53 and Late to the Party!

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It is late at night before my surgery. I'm 53...

It is late at night before my surgery. I'm 53 and been wishing and wanting to get this procedure since my late 30's. Life, finances and work have all been a distraction to getting my smalls fixed.

I am fit and measure at a 32 dd---seems crazy but it is only because my breasts are wide even though small. My goal is to increase my size to fill out my bust to be in proportion with my shoulders and butt. I breast fed for 5 years and my bust is a deflated and low. I want them to have volume and projection to look good in clothes and to feel sexy when I look in the mirror. My husband is supporting my decision.

Day three

Had no idea I would be this uncomfortable! My breasts are so swollen I feel like I'm over engorged and need to nurse a baby. I have been on Norco, Valium, Keflex and Colase on a regular schedule but last night decided to cut Norco in half. Took an extra strength Tylenol this am and nothing else. Need to get the bowels moving again! I will keep the Keflex and Colase on board.

I really hope the swelling will begin to subside today and tomorrow. I have been sleeping propped up on the sofa (head and legs) and want to be able to sleep in my own bed asap.

I have been moving my arms gently over my head to regain range of motion. My right side seems to hurt less and I think it is because I am right-handed and have been using it more out of habit.

feeling better!

today is day 5 post op. The mornings have been so painful with "morning boob." On a scale of 1-100 today is an 85.

Yesterday saw my surgeon and she removed the clear wound seal that was covering my stitches (I could shower the day after surgery with these). My stitches looked good and they will dissolve on their own over the next week or so. She is very happy with my outcome, as I am too! I

I can feel on my right side the implant is dropping into place quicker than the left, neither were very high but I know the conical shape will soften when the implants drop. I'm trying to use my left hand and arm for a little more movement hoping it will speed the drop a bit.

TMI but now bowels are back to normal, I stopped the stool softener. To be honest, the Norco just made me groggy and sleepy and I am getting the same pain relief from tylenol and an advil mix. I take the advil two hours after the tylenol, keeping them staggered during the day, and at night taking the valium. I slept better last night and even turned to my side! I am going to go back to my own bed with no propping.

My surgeon put me in a Marena surgical bra post op--front closure with adjustable shoulder straps but it is black so I ordered a nude one on Amazon--same bra except is has a two inch wide under bust elastic band which I find to be a bit more comfy.

At my post op I asked about a shooting pain in my left breast when I walk (bounce) that shoots thru to my nipple like fire. She said when she was making the pocket she saw the nerves there and needed stretch them a bit for the pocket. She told me to massage the area and it has really helped. I asked if I could massage the perimeter of both breasts and she gave the ok for that too.

Tomorrow I fly to attend a meeting and in preparation I purchased compression socks (open toe, up to the knee) to wear on the plane. I was stressing about being able to sleep well in the hotel but I now think it will be fine.

over a week post op

It has been about 10 days since surgery and everyday it gets better and better. I haven't even taken a tylenol in days--i have a bit of pain from the incisions but not enough for me to take a pain reliever.

I can't believe how wonderful the outcome has been. Dr Riolo and I picked the perfect size for my body stature, not too big but definitely not too small. Why didn't I do this ten years ago??

two weeks post op

Two weeks now and I am feeling better everyday.

Energy level is not quite 100% but I had major surgery at age 53 so giving myself some slack.

Pain is now easy to not notice, if that makes sense. I take a tylenol maybe once a day. Actually, when I think about it, I am just used to the feeling of the pain. Sure it is lessening but I think I am just getting used to having a zinger now and then.

Size, now this is crazy! I haven't once wish I'd gone bigger but so many days I wish I'd gone smaller! They are still round and high and I know they will drop, but still it is jarring to see myself in the mirror after having nothing and now something!

Went bra shopping at Nordstrom. The sales associate was bringing me these matronly, full coverage, underwire bras to try on. There is no way I am wearing anything like these when I get out of the surgical bra. She measured me as a 32G or 34DDD. What! I can't be this huge?? So I bought a couple stretchy bralets to wear when the surgical bra straps show (like out to dinner in a sun dress).

About 7 weeks post op

Update...I love my new look and the emotional rollercoaster is over!

About two weeks post op I felt I had gone too large, and was planning the revision. It was shocking to see myself with boobs. Also trying on swimsuits was a shock as none of my previous bikini tops looked tasteful with the new me. Another concern was the "fluff and puff" phenomena that could make them look even larger.

At about the 5 week mark, the swelling began to subside and the girls started to soften and move down to a more natural position. I am completely happy and satisfied! My size looks in balance and proportion to my shoulders and behind. My new look is tasteful and girly. I can go braless if I want and the profile of the breasts makes me look thinner!

What a life changing experience this has been and one that has given me a new confidence and a boost of self-esteem. BTW my husband just loves them!
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