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I'm planning to have surgery with Dr Plazas in a...

I'm planning to have surgery with Dr Plazas in a few weeks. This has been a decision I have thought long and hard about, I want fat injected mainly to the hips and a little to the butt. I originally planned to go to Duran, paid the deposit and everything was scheduled for April 2015 but had to cancel because of a family emergency. In that time I've had a lot going on and didn't think I would be able to get time off work or in my personal life until 2017 but recently found I would have some time in November 2016. So I tried to schedule with Duran as I already paid my deposit but this time it was a nightmare. When I first got in touch with her in 2014 everyone said it was hard but I found it easy so I was as shocked how bad it was. I did manage to speak to Elizabeth a few times but she couldn't help as they didn't have a time frame that I could do. But for anyone looking to contact Duran directly this is how to do it:
1. Call between 8 & 9 DR time
2. Ask in Spanish for someone that speaks English (normally Elizabeth).
3. Tell Elizabeth you have sent an email but no response, tell her your email address say you will forward it now (resend while you're on the phone/as soon as you get off the phone).
That is what worked for me. At first I also used Surgi Coordinatior but honestly ladies I had to hound on email and Instagram to get a quote it took weeks but if you're determined to see Duran try both methods.
I also got a quote from Yily this time, her team is great very quick and accommodating but honestly my heart was not in Yily or Duran for that matter. I had my heart set on Dr Plazas and because I needed to book my surgery in less than a month I decided to go through C'est La Vie who has been great so far. I have zero Instagram presence :-( and there's not many detailed reviews here on Colombian doctors so I decided to try and make a detailed review. I will put up before and after pictures when I get there.

Ready to go

So everything is booked.I have gt my surgery voucher but I have been booked one day later than I wanted not the end of the world. The cost is higher han some others I have seen but not surprised s he is more in demand. Also this includes labs, meds etc which is great. Flights booked and money changed I'm arriving early next week so excited and nervous. Cest La Vie has arranged most of it for me, saved me so much stress. I'm staying at Casa Arama, $75 a night for a private room with aircon and includes transport to the house, surgery and doctors visits.
Random got an email today from Duran a few weeks too late. It's funny how everything works out though I'm so determined to go to Cali now.

Got my supplies I will add a list another day

Made it from UK to Colombia!!!

Made it to Cali!!! After 15hours of travelling I got here yesterday and have my pre surgery appointment tomorrow. Can't believe I'm actually in Colombia, I have wanted this surgery for so long I feel like I'm living this through someone else's eyes it's weird but I'm excited!

Coming from the UK I was worried about carrying cash with me but it was fine, anything less than $10000 doesn't have to be declared and I got the majority of my cash in larger denominations and kept it in my shoulder bag that was with me at all times.

The ladies at Casa Arama are lovely but you will need a translator app - if I didn't have one we would just be staring at each other lol. In the pics there are two beds but I will have this room to myself. I paid $75 for private room, 3/4 bed, 3 meals a day, airport transfers, air con, laundry and surgery visits included. C'est la vie arranged my stay here but message me for the number if you want to get a quote directly through whatsapp because they don't have a website - I suggest writing in Spanish.

I found a good site from drjoannelopes by googling 'preparing for surgery arnica' (cant link here). This helped me plan my surgery prep and when to take meds. I pretty much followed it but did a couple of things differently like I started Bromelain 1 week before not two, iron supplements a month before, no vitamin a, arnica 6 times a day 2 days before surgery then 4 times a day thereafter.

This is my packing list, for the items that U.K ladies may struggle to find I have said where I bought it.
Female urinal (standing) - eBay
Ensure - I got 10 220ml on eBay
Half foam for sitting - didn't arrive before I left ???? got it from Amazon
V pillow (orthopaedic pillow got it to make sleeping on front easier) - £8 Argos
Arnica 30c 84 pillules - Amazon
Arnica gel - Amazon
Bromelain - Amazon
Iron, folic acid, vitamin b complex (started a month before surgery)
Pill organiser - pound shop
Stool softener (will take this the day before surgery)
Heavy flow sanitary pads (8packs of 10)
Face sun cream
Gauze pads - Amazon
Gauze tape
2 pack knickers
5 maxi dress
5 t shirts
3 loose trousers
Flip flops
Body sun cream
Insect repellent
Hand sanitiser
Compression socks x2 (friend is a nurse)
Measuring tape
US plugs (Wilko £2)
Turban (hair shop)
Laptop tablet books etc

Things to get in Cali:
Ab board and or epi foam (dermacaredirect if you want to get epi foam in the UK. Google post surgical compression garments uk for U.K. based boards and garments there are a few)
Dr Luis Eduardo Plazas

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