Round 2 in Colombia with Dr Plazas

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Okay so this is a round 2 review page. Dr Duran...

okay so this is a round 2 review page. Dr Duran did my round one and did an amazing job but i want to perfect my booty and shape a little bit more.. I found a recovery house 'beauti sleep' the ladies that own it have great IG accounts that help keep you in the know, they respond to emails pretty damn fast too lol. My Dr for my round 2 is Dr Plazas, who i found on the IG page of the bella vita ladies.

alrighty ladies...

so flight has been booked, recovery house (beauti sleep) has been booked, got my faja, got my booty buddy pillow, hemo was 13.4 when checked a week ago, and got my other random supplies like pads, chucks, wipes, dresses, compression socks and ez pee.. those are really the only things I used my first round. gonna grab a few bags a jerky before I head out too, I craved beef jerky so bad last time lol. count down is to 20 days til I leave.. 22 til surgery date...getting excited. Also my mom decided last min she wanted to join in on the fun and is getting full body laser lipo and breast implants...

landed in colombia last night..

got in an hour later than we were supposed to but our ride waited and didn't leave us thank goodness. made it to beauti sleep and its huge this place is awesome so far, the beds are huge enough for me to sprawl out the AC works great and cable in the rooms.. what more will i need for recovery lol.. but headed out today for our consult with plazas..

Almost one year post op

Just a little update I'm about 10 months post op. Still got a little booty..

my recovery house

I seen some bad things posted about the recovery house I was staying in. I'm sorry some people have had bad experiences but I really find it hard to believe there was bloody sheets or hat it was a recovery house from hell. They changed sheets daily for us while I was there and everyone was extremely attentive. They had someone cleaning the house daily. Any time we needed help with something they were pretty quick to respond.

17 months PO

I also wanted to update you ladies with plazas work.. he did and etching and got rid of a lot of bumps in my abdomen from my round 1. Depending on how bloated I am depends on how well you can see the etching lol also my booty is still in full effect. Honestly some days it seems more fluffy than others but she's sitting pretty still lol
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