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I had gluteal implants done in March 2015. They...

I had gluteal implants done in March 2015. They were rounds and didn't fit my body properly. I went with rounds because of the fact I lift weights and had heard the ovals tend to spin. Well, with the rounds I have a double bubble. This is incorrect and isn't going to settle into the proper position. I'm not a fool. This has been the most emotionally draining summer ever. I can't live like this so the revision must be done.

Financially speaking, I really don't have the money and I'm having to use more credit than I am comfortable with. Besides the actual proceedure I have the expense of a hotel, rental car and airfare for two. Totally upsetting.Emotionally speaking, if I'm not even able to put into words how upsetting this has been. I get to go through all the pain again with the benefit of walking through LAX after surgery and flying 6 hours home. But it needs to be done. I'm a freak that can't go out in a bathing suit or anything form fitting. It was bad enough before surgery. I had the surgery to improve my self-esteem. Instead, I feel alone and sad and totally unattractive. I feel I have been robbed of not just my money but what little self-esteem I had to begin with.I've decided to go to Dr. Stanton in California. He's done quite a few revisions for the same problem I'm having and they turned out nicely. I may not look exactly like what I want but at least I'll look normal again. I can't find excitement over having one of the toughest surgeries AGAIN. Nor do I expect miracles. Some girls get a great shape from this surgery. I'll be lucky to have a normal appearance. I'm bummed out and ready to have it done with all at the same time but I still have to wait.I'll let you know how it all goes.

Thanks for the support

To all you out there with words of encouragement and support, I want to say thank you! When I initially started going through the motions for this second surgery I was terrified and justifiably outraged. Without all your kind words I feel I would still be feeling very down and out. I'm actually starting to get excited about looking nice, at least normal, and my pants fitting properly. I'm also excited about getting to wear my exercise clothes again.

So a big thank you to all of you out there who care enough to send well wishes my way!

Somewhere along the line...

Somewhere along the line I had almost forgotten has bad my butt looks,especially in stretch pants. I've been wearing some stretch pants for a couple days now and never gave it a second thought. I never even looked in the mirror to check my appearance. Well...needless to say, today I looked. OMG!!! I believe I have made the right choice in having it revised.

Recent pictures 5 months and almost two weeks

Here's my most recent pictures. We took these day before yesterday. Accurately 5 months and 8-10 days post-op.

It's getting real!

Its getting real! Yesterday I made my final payment to Dr. Stanton's office. I'm nervous but ready. As some of you know I live on a boat. We really do travel and I really love the sunshine. This process was initially supposed to be a way to make me more comfortable in my own skin...especially while wearing a bathing suit. All clothes in general, but especially the bathing After the first attempt with failure I am nervous. But I have spoken to Mindy multiple times and she's amazing and from all of Dr. Stanton's reviews, our consultation and after talking to Mindy my mind is finally relaxing to the idea of another surgery and having faith it will work out. Back to the finer point. I will finally be able to be back in the sun sooner than later. So,this morning, we have started making plans for our next sailing adventure. I'm ready for the next chapter!

It's real!

It's real! We are flying out from ft. Lauderdale at 9:30 this evening. I'm glad it's a straight through flight since we are leaving out so late. I'm nervous but ready to have it done and over with. On the bright side, I'm going to get to see some things I've always wanted to see. We should have gone a day earlier and I might have been able to do more sight seeing. Oh well! At any rate, I will update you tomorrow and hopefully the day of surgery.

Super worried!

First, I would like to thank all the ladies out there for the kind words and support I have received over the past few days. If I didn't personally thank you it was an oversight or my Internet wasn't working. I have seen them and truly appreciate them and you!

Back to being super worried. I went and saw Dr. Stanton today. Good new is I think he knows what he's doing and is going to do a beautiful job. He is attentive and articulate. He really examined me. He pushed around on my implants, measured my behind and showed my husband the size of the implant and where it will actually be placed.

The bad seems that Dr. Gershenbaum may have lied and placed my implants sub-fascia (which he said he no longer did because he didn't like the way it looked) except for the very bottom of the implant. I can only imagine that if he slipped the bottom of the implant into the muscle he only did so to keep it from drooping and maybe I wouldn't realize it was actually placed sub-fascially. With that being said, Dr. Stanton said he can't tell me exactly how the implants were placed for sure until he's in there but he is under the impression they weren't placed intra or sub-muscularly. I'm so mad about that prospect my insides are vibrating.

