. I have paid my down payment and my final payment is due this Friday, so hopefully I will hear from her. Can anyone suggest a hotel or bed n breakfast for me, it would be greatly appreciated?! Wish me luck and thanks in advance. I sure hope 600cc's give me a nice big full projection ass!!! I really don't want to regret this procedure if I don't get the results I like or was expecting.

These are all my wish pictures

Hello all, these are my wish pictures. I'm so praying n hoping Dr Stanton can give me exactly this. :)

More before pictures.

I'm getting closer to my surgery date, thought I'd post a few more before pictures. I'm so nervous and excited at the same time. I'm ready to get this done and over so I can be 2 weeks in recovery. I'm a stomach and side sleeper so hopefully this process won't be too difficult. I've started taking my vitamins and wondering if I should began my stool softeners now or after surgery. Can any of you tell me how soon can I get up and start moving around post op? I'm in Los Angeles for 6 days and I don't want to spend all my time in bed or the hotel room. I hate that I don't have a booty buddy just yet so I could get out n sit without being in pain. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Surgery date is less than a week...

My surgery date is less than a week. I've picked up all my prescriptions, purchased my vitamins and started taking them. My concern now is the liposuction I'm having done on my flanks/waist. Can anyone tell me if getting liposuction on my love handles will make my waistline smaller, and if so how much smaller will Dr Stanton go? Is the flanks, love handles, and upper back the same thing? Any information feedback you give me will be greatly appreciated. Now all I need to do is pack. I'm so excited and nervous all in the same sentiment.

Quick Update on todays consultation

I met Dr Stanton today at my consultation, he was running behind schedule due to he had a complication fixing another surgeons butt implants mistake. However, he fitted me and informed me that I could in fact get 600cx's implants, which is what I wanted. So I'm happy about that. My surgery is at 7 in the morning, I'm the only surgery he has booked for tomorrow, so I feel good about that. I'm so tired right now I can barely keep my eyes open. Dr Stanton is very professional and attentive, he answered my questions and addressed my concerns, he showed me the areas where I'd be getting my liposuction. He stated once he's done I'll have a much smaller waistline and it will be a nice enhancement to his butt implants. Mindy was super nice and she's so pretty too, very fit and toned. I'm turning in for the night as I'll update you ladies after my surgery tomorrow. Please keep me in your prayers, I'm super nervous about being put to sleep.

Day one after surgery

Today I'm moving much slower than yesterday. The day of surgery I got there at 7 on the dot, door was locked. The nurse Adam showed up and let me in 5 minutes after. I had paper work to sign then they took me to the back to change. I met the anesthesiologist, who was very nice. He explained all they were going to do prior to surgery. Then Dr Stanton arrived, he called me over into a smaller room so he could take pictures and mark me up. Then I walked over to surgery room where Adam and the anesthesiologist was to get started. Really after this point I don't remember anything but waking up in recovery. I was on my butt, so I asked Adam to turn me and he did. I was given some crackers and apple juice. They kept me in recovery for 45 minutes b4 calling my ride. Adam helped me get dressed. I made it to my room and slept till noon, btw I woke up in recovery at 10:45, so I don't know what time Dr Stanton was done with me. I was moving around like nothing, no pain just stiffness. Right now it's difficult being on my stomach because I can't be on my sides or my back. But since I'm a stomach sleeper I rest n sleep very well. I'll update more later, if you have any questions ask away. Just give me time to respond. Thanks ladies

Here are more pictures

Today was a little rough, but nothing i couldn't handle.. I'm just trying to be careful of getting an infection. I showeres today and that felt so good,, I didn't want to get out. Right now as I type this I'm starting to feel nauseous...

Almost 2 weeks post op

Tomorrow will make 2 full weeks for me. So far everything has been going well. Every now and then I'll get these sharp pains from my butt running down to my legs, but it's bare able. Still sleeping on my stomach, which is tiring since I can't be on my sides. My eating is back to normal, and I get around much better. I'm loving my results so far, just can't wait for them to drop and fluff out more. Sure wish Dr Stanton could have given me at least 660cc's, I'm booty greedy. I'll post some pictures I've taken last week when I made one week. The nude pictures I took today. I'll update agaon once I make a full month.
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