32 Year Old 3 Kids Reclaiming My Body With Dr. Paz! TT, Lipo, BBL, Possible BA

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I've been considering SX after my very first child...

I've been considering SX after my very first child lol but I knew I wanted more kids so I put it out of my mind. Now that my youngest is 5, I know that I'm done. I just want my body back, maybe even better ;-) after a long debate about staying in the country vs. abroad I've decided to make my way to Dr. Paz in Cali, Colombia after speaking with one of his dolls personally. She looks AMAZING! So my deposit is down and I'll be traveling to get my surgery Feb, 22nd 2017 after all of my kids birthdays have passed. Dr. Paz's response time is reasonable for a busy doctor but not immediate. He and his assistant have answered all of my questions and made me feel comfortable with the process. As far as my RH he recommended several and I'm going back and forth between Recovery House VIP or Her Majesty Doll House. All of my blood work at this point is normal but my hemoglobin is 12.4 so I'm hoping to get that to 14 before surgery. I'll keep you all updated! I have a lot of tattoos so please excuse the censoring ????

Spoke with Dr. Paz's assistant today

So I've been speaking with Dr. Paz's assistant Alexandra and she's so nice! She's helped me feel more comfortable with traveling abroad.

I booked my flight yesterday! So it's really happening OMG! I have dreams constantly about having surgery. I even had a dream that I got to CO and the doctor was doing surgeries out of a triage type of tent in the middle of nowhere lmao I guess it's just my nerves and being that's it's on my mind 24/7.

I have a fairy SX godmother whom I'm thankful for. She's a Paz Doll and looks awesome. She's going for round 2 in Jan I wish we could go together :-( but she's been so helpful and sharing her notes with me. I'll update with some of her suggestions soon once I start purchasing and getting them in order. Can't wait!

SX Nightmares!!!

These SX nightmares are driving me nuts lol I'm so relieved when I wake up and it's all just a dream bust geesh! I know it's just anxiety and the constant thought and preparation but my dreams are quite disturbing....has anyone else dealt with this? Or is it just my overactive imagination :-( anywho...less than 3 months away!


My pharmacy had buy one get one free or 50% off on vitamins so I figured I'd get started! Hoping to get my hemo to 13.5 or higher.

Settled on Elsa @ Spa Arte RH

Hey dolls! So I know I've been a little back and forth with my RH decision but I've finally settled on Elsa @ Spa Arte and sent my deposit to confirm my decision. VIP looks AWESOME and has great reviews however I decided on Spa Arte for a few reasons... the first is I met a really cool girl that's going the same time I am, we've been talking for a while now and she made a great point about wanted to go with a RH that has more of a home and family feel. VIP seems more formal. Also, their food had wonderful reviews and they have hospital beds. Given the type of surgery I'm having, per other dolls this is a plus. Also, they're located next to Dr. Paz's office and there's a lot of other things in the vicinity (walking distance) as well. Being there for 20 days this is a plus to me. So Spa Arte it is!

Less than a month away!!!

Time is FLYING!!! And the closer I get the more my nerves are becoming a wreck. I got really sick around Christmas and New Years so I'm just focusing on resting right now so I can be in the best health possible. Decided against the BA for now so I'm just doing lipo, tt and bbl. I really want implants but I don't want the scar. So I'll have to figure out an alternate route. I've been taking my vitamins almost everyday and considering getting more blood work done just to make sure I'm good on Hemo.

I made it to Colombia!

I'm here in Colombia, been here a day. The trip is loooong so I was exhausted and passed out as soon as I made it to the RH. I'm staying with Elsa, and the food is GREAT. Exceeded my expectations for sure. Today I got blood work, EKG and now I'm waiting at the hospital for my consultation with Dr. Paz. I'll keep you dolls posted!

Made it to the flat side! But....

Hey dolla. I made it! However the pain is unbearable, this is coming from a mom of three c-sections and tattoos over 30% of her body. Take the option of the pain pump! I didn't and retreat it. Hospital is clean and nice.


So turns out I had a really bad reaction to the anesthesia. I vomited for 2 days straight after surgery which damaged my esophagus pretty bad. Adding to my pain, my Faja was cut wrong, it cut right below my breasts where my muscle repair began and kept me in agonizing pain until we realized it. Dr. Paz gave me meds for the reflux and burning and took me off pain meds to prevent further nausea and damage. Faja was changed to one above my breasts and I started drinking boosts then I was eventually able to eat solids again. Wasn't able to eat for almost 6 days :-(

Dr. Harold Paz is a God Send!

This man is truly a master of his craft and is an EXCELLENT doctor. He came to see me twice at the house during my medical scare to check on me and make sure I was ok. He insured me that he wouldn't let anything happen to me and called and checked on me frequently. He even sent another Doctor to assess any additional treatments I may have needed that was covered under my insurance policy. I was deemed to need iron and was taken to the hospital to receive treatments the next morning. I'm so happy with my choice, and couldn't have been in better hands.

RH Review

Elsa's...where do I begin. I couldn't imagine surviving my first week without Elsa and her staff. She has what I call the Holy trinity lol a great cook, EXCELLENT massage therapy and Omi who's a bi-lingual nurse that's young and full of knowledge. She's the greatest. I can't count out the other nurses however because they are all AWESOME. Never further than a step away. They also took us to Cristo Rey and it was beautiful!

Why Elsa's is a great place to stay:

1.) It's very clean (no bugs)
2.) Great location
3.) The food is awesome
4.) The staff is awesome
5.) It's not overcrowded and doesn't have the capacity to be
6.) The rooms are spacious and most have their own bathroom or close access to one.
7.) The spa is on location
8.) The massage therapy is awesome, Sandra is a gem!
9.) They have their own transportation
10.) Elsa treats you like a daughter ?

Pre Op Vs Post Op

Sooo here goes! ***DISCLAIMER: I was NOT going for the Vixen look!*** I'm built small naturally, my legs are small so I asked for hips and a butt that would fit my body. I showed him pictures of me at my natural weight before the gain and he did just that. First picture is pre op of course lol and then 7 days post op! My abdomen is probably 3x's it's size with fluid due to my complications with my Faja. I'm being manually Drained however via massage and Dr. Paz. I go again Tuesday to be drained so I'll post an update then. My scar is so thin and beautiful. My butt is def bigger but the fat is hard and my muscle isn't relaxed yet plus I've been laying around on it so I'll post pic of bbl next week aslo but so far I'm very happy

A few photos of my progress...

Stitches are out my belly button and my scar looks great (will upload pic of scar soon) , everything is healing great. Tackling the fluid build up with massages, compression and turmeric pills but besides that, no major complaints! Waiting on the fluff fairy lol but as I stated in my previous post I am not going for the vixen look, just something to fit my body. I'd like maybe a little more projection but I def have more than I had so for that alone I'm happy!

Update on tummy tuck

I'm 9 weeks PO now and I still have swelling and fluid. With constant compression it's going down slowly but surely. It's a process for sure!!!
Cali Plastic Surgeon

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