Back to good news. If the bad news is true Dr. Stanton gets to insert the new implants like it is the first time I'm having surgery and the pocket will be fresh. Back to bad news. If they are sub-facia I'm going to have drains. And even after those are removed a seroma can form and I will have to have the fluid drained.

I'm worried something fierce that if it hurt as wickedly as it did the first time and they weren't placed properly how much more pain am I going to be in this go-round!?!

Back to good I know I just wore that out. Anyway, my surgery is the first of the day tomorrow.

Until the next time.

Surgery is complete

Surgery is complete. There was a lot of work Dr. Stanton had to do to fix my problem. As he suspected the implants weren't sub/intra muscular. So I have drain tubes. These things are the most uncomfortable things ever. The muscles where the implants are now placed are sore but quite tolerable. I believe I will heal nicely and it will look great. Six months from now I should look fine and be hitting the beach. There's hope! Dr. Stanton is a perfectionist. And for this, I am most grateful.

Thanks to everyone out there who gave me their support.

Tubes removed

I've been back in Florida for a week and had my drain tubes removed last night. I'm very happy and much more comfortable without them. It really didn't hurt much when they were removed. In fact, the stitch removal was the only thing that hurt. I never even felt the drains actually being removed. Which is awesome! Anyway, today my butt feels better and so do my legs. The drains must have been pressing on some specific nerves. Now I just pray I don't develop a seroma.

I don't have any pictures yet. I'll take some in the next couple weeks so you can see the progress. So far it's still high and tight but it looks natural already. Something I haven't seen in over 6 months. I'm very happy I went to Dr. Stanton for the revision. He truly is the butt king! I wish I would have gone to him in the first place. Oh well. Hind sight is 20/20.

I don't know what dr. Gershenbaum did to me the first time but Dr. Stanton said that my revision took the longest out of any he has EVER done. I was in surgery for three hours. Dr. Stanton said he had major repair work as the round implant was placed deep in the muscle then brought back out to the sub-facia level (basically I was a guinea pig with two separate pockets for an implant made). I am healing so much quicker withan much less pain this time than when Dr. Gershenbaum did the surgery. My suggestions for anyone thinking of going to Gershenbaum. ...DON'T! Spend a few extra dollars and make the trip to California if you don't already live there. It's worth it. What I have gone through with the first surgery, isn't. I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy.

Right now I have more pressing issues to deal with such as an impending hurricane. If you live in Florida on the east coast be careful. If not, I'll see you on the other side of this storm.

Having a set-back

Ok. So it seems I am having a slight set-back in recovery. I'm not sure what I've done, aside from possibly sitting too long (only on my BBL pillow) that could be causing me this amount of pain in one butt cheek but it's happening.

I spoke to Mindy at Dr. Stanton's office and she said it was probably just where he had so much repair work to do and since one side is generally more sore than the other it's most likely nothing to worry about.

I'm babying it. But it didn't hurt this much right after surgery. I'm really upset. Discouraged even. At least this time I know it wasn't the doctor. I'm just tired of always being in pain. I'm just tired.

On the bright side, it is looking considerably better. I'll put up more pictures when I have the energy.

One month post-op

I'm just past the one month post-op.

Still laying on my face most of the time. Unable to sit for any extended period of time. Still swollen on the right side. Limited mobility and strength.

Dr. Stanton informed me that I may never look 100% like I wanted to since Dr. Gershenbaum mutilated my behind and there was sp much repair work done. For this I'm s and realize I should have made Dr. Stanton my first choice.

Needless to say I'm feeling very agitated. Anger is useless. I think I'm going to nicely ask for my money back. I'm sure I'll never see it but I don't know of any other way to deal with my emotions right now. I can't just sit on them. No pun intended.

Anyway, I was feeling well enough a few days ago to take pictures. You see the noticeable difference in cheek size but the shape Is already better.

Seroma drained.

Yesterday I flew back to California at Dr. Stanton's request. He reviewed my photos and believed I had developed a seroma...which I had.

