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I am currently looking to go to Cali, Columbia for...

I am currently looking to go to Cali, Columbia for surgery. I decided to go with Exquisite Body Consultants. I contacted the owner Raina on Sunday (6/19) and received a responded the very next day. I will keep you guys updated as I go through the process. I selected Dr. Luis Eduardo Plazas. His Instagram is @leplaztique for those who would like to view his work. Please stay tuned! I am going to stay consistent with my experience- I see that some women chose this doctor than disappeared after surgery. I will post throughout the entire experience so that I can help the next person out.

Medical Clearance

As you may know, I am going in for a BBL in Cali, CO. The thing I am currently dealing with is getting all my medical information in order for review by my surgeon. I have type 2 diabetes. I am controlled and have a very strict diet to keep my A1C low (It's currently a 5.8)

Some doctors are afraid to touch me due to the fact that diabetes may complicate things. My PCP doctor advised that I am healthy for surgery, but I am trying to make sure that I provide all the levels needed for my doctors review. He wanted tests that are less than 30 days old...so I will have to give him the updated numbers. I will keep you posted on any news I hear back....so far everything is still a go. I should have all my medical data gathered and sent to the doc within 2 weeks or so.

I will post before pictures soon....I am a bit embarrassed and shy about my body...but this is a community and I'm pretty sure we all felt the same about highlighting our insecurities on this forum.

Stay beautiful ladies!

Pre-Op Photos

As promised, I took pictures for you guys. I tried my best to blur my face...My attempt to remain discreet lol. No one knows I am going for this procedure besides a few close friends....and I plan to keep it that way.

Sx Buddies

I am wondering if anyone plans on going to Cali,CO as well. I am thinking about going in the winter of 2016. Please inbox me if you definitely plan on going!

Change of plans...Plazas is no more

I was dead set on Plazas...but even after reviewing my numbers from my PCP he declined to take me on as a patient. Medically, it doesn't make sense...it's more of a personal preference. He has had previous patients who were diabetics who had complications and he would rather not deal with that.

I am totally bummed...but quickly got over it once I realized that everything happens for a reason. I am going to go with Dr. Fernando Ortega Solarte. I will gather as much information for you guys later. The date for me to go is set in the month of Decemeber. I still haven't made a deposit. I will update my page with all the financial details later on today.

Wish photos

I have been obsessed with booty for the past few weeks. These are my wish photos. I am saving these photos to show my doctor once I arrive in Cali. I am so ready for this!!!

Flight booked!

I now have to prepare and focus on the things I need to do to prepare for surgery. I just bought Bella Barbie Plastica e-book to aid in this process. I have a list to go buy which was provided by my consultant- but I saw many reviews online about this book. I hope that it's as good as people say it is to prep for surgery.

Question about sitting...

I am curious as to how I will manage not to sits own on my butt during the flight back home? How did you ladies do it? How do I ensure that NO damage is being done to the fat cells in my new booty?
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