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I'm Schuled with dr Harold Paz in Cali Columbia...

I'm Schuled with dr Harold Paz in Cali Columbia June 9 2015, I have seen his work personally and it's amazing. But I'm so scared of traveling abroad for surgery but I need lipo ' ???? a good lipo I was considering my first doctor or dr fisher but I don't know ! I had lipo on my lower abdomen and sides I'm
Still swollen but I'm
Looking to have full abdomen and full back done inner thigh and hip graft I have a big ass already lol! I just want to fill my hip dents

Change of doctors

So with all my research, and having my first surgery in America, I'm staying here! I have no one to go with me, I don't speak any Spanish. And I'm terrified to go so far by myself. And for the same price as I was quoted in dr and Colombia. I was quoted cheaper here in Miami. My choice was based on work not price. I want a great doctor who is a sculpter ! And I found dr hasan! So happy his price is great also! Price didn't pay a role in my decision at all
I don't care how much it cost as long as I'm in great care!

Lost 5 pounds

Lost five pounds I really been working on toning I was to be slim thick I hope that's not to much to ask for lol

Sooooo here I go Colombia!!????????????????

Soooo vanity has give me the run around! Worst experience ever, I'm very nice, I have a lot patience! And the customer service I was given I just couldn't put my life in vanity hands ! I'm a second rounder, with years of research under my belt lol like 10 years???????? lol so with my first experience going so smoothly I thought this one would go the same! Nope! I paid for my surgery never got a formal reciept, not pre-op info I mind you june is around the corner:-/ too forever well two weeks to get recovery house Info and cost! Like I need to know these things so I know what I need to do. I never nagged them for it after two weeks I was finally sent them. Also I wanted to add more areas of lipo I need to know the cost no response that was two weeks ago, I had enough I called and asked for a refund I just couldn't take the lack of service and I'm not a nag, it's alot of girls who seem not to know Google and research exist???? they waste the coordinators times with dumb questions and usauslly have no intentions of booking a surgery... Some Women are so needy and annoying! I paid up front and still was treated like my 4 grand was nothing ???? So back to paz I go ! I will get over my fear! I registered for a Spanish course at the community college by me! My Spanish is awful although I'm half Cuban ????. So I will ok lol! My only fear was the language barrier But I will be fine! Lol


Me pre op!

No dr paz

Hi ladies I'm 3 months post op with dr Hassan ! Amazingggg results ! Although he gave me a bbl :/ but not a full bbl just filled my hip contours and upper gluteal ! My waist going in was a 29 I'm a 23 and still shrinking! Hips butt 47 inches!
Cali Plastic Surgeon

he is so nice! I can't wait to meet him!

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