Last night after three hours of car rising and 5 hours of flight time I was swollen from my behind to my toes with sharp shooting pain down my leg. I almost couldn't wait to have fluid drawn off.

This morning Dr. Stanton removed nearly 200 CCs of fluid from my butt cheek. Instant mobility relief.

I'm still in pain, which I expected as he had more repair work to do on that side. AND I'm still in tummy-time mode. AND I can sit more easily but still not for long periods of time. I'm sure I will be in tummy-time mode for a while just hopefully not developing any more fluid that can potentially redevelop. Dr. Stanton told me to watch my salt intake and to relax and not over-do things. SO that's what I'm doing.

Good news is while I'm back in California we've made plans to go to Griffith Observatory/park, Marina Del Rey, Venice Beach and maybe the Santa Monica Pier. Not TOO much sitting or walking..I hope.

That's it for now. I'll keep you up-to-date on my healing.

Still swollen

I'm still swollen. Hoping I don't build more fluid and it reabsorbs on its own. If it doesn't I'll either have to fly back to California on my own or find someone local to aspirate the fluid. I feel like this will never end. I should be enjoying my new look. INSTEAD I stress over it. I'M trying hard to take it easy and not worry too much. This last part is the hardest for me.

I'm attaching pictures that were taken after the draining but before I flew home.

Two months post-op

It's two months post-op. The shape is looking amazing. (I'll take pictures later on today and post them).

The seroma I developed and had partially drained by Dr. Stanton, finally drained completely. However, about the time the seroma was about finished I developed a blister. A very sore and red blister. In my crqck by the incision. I was extremely confused. Needless to say, I contacted Mindy again. After we had a conversation and she saw pictures, she showed them to Dr. Stanton. He decided it was an absess. It burst open about two weeks ago and is still draining, off and on. I had to take another round of antibiotics. It seems to be getting better. Mindy said it would take a while. I'm praying it will be finished in the next week or so.

Around the time I developed the absess I also started having extreme pain in my lower back and leg on the right side. The pain is minimized by applying heat but it never quite stops. At least with the pain from the absess almost gone I can recognize that the pain is most likely nerve pain. It's all connected. I push on one painful spot and it hurts somewhere else. I can also feel the bottom of my right implant. Which makes sense, seeing as to how deep Dr. Gershenbaum dug in on that side. Dr. Stanton said he had to go as deep. Nothing he could do about that. Let's hope this goes away as well. If not, this is dibilitating. I am now walking with a limp.

Anyway, I'm hoping in time all my pain will subside and all will be well. And as stated before I will post pictures later on today (maybe tomorrow) depending on if my husband isn't too busy to help me out.

Working on three months...

Working on three months post-op. I am terribly sorry I haven't posted more pictures yet. I'm still draining and dealing with the absess and nerve pain. I'm going back and forth from the couch cushion to the bbl pillow. It feels better that way. I did manage to get my home cleaned this week but I seem to have aggravated my situation. C'est la vie!

I'm hoping to be a bit better by Christmas. We have about 9 hours of travel day one and a few days later 4-5. Nit to mention my sister bought tickets to see the Nutcracker and would really hate to figit the entire time. With all the expenses I've incurred I'm lucky to be giving my daughter Christmas at all and see my family. To make issues worse my car died. Literally...won't even try to start. Something is wrong with the computer. It costs more than the car is worth but I can't afford a new one. If I ever start to feel better I think I'm going to have to get a job. Not that I mind but we move around a lot. Hard to keep jobs when you're always moving.

Anyway, enough belly-aching. I'm hopeful that soon I will feel better. Life back to normal.

Pictures later. I promise!

Third round of antibiotics

So Mindy called in my third round of antibiotics for the absess I have. She says it looks like it's almost finished and this round should take care of it. I pray this takes care of it. I'm over pills and pain and my butt leaking. Sounds worse than it is but that's my sense of humor. And if I don't joke I might cry. Anyway, I can't wear sexy underwear until the draining is finished. Not that I'm feeling sexy. I'm gaining weight, my butt is not symmetrical at this moment due to slow healing and swelling and I've been down far too long. I'm feeling it emotionally and physically.

Not going to be a downer Debbie so on the bright side of things I'm sitting on my butt more, the bbl pillow less. I went grocery shopping and to Walmart for some Christmas items. Made it several hours and could still sit down. Bonus! Christmas is looking up. Maybe I'll make it through the Nutcracker afterall.

Maybe since I'm feeling so much better tomorrow I will have my husband take some pictures. I just don't know how to do it by myself. At least not well.

At wits end.

I'm at my wits end. After almost three months of antibiotics I had to make another trip to California to have Dr. Stanton check out my draining. He numbed me up and peeled the scab off the drain hole. Then he managed to pull a glob of something out. This was most likely a suture knot that didn't get absorbed. That's the good news. Here's the bad news. I have exposure of my implant. Dr. Stanton said it is a small exposure; the size of a pencil eraser. My options were try wound care by packing the open cavity (drain hole to implant) with guaze and medicated sodium chloride for up to a month. If it heals, great. I keep my implant and move on with life. If it doesn't heal the implant has to be removed. So here begins the most troubling part for me. Physically I want to be well. Emotionally I want to keep my implants. The option to have the implant replaced is on the table but it has truly become an issue of money. I'm really quite tapped out. So I'm trying to be logical and come to peace with the fact that if I have to have one removed then the other needs to come out. However, I'm still waiting for Mindy to let me know the prices for all of my options. So yeah, I'm reaching my wits end. I'm truly feeling heart-broken and defeated.

Sorry I don't have good news.

Starting over

As of February 9 I had my implants removed. Thanks to Dr. Gershenbaum in Miami my butt is much worse than when I had implants to start with. The right side developed too much scar tissue wheRe he wove the implant in and out of the muscle and left it mostly sub fascia. It actually caused tissue death...yes folks, that's what happens when the implant is placed sub fascia. So therefore I am left with one side completely hollowed out where the first implants were placed and the right side is completely flat as a board but once the scar tissue starts to break down that side will also hollow out. I would like to take pictures so you can see but I'm actually horrified at what I see. This is way worse than what I started with. I don't even look human. I'm heartbroken.

My plan at this point is to heal, start lifting weight again and see how much I can improve upon the hidiousness of my appearance. Then if I still look sub-human I will most likely have to have the implants again.

I want to clarify some things before I leave this post. Dr. Stanton is not just a great plastic surgeon, he is a great doctor. He never lied, misled or dismissed me. In my opinion, Dr. Gershenbaum used me, and most likely others, as guinea pigs. He certainly lied and deceived me and blew me off.

My biggest mistake was not going to Dr. Stanton the first time just to save a buck. I wouldn't be writing this post right now. I would be past this buying new bathing suits and planning my next sailing trip instead of planning to remove drain tubes and praying I can get through the next six months and heal and hopefully not look like a freak forever.

A word of advice. Anyone thinking of getting implants do your research thoroughly. Understand a DO (doctor of osteopathy) isn't the same as a licensed plastic surgeon. If they aren't a licensed plastic surgeon steer clear. If it doesn't feel right, it isn't. If you feel like you're not getting the right answers, the attention, honesty you deserve...walk away. And if it's a money issue, set up a separate account and start saving the difference and go where you KNOW the treatment will be correct. I ended up spending more than $28,000 in surgeries, repair, medicines, flights, car rentals, food, etc., just to have them removed and look like a freak. When I could have paid $10,500 (procedure, airfare, hotel, car rental, food included) and had it done right the first time just by going to Stanton.

If you live in Florida and want to have your surgery in Florida that's fine. But understand, in my opinion no one should even entertain the thought of going to Gershenbaum. I think he looks at people as dollar signs and not humans. I think he is willing to use people as guinea pigs. I believe he lies, misleads and deceives all in the name of the all-mighty dollar. It supercedes the fact we are humans.

Also, just as a side note, Florida is a state that doesn't make medical professionals carry malpractice insurance. It's kind of like having an accident in a no-fault state. Unless you have a ton of money that can buy the best lawyers and all the time in the world to spend in courts, you will most likely never see your money again.

Don't be like me. Don't be heartbroken.
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

I can't describe everything yet as I haven't had the surgery. From the phone consultation I had with Dr. Stanton he is very honest, forthcoming with information and didn't rush me. His office staff has been very helpful and nice.

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